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DoubleVerify launches new attention lab to help advertisers maximise campaign performance

Singapore – Digital media measurement company DoubleVerify has announced the launch of its new DV Attention Lab™, which aims to help advertisers optimise campaign performance using in-depth ‘attention data’ on ad engagement and ad exposure. 

The newly-formed DV Attention Lab™ features a multidisciplinary team consisting of data scientists, product experts, and marketing analysts – leveraging an industry-leading technology platform and attention dataset. It will focus on providing advertisers with sophisticated, attention-based insights and recommendations on campaign performance, powered by DV Authentic AttentionⓇ, a performance solution that analyses over 50 data points on the exposure of a digital ad and consumer’s engagement with a digital ad and device – in real-time, and covering industry benchmark reports, best practice guides, and illustrative case studies, amongst others.

Moreover, DoubleVerify has recently released the DV Authentic AttentionⓇ Snapshot, a comprehensive and holistic overview of high-level attention measurement – available to all DV advertisers at no additional cost. This feature helps clients achieve greater campaign performance against the current macroeconomic backdrop. Delivered weekly, the Snapshot provides unparalleled attention-based data at scale, with easily digestible insights to identify top and bottom media performers, and benchmark an advertiser’s performance in a specific industry, amongst others.

“Traditional KPIs such as viewability and clicks are not effective at identifying whether an ad is making an impact on the end viewer, and disruption from regulatory shifts to cookie deprecation is hindering how brands can use existing tools. With that in mind, we are confident that privacy-friendly attention metrics will become the industry’s new performance currency. We are excited to launch the DV Attention Lab™ to help advertisers navigate today’s digital landscape,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. 

Meanwhile, Jordan Khoo, managing director of DoubleVerify APAC, noted, “For APAC, a Magna study found that 71% of total advertiser budgets will be spent on digital that will result in a crowded marketplace. Advertisers in the region are therefore finding ways to optimise their campaign performance. The timely introduction of our DV Attention Lab™ allows us to bolster our capabilities and better guide our clients to drive returns on investment for their media budget.” 

In September 2022, DoubleVerify teamed up with agency Havas Media in Hong Kong to be its preferred partner in offering pre-bid brand suitability, fraud, contextual activation, and viewability solutions. The partnership comes months after DoubleVerify’s partnership with Havas Media in Australia.

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DoubleVerify, Havas Media HK team up to establish pre-bid programmatic solutions 

Hong Kong – Digital media measurement company DoubleVerify has teamed up with agency Havas Media in Hong Kong to be its preferred partner on offering pre-bid brand suitability, fraud, contextual activation and viewability solutions.

The partnership comes months after DoubleVerify’s partnership with Havas Media in Australia.

To support the activation of DV solutions and enable understanding on verification and relevant market trends across the agency, the digital teams at Havas Media Group Hong Kong are currently enrolled in DV University (DVU) with the aim of achieving agency-wide certification by end 2022. 

DVU is a self-guided online training and certification platform which includes standard onboarding training of the DV advertiser suite. This will empower the teams in Havas Media Group to leverage DV’s actionable insights to effectively achieve their digital campaign objectives. 

Jeremy Chang, enterprise sales director at DoubleVerify, said, “We are thrilled to be the exclusive programmatic verification partner for Havas Media Group in Hong Kong. Through this partnership, we are helping Havas Media Group’s clients drive quality and performance in the post-cookie era, without sacrificing consumer privacy, by aligning advertising with high quality, relevant content.”

Meanwhile, Louis Ng, head of programmatic at Havas Media Group Hong Kong, commented, “To invest in the most meaningful media, we should think about how we set a high standard for ensuring media quality within the complex digital environment. Our partnership with DoubleVerify allows our clients to further protect their investments and actively drive media quality and effectiveness by tapping into DoubleVerify’s expertise in programmatic solutions.”

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DoubleVerify ties with Scope3 to launch new carbon emissions measurement offering

Singapore – DoubleVerify (DV), a software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, today announced an exclusive partnership with Scope3, the preeminent source of truth for supply chain emissions data for organizations seeking to make carbon-aware business decisions. 

The DV/Scope3 partnership will provide advertiser and agency customers with a comprehensive campaign-based carbon footprint metric via DV’s flagship service and analytics platform, DV Pinnacle. 

Scope3 has designed and developed the system of record for mapping the end-to-end emissions of the digital advertising lifecycle, accounting for the complete ad tech graph behind every impression they measure. This model is built from a mix of open data, customer collaboration, partnerships with third-party data providers, and independent research and analysis. 

