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AMFI’s latest campaign spotlights ‘Mutual Fund Distribution’ as a profession

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India – The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), a regulatory body for the mutual funds sector, has launched its new recruitment campaign that reinforces the need and attractiveness of ‘Mutual Funds Distribution’ as a career option with long-term earning potential for individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Titled ‘Karein Shuru?’, the comprehensive campaign was conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson Mumbai. It includes four TVCs that depict how individuals from different walks of life – be they fresh college graduates, individuals in rural India, mid-career professionals, or small business owners and entrepreneurs – have opted for ‘Mutual Fund Distribution’ as a profession. 

Moreover, the campaign showcases the attractive career opportunity with its productive earning potential, benefitting not only themselves but in the process earning goodwill from the members of society who they serve as Mutual Funds Distributors. It targets fresh graduates and enterprising individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations.

N.S. Venkatesh, CEO of AMFI, noted that their in-house research revealed that an increasing number of individuals today aspire to have good earnings and yet be their own boss, and even help in serving the society at large. 

“Our unique ‘Karein Shuru?’ campaign would precisely help these individuals achieve this aspiration. As a Mutual Funds Distributor, they can help their clients generate wealth over the long term and in turn be rewarded with an enriching career,” said Venkatesh.

Meanwhile, Samarth Shrivastava, senior VP and executive business director at Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, shared that the campaign is designed to build consideration for an active career option when people are forming decisions about choosing a career path. 

“We dug deeper in our study phase to understand the pain points & highlights of this profession and really nuanced our storytelling to the ground realities attached to this profession which you will see in a series of films targeting different target groups & ethnicities,” said Shrivastava.

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