Bangkok, Thailand – Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) has announced the reopening of its Levi’s store at popular mall CentralWorld, in Bangkok, Thailand. At 364 sqm, the expanded store is now the largest Levi’s store in Southeast Asia, marking yet another milestone in LS&Co.’s footprint within the region. 

This reopening also represents LS&Co.’s focus on its direct-to-consumer strategy as the company continues to grow its fleet of fully owned-and-operated stores across key locations in the country.

The Levi’s NextGen Indigo store will offer consumers an elevated shopping experience that brings together style and originality, through a broad selection of products and customisation offerings. Appreciating that originality and self-expression are important considerations to Thai shoppers, especially youths, the store also boasts the country’s second Levi’s Tailor Shop which unlocks a range of personalisation options.

To offer the fullest expression of the Levi’s brand, the store will also house an extensive product assortment across all collections including seasonal exclusives. This also includes collaborations with key cultural figures. To mark the occasion, a limited-edition collection designed in collaboration with Sundae Kids, a rising generation of Thai artists known for their unique and vibrant designs, will exclusively be available on the day of the store opening.

Sameer Koul, general manager for Southeast Asia and country manager for Thailand at Levi Strauss & Co., said, “Thailand is an important strategic market for Levi Strauss & Co. within Southeast Asia, and Bangkok is one of the world’s most popular destinations for international tourists. Levi’s CentralWorld store opens as our largest store in Southeast Asia to date, and represents our commitment to this dynamic market as we continue to build deeper direct connections with both local and international shoppers in Thailand.”

He added, “We always strive to deliver immersive experiences that resonate with consumers, right where they shop. By bringing the fullest expression of our brand to their doorstep, we hope to cultivate lifelong denim fans in Thailand – and the wider Southeast Asia region.”

India – Popular apparel brand Levi’s in India has launched a new campaign titled ‘For Now, For A Lifetime’, which celebrates moments instincts and how they go onto be memories that stay with us, and ultimately shape each and every one of us.

The campaign, featuring Indian actress Deepika Padukone, depicts her impromptu adventure becoming the thread that ties together characters’ experiences from ordinary to extraordinary moments, capturing a spectrum of emotions from joy, to the rush, laughter, but also the calm and bittersweet.

Moreover, in pairing a dark denim shirt and lighter high-loose jeans or a perfectly coordinated, jumpsuit like look, Deepika Padukone brings a fresh and modern take to denim in this new campaign. Anchored by iconic product – timeless, but always on trend blue jeans, the for-all-seasons trucker jacket and a wide range of much-loved graphic tees.

Amisha Jain, senior vice president and managing director for South Asia-Middle East, Africa and Non-EU markets (SAMEA) at Levi Strauss & Co, said, “The ‘For Now, For A Lifetime’ campaign is an embodiment of what it truly means to Live in Levi’s® and how our product is so deeply woven into our consumers’ lives.”

She added, “This campaign, featuring Deepika Padukone, is a celebration of moments when you can truly be your most authentic self. Enabling this for our consumers is what we strive to do, from how we create our product to how we bring it alive for our consumers.”

Singapore – As part of its 150th year anniversary of the iconic ‘501 jean’, global clothing brand Levi’s has rolled out a slew of local celebrations across various markets in Asia-Pacific, as well as in other global markets.

A large chunk of the local event activations in the Asia-Pacific region came from the markets in Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Greater China.

In Singapore, denim lovers and fans enjoyed exclusive early-access to an all-new 501® denim line-up, live performances by homegrown DJs Clammr and TINC, workshops by sustainability-focused creative studio FIN Crafted Goods, and live customisation by the iconic Levi’s® Tailor Shop.

Meanwhile, over at Thailand, the experience was held at the newly-renovated shopping hotspot Siam Square, complete with live customisation at the Levi’s® Tailor Shop and handicraft studio Craft Creator, and digital art recreating the stories behind each consumer’s own Levi’s® offering. Moreover, Levi’s was involved at Pattaya stop of global music festival Rolling Loud, as part of the brand’s global partnership with the music festival.

In South Korea, the experience was celebrated with an exclusive, invite-only event featuring the brand newest global ambassadors, K-Pop girl group NewJeans. The event included a product archive showcasing the 150-year history of the 501 jean, as well as a music concert with performances by NewJeans and local music artists BIG Naughty and Zior Park.

Over at the Greater China region, the experience was done through dedicated brand experience space inspired by the fusion of American denim and Chinese characters, with included an auction for limited edition 501 jeans. Moreover, Levi’s worked with art installation group L+L to launch branded art installations.

Nuholt Huisamen, senior vice president and managing director for East Asia-Pacific at Levi Strauss & Co., said, “Through the years, Levi’s® stands tall as the original pioneer of denim, blending quality craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless fashion. We’ve dressed icons, rebels, and innovators alike, making our mark on history. More than a pair of jeans; we are a symbol of self-expression and authenticity.”