With this new metric currently in development, advertisers and agency customers will receive in DV Pinnacle detailed campaign-based reporting outlining the digital supply chain entities that contributed to their campaigns’ emissions, as well as providing the ability to customize data and reporting to cover specific partners, platforms, channels, inventory, formats, and regions. 

As a result of the electricity used by the millions of servers that power real-time bidding, machine learning, identity management, and beyond, digital advertising has been shown to have a meaningful carbon footprint. Scope3 provides an accurate, comprehensive and independent model of the emissions across the digital advertising supply chain. 

DoubleVerify’s CEO Mark Zagorski, said, “We can’t expect carbon-aware decisions about ad spend to be made without a comprehensive and accurate view of how supply-side partners are contributing to emissions.” 

“With Scope3, we are able to provide advertisers and agencies with the information they need to take action and drive real change. For the first time, they will be able to use this new offering to measure and reduce the impact of their properties and ad spend, all via DV’s massive verification backbone,” added Zagorski.

“As an industry, we can thrive and provide massive value to brands without a cost to the climate by measuring all the sources of carbon associated with every ad transaction online and making those transactions more carbon efficient,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of Scope3.

“We applaud DV’s efforts in seamlessly integrating the tools we need to join the fight against climate change. We look forward to taking collaborative action to decarbonize media and advertising together,” added O’Kelley.

Platforms Featured Global

DoubleVerify, Comscore to develope cross-platform audience & verification measurement solution

New York – DoubleVerify (DV), a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has announced a partnership with Comscore, Inc., a partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms to develop an integrated media quality verification and audience measurement solution to help advertisers to seamlessly measure the impact of their full media plan.

The new measurement solution will combine data from the DV Authentic Ad, a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric that verifies ads are fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand-suitable environment within the intended geography, with Comscore Campaign Ratings, Comscore’s cross-platform audience measurement solution. 

With the combination of the power of DV Authentic Ad™ and Comscore’s 15 years of measuring audiences across screens, the joint solution aims to allow advertisers to view campaign results across platforms, knowing the audiences were free of invalid traffic, delivered in-view and to the right geography and brand environment.

Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, shared, “Measuring advertising reach is increasingly confronted by questions of veracity in the digital world.” 

Zagorski added, “Digital fraud, conflicted verification solutions and growing identifier friction are challenging traditional measurement. In partnering with Comscore, we are addressing the issue head-on – developing an industry-first measurement solution that combines media quality verification data with audience data to help advertisers maximize campaign performance and drive real business outcomes.”

Meanwhile, Bill Livek, CEO of Comscore, commented, “The industry is simultaneously facing three key megatrends: the search for more accurate deduplicated audience measurement, the mainstream emergence of streaming, and evolving privacy standards.”

He added, “By partnering with DoubleVerify and pairing Comscore Campaign Ratings with their media quality verification data, we can better support the industry with this unique product, and help brands and agencies maximize media quality and performance within their campaigns.”

DV and Comscore plan to launch the joint offering as early as the second quarter of 2022 for a select group of customers.

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Havas Media Group to first activate DoubleVerify’s propriety metric amongst media agencies in AU

Sydney, Australia – Havas Media Group, the media arm of global marketing and communications group Havas, has become the first media agency in Australia to activate digital media measurement, data, and analytics platform DoubleVerify‘s (DV) Authentic Ad™ metric as the default measurement currency across client campaigns.

The DV Authentic Ad™ is a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric that ensures an ad is fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand-safe environment, within the intended geography. It gives advertisers clarity and confidence in their digital investments and creates actionable insights to drive performance optimisation.

The initiative is designed to maximise the cross-channel digital investments of the brands Havas serves and drive superior campaign outcomes. In order to support the activation of DV Authentic Ad™ as standard practice across the agency, the digital teams at Havas Media Group Australia are currently enrolled in DV University (DVU), with the aim of achieving agency-wide certification by the end of the first quarter in 2022. DVU is a self-guided online training and certification platform which includes standard onboarding training of the DV Advertiser’s Suite. 

This will empower the teams in Havas Media Group to leverage DV’s actionable insights to effectively achieve their digital campaign objectives, which is seeing Havas Media Group implementing DV Authentic Ad™ Measurement across every client, every campaign, and every channel by default, though clients may opt out if desired. 

Kevin Fernandes, Havas Media Group’s head of data solutions and adtech, shared that they have taken the unprecedented step to deploy DoubleVerify’s measurement solution as a standard to protect their clients’ investments, and also improve the media experience by actively driving media quality and effectiveness.

