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Wootag launches new feature catered to drive video interactives through sports events

Singapore – Wootag, a visual interactives and insights platform, has announced the launch of Sports Signals, the newest feature catered for marketers to enable video interactives through sports event content, such as football matches.

This enables clients to be more engaging for the audience by tapping into a new audience segment and using the real-time live events as a trigger to showcase customized marketing messaging and advertisement to enhance the branding experiences on video and display.

Furthermore, marketers can choose a sports event as a new trigger for the video ad. For instance, brands that are sponsoring teams can engage with their audience during the live gameplay and even structure offerings based on outcomes.

In addition, messages and offerings can further be customized based on both positive and negative outcomes and a host of other signals. Brands can further build based on individuals/players who are their brand influencers and structure experience and message based on their individual/ team performances.

Lastly, brands can amplify their message during breaks encouraging for a quick snack break.

The launch of ‘Sports Signals’ follows after Wootag recently launched the parent platform Wootag Signals last April, in which it provided marketers with the ability from customizing viewers’ experience by weather to customizing videos or interactive content based on weather conditions. They can simply select the location, trigger type from weather factors to temperature, and then assign the interactivity.

“In the video marketing industry, that has long been plagued by lack of a way to drive conversions. Sports Signal helps drive the engagement with 230%-370% uplift by allowing meaningful targeted reach at real-time live events. It is fundamentally important for marketers to engage their target audience on the digital journey and convert the viewers into customers,” said Raj Sunder, the founder and chief executive officer of Wootag.

For instance, marketers from the food and beverage industry can leverage Wootag’s Sports Signals to showcase a discount for their drink to celebrate if your home team scored a goal. If there’s a financial brand sponsoring a match and their team wins, Sports Signal enables marketers to showcase a preferential discount for team jerseys on the video. 

“Wootag will continually enhance Wootag Signal to provide marketers more features to increase business efficiency and maximize the marketing effort,” Sundar concluded.

Wootag’s market is present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Blis unveils new interactive consumer pulse dashboard in Singapore

Singapore – Global ad location Blis has announced that it will be rolling out its Consumer Confidence Pulse in Singapore, which acts out as an interactive dashboard that is built on existing trending data around consumer mood to analyze COVID anxiety.

Said dashboard also now tracks consumer movement over a rolling 13-month period, across 18 retail and lifestyle sectors including airports, gyms, malls, restaurants and grocery stores.

The platform launch comes after COVID concerns in the country had been at an 18-month low before the latest Phase 2 or heightened alert measures. Blis also notes that retail foot traffic remains steady versus the same time last year., adding that the number of people choosing to invest their money rose sharply between June-July 2021 further suggesting confidence is returning.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen brands pivot their operations, strategy and messaging multiple times to meet their consumers’ concerns about safety. The new dashboard will be an invaluable tool for brands to get ahead of the curve by ensuring their campaigns and messaging are striking the right tone and audiences at the right time,” said Emma-Jayne Owens, managing director at Blis.

Each month, the platform tracks responses to four questions around the economy, household financials, spend intent and COVID-19 anxiety. Coupled with consumer movement analysis, the dashboard enables brands to better understand trendlines by industry sectors.

For Alex Wright, global insights director at Blis, their data shows that consumers around the world are capable of exercising their own caution in advance of government-imposed restrictions. He added that while Singapore struggles through its latest set of restrictions, recent history suggests the post-lockdown recovery this time around may not be as gradual as when the pandemic first started.

“In Singapore, our respondents posted the lowest level of COVID concern across the 9 markets we track, prior to Phase 2 measures. This is likely linked to Singapore’s high vaccination rate and low death rate. Even so, consumer mobility in July demonstrated caution amidst rising cases until the tightening of restrictions on 22 July. Despite this caution, retail foot traffic remains steady versus the same time last year,”

The platform is currently rolled out as well across the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, and Australia. The markets of India, New Zealand and the Philippines will see the platform launch in the coming months.

