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Paris-based esports org Team Vitality unveils first all-Indian ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ roster

Jean Cabico - March 26, 2021

Mumbai, India – Team Vitality, French esports organization, has revealed its first-ever all-Indian ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ (CoDM) roster, as a part of its venture into mobile esports and expansion in India.

Team Vitality’s CoDM team is comprised of well-established esports players, namely Arav ‘MonK’ Narang – the team captain, Armaan ‘Moonscope’ Dharni, Priyank ‘DEATH’ Birajdar, and Akshan ‘Argon’ Madhani, as well as Samartha Ganesh ‘JOKOs’ Ghadge, and Samruddha ‘SAMS’ Ghadge. The team will be coached by veteran CoD player Harnoor ‘Toxy’ Mutneja, and will be managed by content creator Melson ‘mello’ Miranda.

Furthermore, the organization is also planning a ‘PAN-India Talent Hunt’ to find and train new talents across multiple rosters in the country.

Nicolas Maurer, the CEO of Team Vitality, commented that their aim in India is to start an esports team that would have its own unique identity while imbibing core Team Vitality values, saying that they are happy with the roster as they have the right skills, as well as the potential to be the number one team, and that the team members are eager to create their mark in a brand-new category. 

“The ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ team is the first step towards the expansion of our presence beyond Europe, and in line with our vision of conquering the esports world,” added Maurer.

Meanwhile, Amit Jain, the principal of the, the venture fund that has invested €34M into Team Vitality, shared that they are delighted to have a team that consists of esports talent from diverse parts of the country.

“There’s still a huge untapped base of talent who we feel deserve the chance to showcase their skills and represent Team Vitality. So while I’m personally extremely excited for the team who I’m confident will take on the world and make India proud, we will continue to explore opportunities to find aspirational talent to help create life-changing opportunities for them,” said Jain.

Team Vitality’s new roster will be participating in regional and international CoDM tournaments in the coming months. CoDM fans can follow Team Vitality India’s Instagram for more updates regarding the new team.