“We’ve already been able to use insights from DoubleVerify to make fundamental shifts to campaign variables, such as formats and publishers – which has significantly increased campaign outcomes,” said Fernandes. 

Meanwhile, Sophia Warren, DoubleVerify’s client strategy director for ANZ, noted that Havas Media Group’s clients will be protected from wasted investments and unsuitable content, while the agency will be able to optimise media spend using their campaign insights. 

“Effective optimisation of media is critical to address increased media fragmentation and a decline in consumer trust, resulting from concerns around data privacy, fake news and high-profile brand suitability incidents,” said Warren.

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DoubleVerify launches fully on-screen targeting solution to address viewability challenges in CTV

Singapore – DoubleVerify (DV), the digital media measurement, data, and analytics platform, has launched its ‘Fully On-Screen Targeting Solution’, which enables Connected TV (CTV) advertisers to target inventory from sources that have received DV’s Fully On-Screen Certification.

In 2020, DV launched its Fully On-Screen certification offering, an MRC-accredited post-bid measurement solution. As part of its offering, DV tests and evaluates leading CTV devices and apps to ensure ads are only displayed 100% on-screen and when the TV screen is turned on.

Through the new targeting solution, DV complements its post-bid measurement capabilities with pre-bid targeting, empowering programmatic advertisers to address CTV viewability challenges across the media transaction. This solution is available on Amobee, MediaMath, and Xandr, with more media-buying platform integrations forthcoming.

DV said that advertisers continue to shift budgets to CTV, and the need to understand performance and measurability is increasingly important. However, viewability – a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user – has generally been assumed by CTV advertisers. 

In a recent test, DV has discovered that one in four top environments continued to play programming content – including recording ad impressions – after the television was turned off. DV has named this issue ‘TV Off’ – when the TV screen itself is in fact turned off but a CTV device or app remains on. 

Jack Smith, DoubleVerify’s chief product officer, shared that CTV commands some of the highest CPMs in digital advertising, which means brands expect that their ads deliver to engaged audiences while the TV set is on.

“DV’s first-to-market solution to target fully on-screen impressions will help CTV advertisers maximise their media investments and drive real business outcomes,” said Smith.

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DoubleVerify ventures into podcast space to cover latest digital ad trends

Singapore – DoubleVerify, the software company dedicated to digital media measurement, has launched its podcast series titled ‘Authentic Ad Matters’ where they tackle the latest trends in digital advertising. Said podcast series will be hosted by journalist and media expert Steve Hemsley.

Some of the invited organizations for the podcast series include TikTok, PubMatic, ISBA, Advertising Association, Conscious Advertising Network, and Dell. Topics range from fighting against misinformation to the opportunity a post-cookie world presents.

DoubleVerify has already released three podcast episodes as of writing, where they discussed topics including the role of quality in digital media, the implications of the unchanged lockdown in CTV’s boost in a post-pandemic world, and the impact of cookies and data regulation on advertising.

Speaking to MARKETECH APAC, DoubleVerify said that they hope that the podcast episodes will serve as a ‘masterclass’ on how to react to what is happening in the industry right now — and what will happen over the next several months and years to come. 

“We decided to venture into the podcast space as we wanted a medium that is easily accessible to our audience – whether it was time in-between meetings or their commute from home. These podcasts aim to educate everyone about the complex and ever-evolving world of digital advertising by building their knowledge and understanding through fascinating insights from some of the most respected experts in the industry,” DoubleVerify told MARKETECH APAC.

Meanwhile, Nick Reid, RVP for Northern Europe at DoubleVerify shared to MARKETECH APAC, “Advertisers need to be on the ball when it comes to how the industry is evolving and how changes affect their brands, consumers and businesses. The podcast shines a light on the biggest issues, challenges and trends important to industry pros today, in a way that is easy and convenient to access.”

Aside from being available on their site, the podcast is also available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

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DoubleVerify, Innovid unveils feature that would reduce ‘speed-to-market’ of ad placements

United States – DoubleVerify (DV), the digital media measurement, data, and analytics platform has extended its partnership with Innovid, the independent advertising delivery platform, to support the automation of DV’s Video OmniTag, a VAST tag that allows clients to utilize across CTV, mobile, and desktop environments.

The expanded integration aims to mitigate the risk of manual errors and delayed launches, across desktop, mobile, and CTV. By using the automated DV Video OmniTag integration, advertisers can shorten their overall speed-to-market for placements by 48 to 72 hours.

