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Spritzer launches new bottle design to further promote sustainability

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As part of Spritzer’s commitment to champion sustainability and nature to make the world a greener place, the Malaysian natural bottled water brand has launched a new bottle design that is made with recycled material for its iconic ‘Spritzer Natural Mineral Water’.

Created in partnership with advertising agency FCB SHOUT, the campaign centres around the refreshed design. Titled ‘New Look, New Purpose’, it kick-starts with a film that showcases the iconic bottle’s transformation and the purpose behind the momentous change.

Chan Shiao Chew, group marketing manager of Spritzer, said that the brand has always had a special relationship with nature, and its mineral water comes from a 390-acre pristine rainforest in Taiping, Perak, which it has been preserving and protecting for decades now.

“But we knew we had to do more if we truly want to leave a greener world for the future. Our move to change the bottles of our Nature Mineral Water to ones made with recycled material is a statement of that mission, which is fully visualised in the campaign that we have produced in collaboration with FCB SHOUT,” added Chew.

Meanwhile, Tjer, head of creative at FCB SHOUT, noted, “Change begins with us and actions speak louder than words. Which is why our campaign focuses not on the bottle’s new look but rather, on communicating the purpose behind this bold change. We want the campaign to make a splash for the right reason, and get Malaysians on board with what Spritzer Malaysia has set out to do – giving back to nature, one bottle at a time.”

The campaign was rolled out last 14 July 2022 across all media channels, including ATL, BTL, and social media. 

Earlier this year, Spritzer has launched a new campaign for the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration, aimed at infusing a little fun and a whole lot of natural goodness into popular CNY dishes.

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These are the top Raya ads from Malaysia this 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The celebration of Hari Raya in Malaysia has concluded, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. And with such festivities, there is always a rise of ad films centred around the values and teachings of the Raya festivities.

In line with this, YouTube in Malaysia has round up the top 10 Raya ads released by local and international brands in the country.  Presented in alphabetical order, the list is based on a mix of relatable festive situations that touched the hearts and funny bones of viewers, collaborations with well-loved local personalities, and nostalgia for the good ol’ days, while continuing to explore the creative formats of past campaigns.

  1. Astro Malaysia – Senandung Hari Raya Untukmu – Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza & Aliff Aziz 

Through an original track sung by Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza and local-based Singaporean artist Aliff Aziz, this campaign from the Malaysian satellite TV provider aims to communicate the values of the Raya season, from keeping in touch with loved ones or supporting local businesses for any Raya needs.

  1. Celcom Malaysia – Iklan Hari Raya Celcom 2022 – Syukur 1 Syawal

Duit raya or tokens of money given during Raya are great and all: but have we actually thought about where we ought to spend them? In this heart-warming campaign by this local telco provider, we see a kid named Danish going around houses with his friends to collect duit raya. Among those kids is Aishah, who later on we learn that she gives all of her duit raya to his ailing father. Touched by this scene, Danish thinks of an act of kindness to Aishah’s father.

  1. HongLeong Bank Malaysia – HLB RAYA 2022 – Lebaran Penuh Kesyukuran

This fun and quirky campaign by banking institution HongLeong Bank in Malaysia centres around the festive days despite instances being not the most ‘perfect’ celebration. In spite of obstacles along the way, like the camera falling over a swamp while taking a family picture or meals getting delayed, there is still a glimmer of hope and genuine happiness around family members to be together as always.

  1. Julie’s Biscuits – Raya 2022 | Ini Iklan Raya baru, tau? [Full] | Julie’s Biscuits

Conceptualised by independent agency GOVT Singapore, this hilarious yet eye-opening campaign by the local biscuit brand invites Malaysians to explore traditional definitions of stereotypical roles and see how antiquated expectations no longer hold in today’s day and age.

  1. PETRONAS – PETRONAS Raya 2022 ‘366’: Hari Ke-123 | Full Film

“Find peace within that disappointment”: It is within one of these lines within the ad that sum up the message of the campaign. This Raya-centric campaign is part of Petronas’ ongoing original series called ‘366’, aimed at tackling stories of fortitude, resilience and togetherness among Malaysians during these difficult times. Said campaign is conceptualised under Ensemble Worldwide of IPG Mediabrands.