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This super-app expanding to PH aims to bring back the ‘human’ in humanity in its service

Manila, Philippines – As more and more Filipinos are getting more engaged in social media, everyone of us finds whatever we need online, from food necessities and essentials to finding new connections. However, the irony of social media is evident with the existence of ads and countless content that the user may not actually find useful for them.

Such a dilemma is the objective for AppZaloot, the new super-app expanding to the Philippines, aims to erase, bringing back the ‘human’ in humanity, and making connecting online more meaningful through local connections and presenting only what matters to the user.

Founded by Max Thomas in 2016, the app does not collect data from its users without their full consent, allowing them to use social media without worrying if their privacy is being compromised.

“We understand that most people don’t want to have their data used by social media companies, regardless if the data will be used for good intentions such as creating targeted ads and personalizing their feeds to enhance their social media experience,” Thomas said.

He added, “That’s why in AppZaloot, we value our users’ privacy by not collecting and sharing their data without their full consent, allowing them to see and enjoy how social media should really be done.”

The greater asset of AppZaloot is it uses geolocation-based technology, which enables the users on the app’s local feed to interact with other users in their area, as near as 1km from where they are to up to 25km. This feature allows users to engage with their neighbors, strengthening community ties, providing help where it’s needed, and disseminating relevant local news and updates. 

Having a separate feed for their local community enables users to control what they want to see and when they want to see them as well, as opposed to getting ads and updates that other social media platforms integrate into their users’ feed.

The choice of ads on the platform is only heavily based on the app’s local advertising feed, where users can check local establishments for accommodation, entertainment, local services, food, trades, and shopping. Having a dedicated feed just for ads ensures that users’ feeds are not clogged with pointless and irrelevant ads.

In addition, a private friends feed is also present in the app, where users can view what their friends are up to, which allows them to focus on communicating with their friends and family, bringing back what it means to be social on social media.

Part of the app’s features is the global feed that allows users to follow their favorite celebrities, influencers, businesses, and their other interests. In contrast to the local and private friends’ feeds, users can check out their favorite content and enhance their interests and hobbies through the global feed.

Lastly, AppZaloot will also feature an emergency system that sends out alerts to users based on their local area, ranging from COVID-19 outbreaks, traffic accidents to bad weather.

In a press conference, AppZaloot revealed that they will be preparing to launch its very own crypto tokens called Zaloots, the pre-sale of which will be available by the end of June. Said tokens can be tradeable on several international decentralized crypto exchanges. This will be eventually integrated into AppZaloot’s upcoming loyalty program, as well as used on the app for payments and rewards.

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TikTok launches Australia-exclusive digital radio station with iHeartRadio

Sydney, Australia – A big part of TikTok videos becoming viral are the music that creators use and choose to play their entertainment reels, with old songs being given a second life while up and coming ones getting their well-deserved listen. TikTok, particularly in Australia, has taken attention to this trend, and has therefore decided to release its own digital radio station. 

The short-video platform has partnered with global radio platform iHeartRadio for an exclusive Australian digital radio station catered to take popular TikTok songs to the airwaves.

Called ‘TikTok Trending’, the digital radio station will broadcast popular TikTok songs 24/7 in a span of three months. In addition to that, popular tracks from well-known artists like Dua Lipa and Cardi B, revived old tracks like Fleetwood Mac, as well as promoting local artists that have become overnight viral sensations will be promoted on the station.

“For us, this radio station is a testament to TikTok’s growing credentials in the music industry and the influence the platform has in propelling talent and tracks from the platform and into the mainstream music scene. We’d love you to tune in,” TikTok said in a press statement.

‘TikTok Trending’ will be hosted by four personalities, namely Australian singer-songwriter Georgia Flipo commonly known as G Flip, indigenous Australian artist Isaiah Firebrace, YouTube comedy star Tannar Eacott, and musical artist Avneesha.

