Startup group of play-to-earn platform PEG, influencer marketing platform raises US$2m

Startup group of play-to-earn platform PEG, influencer marketing platform raises US$2m

Manila, Philippines – Startup group of Filipino actress and TV personality Yassi Pressman, which manages and owns play-to-earn platform PEG and influencer marketing platform, has announced that they have raised US$2m. The round was led by Sonla, a cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset custodial provider.

The group said the funds will be used to drive the deployment of the proprietary PEGFi interoperable and integrated digital financial infrastructure offering to its target GameFi and Web 3.0 market participants. In addition, the round will also be used to support

Kiran Sharma, senior partner at Sonla, said, “Web3 products are not built through advertising, but through community. Pressman has the influence needed to attract the critical mass of users needed for both PEG and She can lead them toward a more professional, efficient, and digitally enabled industry for both gaming and influencer marketing respectively.”

While Pressman knows she will be highlighted as a celebrity building a tech startup, she is fine with the attention because it can materially help PEG and its two flagship brands. 

“There’s always extra attention when an entertainer launches a startup. This is great because we’ll need all the help we can get. Changing gaming and influencer marketing will not happen overnight, even with this seed funding. We’ll need a strong community to band together, inspired by the vision of what our respective industries can one day be,” said Pressman. 

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