  1. Saji Malaysia Official – Iklan Raya SAJI 2022 | Raya Dulu – Dulu

This fun campaign by local cooking oil brand Saji focuses on cherishing the Raya festivities, even if it feels like it will never be the same as last year. In this film, we follow a male character cherishing past Raya celebrations, while being mindful to always remember such important moments from past Raya festivities into the future.

  1. Samsung Malaysia – Raya 2022 | Rezeki Memori

Centred around the theme of fun and nostalgic memories, this film by tech company Samsung focuses on a story of Adik and his father cherishing some great memories–which is actually an emotional representation of missing sharing those moments a long time ago. The film, shot on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, invites viewers to cherish time with their parents, one of the values being focused during the Raya festivities.

  1. Spritzer Group – Raya 2022 | Iklan Raya Paling Berseri

On a more hilarious route, this Raya ad by Spritzer focuses on doing the festivities, alongside with your full-out relatives, in this ad signifying Auntie Vivi. Despite the stereotypical nature of the ad, it teaches viewers to just remain calm and enjoy the festivities.

  1. Taylor’s University – Sadaqah | Hari Raya 2022

If there is one saying to embody this ad from Malaysia’s Taylor’s University, it’s the adage of “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” The ad follows the story of a beggar named Amin, who asks one day for free food from a food stall owned by Kak Zaiton. Despite the ad’s initial impression of Zaiton being angry always, we see a different side of her story, as being compassionate towards the poor. In all, Zaiton’s character teaches viewers of not just getting something but rather having the opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

  1. Tenaga Nasional Berhad – TNB Raya 2022 – Raya Macam Cara

The perfect ad to close this entry, this ad from Malaysia’s multinational electricity company focuses on the diversity of emotions–and antics–during the Raya festivities. After a long time where Raya meetups have been hampered during the pandemic, said ad communicates the long-yearning of families to meet up during these festive times.

Said ad list showcases the most engaging ads that people watched during this period, and are determined in no particular order by an algorithm that factors in watch time, organic views, paid views, and audience retention. This list was pulled on 5 May, 2022 and captures data from 3 April to 3 May 2022 inclusive.

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Spritzer’s latest campaign showcases various CNY dishes, wishes

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In this year’s Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration, natural bottled water brand Spritzer in Malaysia has launched a new campaign, aimed at infusing a little fun and a whole lot of natural goodness into popular CNY dishes. 

The campaign, which was created by advertising agency FCB Malaysia, highlights the benefits of the silica in Spritzer Natural Mineral Water. Titled ‘Auspicious Dishes, Spritzer Wishes’, the campaign also features many familiar sights of a Chinese restaurant, reunion dinner, and plenty of happy family members, but it mainly focuses on the dishes that are being served and the wishes that accompany them, which were delivered by the head chef of the restaurant.

Shiao Chan, Spritzer’s group marketing manager, shared that they wanted to continue introducing the benefits of Spritzer Silica-rich Natural Mineral Water at a time when Malaysians would be consuming a lot of beverages during house visits and family meals, but they knew they had to do it in a way that’s contextual to the occasion.

“Not only did this film achieve all of that, but it also gave us an opportunity to carve out a new purpose for the product by encouraging celebrants to prepare their CNY dishes with Spritzer – so that everyone can enjoy all the benefits of our natural mineral water, especially those that the silica brings as a result of enhanced collagen production, namely softer skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails,” said Chan.

Meanwhile, Wang Ie Tjer, FCB Malaysia’s head of creative, said that they approached this film in a no-holds-barred manner because they believed that even though this is a commercial for a mineral water brand, it can still be really flavourful, entertaining, and insightful. 

“We decided to leverage the insight of how every CNY dish usually comes with an auspicious wish, and then creatively turn the wishes into something that works for the brand and occasion. A big shout out to our partners at Restless Productions for bringing this film to life so beautifully, and also to our amazing clients at Spritzer for believing in the idea,” said Tjer.

The campaign has been launched last 10 January, and is still running across Spritzer’s social and digital channels.

