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Arla celebrates World Milk Day with new campaign showcasing ‘good in goodness’ in organic milk

Teddy Cambosa - June 5, 2023

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Singapore – Organic dairy producer Arla has released a new campaign for World Milk Day, which showcases an extraordinary story of what ‘goodness’ is included in their organic milk in terms of deliciousness and nutritional value.

The campaign, conceptualised alongside Kingdom Digital and Areka Studios, embodies Arla’s unwavering commitment to delivering goodness through its organic milk offerings. The ad also captures the essence of Arla’s sustainable farming practices and meticulous quality control, showcasing its dedication to upholding the highest standards of taste, nutrition, and sustainability.

In addition to showcasing a glimpse of the ‘from farm to table’ process, Arla seeks to encourage daily milk consumption by highlighting the numerous nutritional benefits that milk offers. 

Young Shu Hui, trade marketing manager for SEA distributor market at Arla Foods, said, “We firmly believe that small actions lead to immense impact. It is these precise actions that infuse true ‘goodness’ into our organic milk, elevating its flavour and irresistibility. Our Arla Organic milk is 100% European-certified and our farmers are working hard on making dairy more sustainable.”

Meanwhile, Mior Anwar and Neerishma Biaspal, members of the strategy team at Kingdom Digital, commented, “We discovered that many Singaporeans avoid drinking milk due to the fear of weight gain, largely due to an overestimation of the fat content in full cream milk.”