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Majority of APAC C-suite leaders under pressure to prove short-term ROI on marketing campaigns

Singapore – Around 74% of C-suite executives in the Asia-Pacific region are under pressure to prove greater short-term return of investment (ROI) on their marketing campaigns amidst times of uncertainty, according to data from social media platform LinkedIn.

According to the data, almost 98% of B2B marketing leaders in APAC said that improving the chief financial officer’s awareness and understanding of B2B marketing ROI will be vital for strengthening future marketing budgets.

The data also finds that 40% of businesses in APAC are financially preparing for tough times ahead, which is putting heightened pressure on marketers to prove business impact. 

At a global level, a third of CMOs globally are concerned that uncertainty will force them to operate more reactively (30%) and curb creative campaigns (31%).

In terms of marketing spending, around 58% of B2B marketing leaders in APAC are planning to maintain or increase spend in this area over the next six months. Furthermore, 82% of marketers in APAC believe companies that increase or maintain their marketing spend throughout economic uncertainty recover faster.

“With CFOs facing incredibly hard choices in the coming months, they will naturally be a critical stakeholder for CMOs and their marketing teams. Maintaining existing budgets and strengthening future ones is dependent on marketers’ ability to speak the language of the CFO and now, more than ever, marketers need to master the language of effectiveness.” the research stated.

Prue Cox, director of enterprise for SEA & ANZ marketing solutions at LinkedIn said, “While we know the economy is in a state of flux, it’s important that marketers continue to invest in marketing as by pulling back investment, they risk long term damage to their brand. As marketing budgets are often the first to be scrutinised and tightened in times of uncertainty, it’s important that senior leaders can show ROI to their stakeholders.”

She added, “Speaking the language of the CFO, to demonstrate an alignment of marketing metrics to business metrics, and pulling the right strategic levers, will help maintain existing budgets and strengthen future ones. By nurturing key relationships with important leaders, like the CFO, and using data as information, can demonstrate business impact and will put brands in a much stronger position now and in the future.”

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NexMind launches ‘Digital Partner Program’ to provide AI-based martech solution for marketers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Emerging martech firm NexMind AI Sdn. Bhd., has introduced the Digital Partner Program, a marketing partnership program designed for its enterprise SEO solutions, including NexODN SEO optimization and NexWriter AI content generation. The new program is set to attract consulting agencies delivering digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, and advertising services around the world.

Francis Lui, CEO of NexMind said, “NexMind develops AI martech solutions that are competitive in the industry. Our technology automates SEO optimization and content generation tasks so users can achieve optimum results much quicker compared to when they do the work manually. We have introduced Digital Partner Program to invite marketers around the globe to experience a better approach to managing SEO and content marketing for their clients.”

Among the benefits of NexMind’s Digital Partner Program are partner-only subscription rates and first access to new product features when they become available.

NexMind’s automated solutions were developed to improve the efficiency of digital marketing activities especially for consultants overseeing large accounts with thousands of web pages to monitor for SEO purposes. With this capability, partners can scale business while operating in a lean environment.

NexODN SEO platform already supports 127 languages, and the NexWriter AI content generator now supports six languages, and the number is growing.

“So, it doesn’t matter if the consultants are taking care of SEO or content marketing for transnational corporations with websites in different languages or a single-language website in Arabic, Japanese, German, or French; our platforms can help them deliver the work effectively and efficiently,” Francis added.

NexMind’s Digital Partner Program provides proper support, including assigning a Project Success Engineer to each partner to help them understand how our technology works and help them reach their marketing targets in a timely manner.

Francis concluded, “Any partners joining us will be provided with support and guidance. It is a win-win situation.”

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Expert Up Close: Aditi Kapoor, ex-Metromart PH marketing lead

In celebration of International Women’s Month, MARKETECH Expert Up Close will be featuring a special series called ‘Empowered Women’ where we spotlight inspiring women marketing leaders across the Asia-Pacific Region to share their expertise in marketing and leadership. For the first episode, we sat down with Aditi Kapoor, the former marketing lead at Metromart Philippines, to get to know more about her career journey in steering the wheel of the marketing business of various brands in the e-commerce, media, and retail sector in Southeast Asia.

Aditi is a marketing veteran who brings a decade of marketing experience in e-commerce under her belt. She polished her marketing prowess by working for various marketing companies such as Ola,  Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd., and Blue Star Limited. 

Of what makes her explore different markets, she shares, “If we believe in ourselves, nothing can stop us from trying our best whether working in a new market or trying a new profile.”

“I’ll be very happy and open to sharing my experiences, what works, what didn’t work, in order to help other aspiring female leaders,” Aditi adds.  

During the conversation with Aditi, we asked about her philosophy on mentorship, and she said, “When you’re starting fresh, you really need lots of mentorship and guidance,” Kapoor said.

Aditi admitted that her biggest inspiration and mentor has always been her dad. With words of encouragement from her dad, Aditi learned that “management starts from home,” and is not something that you instantly get if you start working in the corporate world; one that is learned through practice and owning responsibility as you grow. 

