Technology Featured East Asia

New programmatic 2.0 solutions launched by martech Maadtech

Hong Kong – With a greater focus on the Hong Kong and Thailand market, martech and adtech Maadtech is launching its Programmatic 2.0 solutions, featuring new  technology features and campaign performance optimization.

With the latest launch, Maadtech is integrating their data management platform-customer data platform (DMP-CDP) as well as media and campaign optimization tools made available through global partnerships with Adzymic Singapore, Sublime Paris, and others.

In a statement, Wilson Chan, executive director of Maadtech Programmatic, said that the latest product launch aligns with ‘the golden era for Programmatic trading’ as 5G connectivity will lift the programmatic ad spend in Asia from currently USD30Bto over USD50B. 

“Our solution is not only about technology and features. Our mission is to help Asian marketers and advertisers to adopt Programmatic best practices and remain competitive globally, which we are very much behind the western markets in this field,” Chan stated.

He added, “We are currently in development of a client CPD platform solution which will complement our existing products and offer marketers a truly data-driven Programmatic Marketing ‘end-to-end’ solution starting from zero base. We aim to launch this later in the year regionally across Asian markets.”

Founded in 2019, Maadtech integrates adtech and martech solutions under one platform in enabling effective adoption of programmatic advertising in display, social media, and other channels.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

JCDecaux SG launches programmatic OOH media across multiple channel platforms

Singapore – The Singapore arm of advertising company JCDecaux has launched its programmatic OOH media across various advertising channels, including bus advertising screens and airport advertising screens.

The company is launching first this strategy to 38 digital bus advertising screens. With these buses traveling along prime areas of Orchard Road the Central Business District, it is expected to generate 66 million impressions across the digital bus shelter inventory. 

Furthermore, the advertising inventory is connected to global demand-side platforms through supply-side platform VIOOH, which allows advertisers planning for offline+online campaigns within a single platform, and allowing them to manage their advertising inventory.

“Programmatic OOH is at the cusp of sea change in Singapore and the region. Many advertisers have expressed interest in our programmatic OOH offering and are keen to explore this to its fullest potential. We are thus delighted to work with VIOOH to launch our programmatic out-of-home media offer beginning with digital bus shelter screens. As we intensify the education journey and transition from traditional mode of buying and selling to a programmatic one, we will also be adding more diverse audiences to our offers by including a wider array of our digital OOH inventory,” said Evlyn Yang, managing director of JCDecaux Singapore.

The company will also roll out digital out-of-home (DOOH) across the Orchard Road and in the Central Business District, and in premium shopping malls namely ION Orchard, Funan, Raffles City, and Jewel, as well as Changi Airport by 2021.

Technology Featured ANZ

OOH advertising firm VMO upgrades measurement tool to track hourly audience data

Australia – Australia-based cinema and outdoor advertising firm Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO) has evolved its audience measurement platform DART to determine hourly audience data at a screen level, across the locations at which it runs ads such as in retail, health club, and petro-convenience environments. The enhancement is in collaboration with independent marketing effectiveness consultancy Data2Decisions

VMO has already integrated promising features on the previous version of DART such as being able to track those viewing content based on age and gender and the ability to highlight facial features and determine moods. Dubbed as DART R&F, the newly improved platform combines VMO’s facial analytics data with third-party consumer data and machine learning, with its tech building impression scores as well.

“DART represents an enormous wealth of human interaction data that, when calibrated against third-party and independent data sources, it provides a highly accurate and scalable view of true audiences at VMO locations,” said Paul Butler, managing director at VMO.

Meanwhile, the partnership with Data2Decisions will see the consultancy building and verifying the platform’s audience reach methodology, which from today will apply to all campaigns.

Managing Partner of Data2Decisions John Price said, “Using the latest machine learning techniques to combine datasets, we were able to create a prediction model of specific audiences by the hour at an individual screen level. This has helped us, in partnership with VMO, to create reach and frequency calculations that provide the most robust measure of OOH audiences to date.”