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FCB Malaysia nabs Spritzer’s creative mandate

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Natural bottled water brand, Spritzer, has appointed advertising agency FCB Malaysia to handle its creative duties.

Shiao Chan, Spritzer’s group marketing manager for Malaysia, believes that FCB is a masterful storyteller with an undeniable passion for building and enhancing the stature of local brands. 

“With their solid FMCG experience at our disposal, we’re confident that this partnership will bring to life the many tales that are waiting to be told for Spritzer,” said Chan.

Shaun Tay, FCB Malaysia’s co-owner and CEO, commented that winning over a major Malaysian brand like Spritzer has always been a dream. 

“What I personally appreciate is the clarity of vision that the Spritzer marketing team has for the brand, and we’re excited to be part of its continuous story of success,” said Tay.

FCB has already started work on several key 2022 campaigns for Spritzer.

Earlier this year, Spritzer has also announced the appointment of media company Trapper as its integrated media agency partner for all Spritzer brands.

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Trapper to take charge of Spritzer Malaysia’s integrated media business

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Natural bottled water brand, Spritzer, has appointed Trapper as its media partner, effective this month. The agency will be responsible for integrated media duties for all Spritzer brands.  

Spritzer said in a press statement that it looks to strengthen its market leadership and drive exciting new segments for business growth. Spritzer brands include Spritzer Natural Mineral Water, Spritzer Tinge, Spritzer So Tinge!, Spritzer Sparkling, and Acilis by Spritzer. 

Elaine Ho, Spritzer’s group marketing manager, shared that the partnership aims to double down on brand awareness as well as top-of mind recall among Malaysians.

“We are excited to kick-start our journey with Trapper to innovate our media strategies. We hope to reach our customers at the right touch points and connect with them meaningfully through a precise understanding of their journey. We look forward to a great partnership with Trapper, working together to elevate our brands,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of Trapper Sue-Anne Lim, commented, “Sharp targeting means maximizing channel potential and using meaningful data to help drive both retail and e-commerce sales, which is critical to Spritzer’s strategy. We are well-prepared to be agile and responsive to sudden market changes.”

Chief Executive of Trapper Interactive, Trapper Media Group’s digital marketing division, Kenneth Wong added, “We believe that we are well-positioned to unleash Spritzer’s untapped potential as it seeks to bring 100% natural rainforest water to all Malaysian homes”.

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Kingdom Digital bags social media agency role for Spritzer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Malaysian natural mineral water brand, Spritzer, has appointed Kingdom Digital as its social media agency, with the partnership inked to last for one whole year.  

Under the appointment, Kingdom Digital will be responsible for managing Spritzer’s Facebook page, which includes developing content strategies and producing relevant creatives. The agency will also be managing digital campaigns for the brand during the appointment period. 

Through the partnership, Spritzer looks to strengthen its brand awareness as well as top-of-mind recall among Malaysians, when it comes to deciding on natural mineral water.

Elaine Ho, group marketing manager of Spritzer Malaysia, said “We are excited to kick-start our journey with Kingdom Digital to strengthen our social media presence. We hope to use our renewed social presence to deepen our engagement with our target audience while attracting new customers. We look forward to a strong partnership – carving out fresh ideas to continue evolving the brand.”

Meanwhile, Kingdom Digital’s CEO Ryan Ong expressed that they are set to take the mineral water brand to the next level via innovative and engaging social ideas and solutions.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to work with such a well-established brand. In terms of strategy, we want to position Spritzer mineral water as an ideal partner for everyday moments. Together, with Spritzer, we are confident that our extensive expertise in digital, content creation, and strategy will drive greater engagement and resonance with their target audience on social media,” Ong said. 

The agency’s work for Spritzer has commenced since January this year, already launching two initiatives. 

Kingdom Digital has already launched a CNY film for Spritzer

The first is a Chinese New Year short film produced in collaboration with Creo Creative, a light-hearted video that centers on the ‘Feng Shui’ theme. Meanwhile, the second one is an Instagram AR filter, which is now available on Spritzer’s Instagram account, @spritzerwater. 

In January, Kingdom Digital surprised its clients with its special year-ender tribute, publishing over 300 digital thank you cards on Facebook.