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iStock launches new products to simplify video creation for SMBs

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Sydney, Australia – iStock, the e-commerce platform that provides premium visual content to SMBs, SMEs, creatives, and students, has just announced the launch of its two new products that aim to make professional-quality video creation more simple and affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The first product, iStock Video Editor, is a video maker that does not require any previous design or editing experience, helping customers quickly go from start to finish of the video-creation process. Combined with the depth and breadth of iStock’s videos, photographs, and illustrations, the tool allows businesses to use customizable templates, music, colors, fonts, and layouts to produce high-impact videos. To use the Video Editor, users simply need to click ‘Create’ at the top of the iStock homepage.

Meanwhile, the iStock’s new subscription plan, Premium Plus Video, seeks to give subscribers on-demand access to millions of video clips, images, and illustrations all in a single easy and affordable subscription. 

Moreover, it is available in monthly or annual plans in which image and video downloads count the same, allowing customers to license video for as low as a few dollars per asset. Subscribers will also be able to roll over unused downloads and enjoy the same rich royalty-free rights included with all iStock content. 

Grant Farhall, iStock’s chief product officer, shared that video has become the preferred way for companies to reach and communicate with their audiences in compelling ways, however, their customers have told them that while they want to create more video it is a difficult and time-consuming task that requires complicated tools and large budgets.

“We listened to our customers and the launch of Premium Plus Video subscription and the iStock Video Editor will make professional video creation fast and easy for small businesses and entrepreneurs, no previous experience needed,” said Farhall.

The new iStock Video Editor and Premium Plus Video aims to remove the barriers to video creation and give businesses, both large and small, the opportunity to optimize their visual strategy to create higher engagement and improve ROI’s. 

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