Listen to the full conversation with Aditi Kapoor over at Spotify, where Kapoor shares further on her biggest challenge as a marketer amid her decade-long journey and whether she, in the future, also plans to join others in establishing her own company.  You can also view the highlights of the conversation on our Youtube channel

If you are a marketing or tech leader who wants to share your industry journey and insights, email us at [email protected] 

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SEA marketers need ‘stronger boost’ on campaigns for upcoming festive season: survey

Singapore – With concerns surrounding festive season marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting inflation of products, marketers in the Southeast Asia region say that they need a stronger boost with their current and upcoming marketing strategies as the holidays are fast approaching, data from the latest survey conducted by digital experience management software Sitecore shows.

According to their survey, 69% of marketers reported a decline in sales so far this year, and nearly 40% of marketers said festive season sales represents the bulk of annual sales: which is particularly true for businesses with less than 500 employees.

Meanwhile, around 96% of marketers are concerned about the impact of inflation on the Christmas shopping season

Furthermore, 97% are concerned that changing local health conditions could result in the need for fast marketing pivots. However, despite the uncertainty, marketers feel better prepared than last year to deal with product availability, balancing online and offline demand, and their customer profiling and personalization programs.

The survey also notes that last year has made significant changes on their supply chain endeavors, and that this year they expect that digital brands ‘will win more’ during the festive season, evident with the fact marketers have started their promotional campaigns earlier than ever.

“Most marketers expect digital brands will win the holiday season, and are planning to offer in-person and online experiences, including virtual give-aways, wish lists, and special festive experiences. The offerings most likely to be delivered in digital form are free gifts or product samples attached to online orders, personal shopping services, and a festive season wishlist to share with loved ones,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Steve Hawkes, chief operating officer for Sitecore Asia-Pacific and Japan at Sitecore, commented, “We are seeing many consumer marketers increasingly relying on digital initiatives to capture the needed increase in sales this Christmas shopping season. We know there are rising concerns about the health status of communities across Southeast Asia.”

He added, “Retailers and other consumer companies will need to be nimble and act swiftly in the face of a volatile economic landscape.”

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theAsianparent launches VIPP platform of most ‘influential’ parents

Singapore – Parenting-focused platform theAsianparent which has presence all over Southeast Asia, has launched its VIP Parents platform (VIPP), which comprises of its most vocal and influential parents, enabling brands to engage directly with this segment of parents across the region.

The VIPP platform has been officially launched six months ago, and according to theAsianparent, the VIPP has a base of over 40,000 moms and dads, giving marketers the opportunity to tap this audience. Brands can use the platform to let parents participate in surveys or polls, create original and meaningful content, and even have them review their products and attend brand events, with the possible opportunity of bringing parents on board as official brand ambassadors.

On the side of parents that are part of the platform, VIPP provides an opportunity for them to learn and earn. The women-led VIPP team has a training program for registered VIPP moms and dads to help them increase and maximize their social capital. 

Founder and Group CEO of theAsianparent, Roshni Mahtani Cheung, commented that the reality of parenting such as messy homes, spit-up, tantrums, and eyebags are rarely reflected in ad campaigns that target the mother audience, saying that engagement begins with “understanding.” 

“With VIP Parents, brands can get direct feedback from our parent community at their convenience, whether that’s a quick poll to gather first impressions on a new product or a massive survey that could help fine-tune a local campaign. Enlisting our moms and dads, who are already talking about these brands anyway, to both amplify and ground their campaign messages, is that sought-after authenticity every digital marketer talks about,” said Cheung.

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Marketing insights startup InsightzClub’s new solutions to gather data from actual user behavior

Singapore – Marketing insights startup InsightzClub has announced the launch of its new customer insights solutions which uses the passive-embedded technology.

The aforementioned technology focuses on gathering data based on actual consumer behavior rather than data collected from surveys or those based on user claims. 

InsightzClub will make available to customers two new solutions- a brand journey solution and an advertising effectiveness solution from early 2021 onwards.

InsightzClub’s passive-embedded technology utilizes a mix of image recognition, textual analytics, and behavioral signals to creative data analytics to arrive at metrics for brand journey and advertising effectiveness.

In a statement to MARKETECH APAC, InsightzClub’s co-founder and managing director Padmanabhan Ramaswamy said the newest innovation responds to a greater need to ‘understand behavior more accurately, as well as providing more confidence to marketers to make data driven decisions.’.

He also stated that InsightzClub envisions to ‘offer solutions to consumer brands who are more likely to be early entrants to use new disruptive solutions in the market to set a precedence for other consumer brands to follow across the region.”.

“We are very excited at the possibilities these two solutions could offer to change  the manner in which consumer insights are consumed. These two solutions have been developed at the back of extensive R&D by our technology team. We look forward to partnering with various brands on these solutions to drive data driven decisions,” Ramaswamy added.

Once available, the new solutions will be offered as subscriptions to customers. and can be accessed by downloading the InsightzClub mobile app on Google Play or Apple App Store.