The show will welcome a line-up of guest hosts, including popular creators, local artists, and international stars, which will be graced first by British singer-songwriter Rita Ora.

“Connecting with my Australian fans on TikTok has been incredible. Their creativity is so inspiring and being able to engage with them on the platform has been amazing, which is why I am beyond excited to take on this guest hosting gig with iHeartRadio. I’ll be sharing the top TikTok tracks with you, talking about my favorite songs, and even sharing some insider info with you on the trending songs we all love,” Rita Ora said.

Meanwhile, Brett ‘Nozz’ Nossiter, content director at iHeartRadio, commented, “We share the TikTok community’s passion for exploring, creating and enjoying a diverse array of music, and we’re so excited to be able to support emerging and established musicians who have enjoyed success on TikTok, and amplify their music to an even bigger audience of fans.”

According to Ollie Wards, director of music at TikTok ANZ, this new partnership reflects how the platform is making its mark on the music industry – with artists today turning to the platform to launch new music, resurface classic tracks and connect with fans across the globe. 

“Emerging acts, still in the ‘bedroom’ stage, love TikTok because they’re able to reach new audiences, build a following and achieve success on their own terms, off the back of raw talent, creativity and charisma. Established artists have also been tapping into TikTok, particularly at a time when shows and live music are off the cards in most parts of the world,” Wards stated.

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Spotify SG releases SEA insights, spurs brands to ‘assimilate’ with pop culture

Singapore – Music streaming platform Spotify in Singapore has recently released its insights on listenership among users in Southeast Asia, with recommendations on how brands can utilize the platform as a way to communicate with their consumer base.

The insights found that K-Pop’s streaming statistics amount to 500 million monthly streams in SEA alone, with a 1,800% increase in share of listening on Spotify since 2014. 

In times of crisis that create cultural shifts, younger generations go all in for businesses that take a stance. About 65% like it when brands tell the world exactly where they stand and the causes they support – and that’s because discourse around social and political problems has truly found its way into everyday conversation.

Furthermore, 41% of Southeast Asia’s Gen Zs and Millennials agree that politics has never been as influential in pop culture as it is today, and, if SEA’s latest crop of artists and songwriters are anything to go by, complacency around the big issues looks like it is set to be a thing of the past.

With this in mind, Spotify encourages brands to utilize the platform through promotion of local artists, riding the pop culture wave of the Gen Z demographic, leveraging the genre to suit pop culture tastes as well as using music streaming channels such as playlists to create a ‘postcard’ that serves as a message to a brand’s consumer base.

Furthermore, Spotify encourages brands to recognize allyship or recognition of breaking social barriers or standards to communicate the message of ‘being who they are’.

“Gen Zs & Millennials understand that it’s ok to not be ok. The rules that govern this state of mind are complex, but music is (and has always been) an important part of the healing process – 60% of them still turn to music when feeling down or stressed,” the company said in a press statement.

They also added, “With listeners in Southeast Asia spending more than 2 hours daily on Spotify, audio is primed to take centre stage for advertisers looking to insert themselves into the narrative. We are entering a golden age for audio, and a whole new frontier for the audio advertising medium. Old habits may die hard, but lockdown has created new rituals – and new moments in the day (and night) where advertisers have the opportunity to capture audience attention.”

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Grab’s buy now pay later feature officially rolls out in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines – PayLater, the buy now pay later feature from super-app Grab, has finally rolled out in the Philippines, giving Grab users in the country a solution to let them shop, dine, ride and pay later in one monthly bill across Grab’s services such as GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress.

PayLater is available to top-tier and long-time Grab users who regularly use the app’s features and those with significant transactions across the app’s different services. If a consumer qualifies for the feature, it will appear as a payment method for Grab transactions, along with other payment methods such as cash, GrabPay, and enrolled credit cards. The consumer has to click and subscribe to activate the PayLater feature.