Moreover, the offering automatically activates one of DV’s video solutions for Innovid advertisers – DV Video Complete, which includes campaign monitoring, pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking, and MRC-accredited innovation – DV Video Filtering.

Jack Smith, DoubleVerify’s chief product officer, said that they continuously innovate with a focus on simplicity and workflow automation to maximize operational efficiency for advertisers.

“That’s why we’re excited to offer Innovid clients an even more seamless way to authenticate the quality of their video campaigns and protect brand equity across all digital screens, including CTV, by easily activating DV video solutions directly within the Innovid platform,” said Smith.

Meanwhile, Dale Older, Innovid’s chief product officer, believes that this expanded partnership further enhances their CTV ad serving and measurement platform, providing more value and efficiency to clients. 

“The integration gives brands and agencies the peace of mind that they have strong, seamless protection across their omnichannel initiatives, including CTV,” said Older.

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Tremor International taps DoubleVerify for Authentic Brand Suitability to amplify advertisers’ campaign performance

New York, United States – Adtech agency Tremor International has partnered with DoubleVerify, the digital media measurement, data, and analytics platform, to integrate DoubleVerify’s ‘Authentic Brand Suitability’ solution, creating a centralized set of brand safety and fraud controls to amplify advertiser’s campaign performance across devices.

The new solution aims to automatically deploy suitability controls across campaigns and devices, including desktop, mobile web, and mobile app, as well as connected TV (CTV). Through this, advertisers within the platform will now have access to heightened levels of protection, driving gains in both operating efficiency and campaign performance.

Moreover, the solution drives better advertiser outcomes by aligning pre- and post-bid settings, significantly reducing the wasted cost of media through pre-bid avoidance. Other key benefits are customizable controls and operational efficiency. 

Steven Woolway, DoubleVerify’s executive vice president of business development, shared driving better advertiser outcomes, whether across CTV, desktop, or mobile video, starts with ensuring that inventory is optimized per the marketer’s specific suitability demands.

“Authentic Brand Suitability helps accomplish this objective, by offering the most advanced brand safety, suitability, and fraud solution available in the market today. DV’s enhanced integration with Tremor International reinforces our commitment to helping advertisers ensure the protection of their brand equity, wherever and however they buy digital media,” said Woolway.

According to a DoubleVerify study, ‘Authentic Brand Suitability’ is deemed to be one of the most efficient and effective ways for advertisers to protect their brand equity against safety and suitability violations.

Jessica La Rosa, Tremor International’s vice president of partnerships and data operations, commented, “We’re excited to expand our partnership with DoubleVerify to enable one of the most robust programmatic brand safety and suitability solutions in the market.”

Technology Featured ANZ

DoubleVerify to boost major ANZ CTV providers’ ad inventory measurement

Sydney, Australia – Digital media measurement, data and analytics platform DoubleVerify has announced its partnership with major connected TV providers in ANZ to offer quality measurement of their CTV advertising inventory.

CTV providers Foxtel, Television New Zealand and several other major broadcasters can now provide advertisers with access to DoubleVerify’s suite of quality measurement solutions, improving transparency and accountability of their client’s CTV investments.

DoubleVerify’s offering to these CTV providers revolve their own verification script DV Video OmniTag, which enables advertisers to measure and report on fraud, brand suitability and metrics such as ‘fully on screen’ and ‘quartile completion’ within the CTV environment. These are key metrics advertisers look for when gauging the efficacy of their media campaigns.

In short, the technology enables broadcasters to provide advertisers with an authenticated, high quality CTV environment for streaming media ad buys.

Imran Masood, country manager for ANZ at DoubleVerify, said that they aim to provide accurate real-time measurement for advertisers and media owners and create a trusted marketplace for advertisers to invest, adding that they can now look at the real impact that an ad is having and enable advertisers to get true insight into brand advertising on CTV platforms.

“Our mission is to provide the best ad analytics and digital media measurement in the market, whether it be CTV, desktop, social, mobile app, and video, and the acceptance of DV Video OmniTag with leading TV networks in Australia and New Zealand is part of that plan,” Masood stated.

Meanwhile, Chris Oxley, national head of digital sales at Foxtel Media said, “We have worked closely with DoubleVerify to deploy the DV Video Omnitag on the Foxtel platform because we believe that advertisers want to access high-quality CTV ad inventory. CTV is booming as audiences continue to move between linear to appointment TV to streaming platforms and the ability to measure media performance in the on-demand streaming world is critical for marketers.”