Wrike launches a new feature to accelerate web proofing and digital campaigns

Sydney, Australia — To help marketers and creative professionals, Wrike, a collaborative work management platform has introduced new features to accelerate website updates and digital campaigns by adding HTML support to its proofing capability to help speed up the website production process.

Offered as part of Wrike for Marketers, Wrike’s proofing feature allows teams to collaboratively review and approve digital assets including website pages, email, and landing page assets across marketing automation systems, CMS, and most cloud-based MarTech applications. Marketers can centralize proofing of digital assets into Wrike to accelerate their campaigns. 

The design and development of webpages involve a lot of constantly changing pieces – from graphic design, images, color schemes, and layout. Wrike’s new feature integrated in Wrike for Marketers attaches web content to a task or project from a URL, allows users to interact and provide visual markups, and easily compares snapshots with a live view of the webpage. Web teams can eliminate chaos and disruption, and reduce delays, challenges, and errors in the overall approval of a project.

“Wrike changes the workflow from inefficient and limited manual approval processes to on-demand solutions that open the review process to a wider audience,” said Alexey Korotich, VP of Product Management at Wrike. “With Wrike, leading organizations can help their teams simplify and streamline their creative and marketing production, spending less time on disjointed processes and instead focusing on serving the needs of their clients.”

Fintar Lalor, Regional Manager, APAC at Wrike, added, “With an enhanced and seamless user experience for reviewing digital assets and HTML web content without losing context, marketers are able to move faster and experience a more fluid collaboration process. Manual approval processes so often hinder visibility and accessibility across teams, not to mention they’re typically time-consuming and inefficient.

“Our latest Wrike update means teams can collaboratively review and approve digital assets in one centralized system. Marketers who previously struggled with chaotic review processes can now simplify and streamline creative production from conception right through to execution.”, said, Lalor.

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