The PayLater bill will be generated on the 1st or 15th of the month with seven days to settle, depending on the activation day. This will give consumers time to manage and plan their finances responsibly. 

In addition, the users can avoid any bill shock by tracking their transactions by going to the PayLater section and click the ‘view details’ button to see their current spending total, available balance, and transaction history. The entire PayLater system is transparent, so people can see that there are no hidden fees. To avoid late fees, users can enable their notifications to receive regular payment reminders before their due date. 

“This new feature allows our users to enjoy Grab’s suite of services such as delivery of food or other essential items and pay for them a whole month later. It allows them to better plan their finances and manage their cash flow, as they can review all their transactions in one monthly bill with zero interest,” said Erwin Yamsuan, head of Grab Financial Services in the Philippines

He added, “One of the best things about this service is that consumers will also earn points for every transaction which they can collect and exchange for great rewards. It’s been a challenging year for many Filipinos, and we hope that this new Grab service brings more convenience to many people.”

Aside from the convenience it offers to users, PayLater also offers a rewarding bonus to those who avail of the service. Grab users will earn reward points for any transaction they charge to their PayLater accounts.

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Instagram doubles down on live streaming, upgrades feature to now accommodate four streamers

California, USA Instagram launched a new streaming feature for creators, ‘Live Rooms’, which has been upgraded to now enable up to four streamers to run a broadcast session. 

With the update, Instagram aims to provide more creative opportunities for the users, such as starting a talk show, hosting a jam session or co-creating with other artists, or to simply hang out with friends. 

Furthermore, the platform’s Live Room was also recently enhanced to give creators more means to build a business and earn money, as viewers can now purchase badges of their favorite creators and use other interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers. Instagram said that in the coming months, users can expect more interactive tools, such as offering moderator controls and audio features.

To start a Live Room, hosts will have to swipe left and pick the Live Camera option. Afterward, they must add a title and tap the Rooms icon to add the guests. People who have requested to go live with the host will appear. While the hosts can also search for guests to add. Guests’ followers can also be notified to increase the live stream’s reach.

Instagram also assures that the new update was designed with safety in mind. Users that are blocked by any participants in the Live Room will not be able to join the live stream, as well as guests who have had their live access revoked because of violations of the Community Guidelines.

The current available features for Live Room hosts include the ability to report and block comments and apply comment filters.

Instagram said the updated Live Rooms will soon be available globally.

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InMobi, Gojek team up to help brands in SEA drive personalization

Singapore – Mobile ad platform InMobi has partnered with multi-service platform Gojek, in an aim to provide privacy-compliant personalized advertising, consumer intelligence, and identity resolution for brands in Southeast Asia – particularly to Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Through the partnership, InMobi will also provide brands the capability to run surveys among Gojek audiences to unravel unique industry and consumer insights. The industry and vertical insights will be powered by InMobi’s AI-driven mobile-first consumer intelligence platform – Pulse.

Rishi Bedi, vice president and general manager for InMobi Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, stated that through this partnership, brands can engage with Gojek audiences programmatically on InMobi Exchange via their preferred demand-side platform (DSP) platform.

Brands will have a unique opportunity to build a single view of the consumer by combining browse and buy patterns, category or brand affinity, location intelligence, and media behavior across the InMobi and Gojek platforms. Additionally, brands can also measure the sales impact of their online advertising across platforms using InMobi’s mobile intelligence, such as location and Gojek’s in-app engagement signals.

“With the deprecation of the cookie, identity resolution is becoming critical for brands across the globe and Southeast Asia to reach consumers in a relevant manner. By combining InMobi and Gojek proprietary intelligence, we will soon provide brands with a unique ID to drive contextual targeting and advertising in a cookie less world,” said Bedi.