He added, “From the rebellious ‘50s to the rockin’ 80s and beyond, Levi’s® has been a trusted companion on every adventure and the brand remains very much at the center of culture and top-of-mind for youths.”

Singapore – In celebration of its 501 jeans’ 150th anniversary, global clothing brand Levi’s has named popular South Korean girl group NewJeans as its newest global ambassador. The year-long partnership – spanning Spring/Summer ‘23 and Autumn/Winter ‘23 – will include a new campaign featuring the brand, concerts, and appearances. 

To kick off the partnership, Levi’s will release a brand campaign featuring NewJeans that celebrates the group’s positive energy and each member’s unique personality, all whilst wearing items from the upcoming Levi’s® Spring/Summer 2023 collection. 

Additionally, NewJeans will celebrate 501 Day on May 20th – the date in 1873 when Levi Strauss & Co. was granted a patent on the process of riveting pants – in Seoul with a live performance.

According to Levi’s, the five-member girl group is perfectly placed to be the brand’s ambassador as they represent ‘youth and timelessness’.

“NewJeans is a talented group that has looked to the past for inspiration while boldly blazing their own unique future in culture. As the group’s influence on the music industry and culture continues to grow, we’re excited to be a part of their journey and help NewJeans connect with fans globally in a fresh and authentic way,” said Chris Jackman, vice president of global brand marketing at Levi’s.

Meanwhile, NewJeans expressed their excitement over the partnership, stating, “We’re honoured and thrilled to represent Levi’s, a timeless brand that literally created the world’s most iconic new jeans while constantly looking towards the future.” 

The group also added that because of the brand’s support for youth culture and their admiration for Levi’s, the partnership is something that came naturally. 

Throughout the year, NewJeans will also continue to celebrate the anniversary of Levi’s 501 jeans and represent the brand as a global ambassador.

NewJeans is a K-Pop girl group featuring members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, with music that spans forward-thinking reimaginings of 2000s sounds with singles “Attention,” “Hype Boy”, “Cookie”, and most recently, “Ditto” and “OMG”, which both entered the Billboard Hot 100 this year.

Previously, parent company Levi Strauss has also announced a slew of commercial endeavours around East Asia, including the launch of new stores and new in-store services throughout the region.

Hong Kong – Global apparel brand Levi Strauss has announced a slew of commercial endeavours centred around its East Asia presence, including launching new stores and rolling out existing store refreshes and new in-store services throughout the region.

Nuholt Huisamen, managing director and senior vice president at Levi Strauss, said, “We are committed to the future success of our business at every level and are reimagining what we do and how we win in today’s marketplace. At the same time, we are embracing the technologies of tomorrow to power innovation and better serve our customers and deliver greater value to stakeholders. We will do this by placing people at the heart of our business and through responsible practices because being a force for positive change is integral to being the world’s best apparel brand.”

In addition, the company will leverage digital, data and AI to stay ahead of trends, drive efficiency and innovation in the product creation process, deliver omni-channel offerings, claim its space in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) sphere, and ultimately enhance the consumer experience.

Furthermore, among the new stores to be launched this year are Levi’s® stores in countries including Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Levi Strauss & Co. will refurbish a number of retail stores and shop-in-shops into NextGen Indigo stores, offering an elevated store experience that uses digital tools to streamline the consumer journey, including installing LED portal entry archways and LED screens for marketing content. 

Select stores in the region will also introduce in-store tailoring services to offer greater personalisation.

Shanghai, China – Media communications agency OMD in China has won the media mandate of global denim brand Levi’s, which will drive media strategy, planning and buying for the iconic denim brand. 

Through the agency’s empathy planning workflow – OMD Design & E2E data platform – OMNI, OMD China delves into the Chinese Gen-Z’s behavior and identified opportunities to accelerate growth for Levi’s with an innovative integrated media solution. 

A spokesperson for Levi’s commented that they were deeply impressed by OMD China’s advanced strategic thinking, strong data capabilities and excellent innovation. The spokesperson also added that the agency’s youthful and dynamic team has shown great passion for the brand and the denim culture.

“They were able to resonate with our consumers and translate this youthful energy into a strong integrated communication blueprint that is rooted in Levi’s heritage and DNA. This year, we will collaborate with OMD to embark on a new journey and explore more innovative marketing possibilities in the Chinese market to bring accelerated growth to the Levi’s brand,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Connie Chan, CEO at OMD China, commented, “We are excited to be working with an iconic brand who appreciates our vision and insights on the market’s Gen-Z consumers. OMD brings together a unique combination of expertise and strategic approach which taps on our network’s capabilities to deliver impactful and innovative solutions to our clients. We look forward to [supporting] Levi’s in achieving their growth targets.”