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Study says majority of marketers in ANZ mainly use data to improve ROI

Sydney, Australia – About 91% of marketers in Australia and New Zealand are prioritizing the use of marketing data to improve ROI and marketing efficiency, said a joint study by marketing intelligence platform Salesforce Datorama and marketing research agency The Leading Edge.

The study examined 285 marketers across ANZ on how they integrate marketing data to measure impact and business growth, and almost all of the respondents – 93% – have shifted their priorities to focus on marketing-led growth.

“Marketers are seeing their role evolve as they are responsible for propelling business-wide outcomes. As they become increasingly accountable for operationalizing growth mandates across the entire organization, they need to embrace a data-driven culture and modernize their approach to marketing measurement,” said Jay Wilder, senior director of product marketing at Salesforce Datorama.

The study also showed the biggest barriers that marketers face in driving growth around data, where data mismanagement, lack of a unified view of performance, and lack of real-time insights came out as the top three.

Although 86% of ANZ marketers see the importance of a complete view of cross-channel marketing, they face a number of roadblocks when it comes to integrating their data for that holistic view. According to the study, 69% of marketers still integrate data manually to an extent with the same percentage of marketers revealing that they spend a week or more on harmonizing data from disparate channels.

Aside from such challenges, the study revealed that there is room for improvement when it comes to data analysis and optimization, as 73% of marketers do not have access to real-time insights. 

Furthermore, nearly half, or 47% of marketers, experience misalignment across teams on measurement, with reporting sharing and collaborating on data analysis remaining a challenge for 36%. 

Marketers are making progress as they move forward in their data journey and shift priorities to focus on business growth. The study showed that there 61% of marketers receive growing support from senior leaders for a stronger uptake of data-driven marketing. Meanwhile, 62% are in firms that have been making investments in marketing analytics technology, while the same percentage have been achieving alignment on the KPIs that matter the most.

“A successful growth marketing strategy requires the strategic alignment of people, processes, and technologies. Bringing together an understanding of key growth priorities and challenges, leadership support, investment, and an aligned measurement strategy will drive ANZ,” said Wilder.

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For marketers: 7 reasons why you should leverage social marketing tools

If you’re in the business of social media marketing, whether independently or as a profession where you are one of the people responsible for a company’s online marketing, it is imperative that you dig deep into what your customers are thinking, where they gather to converse online and what they are talking about because knowing such insights will help build up your social media game and in turn, create a competitive following that could drives sales for your brand.

The thing with extracting audience insights online is that they are only made possible and efficient with the presence of sophisticated martech or social tools. The good news is, a lot of free and affordable analytic tools have continuously been on the rise, making it a sin not to utilize and maximize such tools that are just waiting to be used for the best of your brand. Here are a few reasons why you should start finding the tool of your choice and start leveraging:

1. No technical skills required
This is by far the biggest advantage offered by analytical tools available. You do not need to be a data wizard to use social analytics tools. Commercially-marketed social tools are created to garner buy-ins, thus they are made to become user-friendly.

2. Budget friendly – won’t break the bank
Whether you are a brand marketer just launching a campaign or an agency about to go into a pitch, you don’t need to spend a hefty amount to get the best of analytics tech. Most of the introductory packages of marketing tech provide you with the base level of data for a fraction of the cost. The good thing about the variety of subscriber packages, one can opt to upgrade to more sophisticated versions of tools as one further becomes seasoned on the basics of social data.

Social marketing tools

3. Relevant sentiment trendline
The best social tools are built on hyperlocal infrastructures with enhanced machine learning to more precisely capture sentiments. Mass market tools that are not optimized for local sources and context will provide you a higher rate of inaccuracy which compromises the quality of your data, so it is important to find a localized source if accuracy is important to you.

4. Trend tracking made easy
Brands can observe trends, track hashtag movement, and measure performance based on interest of the social chatter, engagements and sentiments. Apart from hashtags, keywords are also trackable to measure the popularity of brands and products. Using social tools, you are able to identify the most active channels related to specific brands, products or topics of interest and craft marketing strategies that resonate.

5. Identify your brand’s advocates, influencers and micro-KOL
Correctly identifying top users based on the channels is a nifty feature in some social listening tools. It is an undeniable fact that influencers will make use of their platforms to share thoughts and opinions. When an influencer mentions your brand, don’t gloss over the fact that they’ve mentioned your brand, instead, take some notes and study them. Collaborating with the right influencers or micro KOLs can greatly boost your brand image and reputation.

6. Heat map
Some tools also have heat maps which helps you to visualize which geographical area gets the most attention from users using channels with location tracking enabled such as Twitter. It highlights the areas and locations to display contents relevant to your searched keywords or hashtags. Heat maps enable brands to expand the market by inferring analysis on audience based on geographic segmentation which helps to identify potential locations for new outlets

7. Knowing which third party pages you can leverage amplifies your marketing
Most social tools can assist in identifying top websites that have been promoted and advertised in relation to the topic of your query. Since audiences already engage with these third party channels, you may collaborate for beneficial growth and advertise to leverage them for more exposure. For this purpose, having the local sources where natives are active will improve your results even more.

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