Meanwhile, Vice President for AdTech, Data Partnership & Monetization of Gojek Pulkit Khanna commented, “Our partnership with InMobi will offer an actionable solution for marketers and be a key growth driver for their businesses, as we will be able to help them optimize their marketing spends via effective targeting. By helping marketers deliver the right content to users on the right occasion, they will be able to maximize impact and ROI. Users will also benefit from having more targeted and relevant content, in line with Gojek’s mission to remove friction from consumers’ daily lives.”

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Interactive video ad impression on a high note in SEA region, new survey shows

Singapore – Interactive video ads have shown higher preferences among ad viewers, especially to users in Southeast Asia, compared to standard video ads on mobile over-the-top (OTT) platforms, new survey from video advertising platform SpotX shows.

The study showed that interactive ads saw consistent uplift in post ad engagements by viewers. In the survey, the interactive version of a particular video ad saw a 29% uplift in their likelihood to visit the brand’s website, and 17% increase in their likelihood to click on the ad to learn more. 

These findings were supported by actual campaign performance. Across six mobile OTT campaigns in Southeast Asia, the interactive video ads delivered a 54% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) compared to the standard video ads. All campaigns exceeded industry CTR benchmarks.

Additionally, the likelihood to describe the ad as ‘engaging’ saw a 13% uplift among interactive video ads while an 8% uplift on viewers’ likelihood to say they liked the ad compared to standard video. 

On the other hand, data from another SpotX research shows that 86% of OTT viewers in Indonesia and 71% of OTT viewers in Philippines most frequently watch videos on their smartphone. Mobile OTT has earned a strong reputation delivering industry-leading KPIs like completed view rates, cost per completed view and viewability.

For Shrivardhan Sarda, senior director of demand facilitation for APAC at SpotX, the data shown reflects the concept among advertisers that creative ads do matter. 

“However, being more creative doesn’t have to be hard and what this research shows is that by making simple but impactful interactive additions to existing video ads can significantly increase effectiveness particularly on OTT which is monopolizing consumer attention”, Sarda stated. 

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Emirates’ direct connect platform offers exclusive content for travel agents

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Global airline Emirates has announced that Emirates Gateway, a direct connect platform, will offer travel partners and agents of the airline exclusive content, including bespoke products and services, as well as differentiated pricing.

Emirates Gateway was initially launched in October last year, and is in line with Emirates’ plans to cater a dynamic marketplace by providing trade partners with a choice of connection options and differentiated products and benefits across channels.

Emirates is working closely with interested trade partners to bring them onboard the Emirates Gateway, which provides access to the widest range of Emirates fare products including exclusive content not available in the indirect channels, and where bookings will not incur a Distribution Surcharge.

The following New Distribution Capability (NDC) content will be available to agents, via Emirates Gateway including access to differentiated ticket pricing such as dedicated promotional fares and pre-sales as well as rich content, selling excess baggage, enable enhanced customer experience, differentiated pricing for select ancillary service as well as faster access to new ancillary products.

“Our goal is to empower our trade partners to deliver even better customer experiences, and we are pleased to introduce the next batch of new exclusive features and benefits for them on Emirates Gateway, which was launched to address the limitations of current legacy systems and provide a wide range of additional content and options for agents,” said Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ chief commercial officer.

Kazim added, “We are heartened by the support and positive feedback that we’ve received from our trade and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) partners to date. Emirates firmly believes in healthy, long-term relationships with all players in the travel ecosystem, and we will continue to work hard to nurture the relationships that we’ve built through the years by providing great value and service.”

Emirates Gateway content can be accessed through three flexible access solutions:

  • Emirates Booking Portal: a user-friendly web booking portal available in 16 languages, connected directly to Emirates’ reservation systems that simplifies the booking, ticketing and post-ticketing servicing of Emirates orders
  • Emirates Gateway Direct: which provides access to Emirates content through IATA standard NDC APIs, allowing our trade partners to build applications that meet their needs
  • Emirates Gateway Sync: a facilitated link to Emirates products and services provided by IATA registered, Emirates certified technology partners