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This candy brand in India aims to add cheer to Diwali through a tongue twister

New Delhi, India – As a part of the Candy Day and Diwali Festive season or Festival of Lights, hard-boiled candy brand Pulse has launched its annual property, ‘Candy Day, The Pulse Way’, with a one-of-a-kind digital activation called ‘#PulseTongueTwisterChallenge’.

The campaign aims to bring people together on an active social media community and challenge their speed and fluency through the Pulse Tongue Twister. 

Created in collaboration with creative and performance digital agency FoxyMoron and creative and CRM agency Wunderman Thompson, the twister challenge had been spearheaded by social media personalities, namely, Sanket Bhosle, Sugandha Bhosle, and Varun Sharma attempting the challenge.

Arvind Kumar, DS Confectionery Products’ general manager of marketing, shared that through the Pulse Tongue Twister Challenge, they aimed to bring in an added element of cheer and fun to the festive celebration. 

“The initiative is an opportunity to engage with our vibrant online community and celebrate the spirit of festivity with dual enthusiasm,” said Kumar.

To participate, interested participants must make a reel accomplishing the tongue twister, and upload their attempt on Instagram with the hashtag #PulseTongueTwisterChallenge, tagging @passpass_pulse.

The challenge had started from 1 November until 4 November 2021. The winners will enjoy an array of prizes such as a laptop, iPhone XR, and bluetooth portable speaker, among others.

Prachi Bali, FoxyMoron’s national head client partnerships and business head for North, commented, “This campaign does the most important thing that any festive campaign should do, which brings people together over shared laughs and it’s wonderful to see the teams achieve that while keeping audiences engaged.”

The ‘#PulseTongueTwisterChallenge’ is now live across Pulses’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Air Selangor’s Deepavali film presents festivity’s diverse experience through a love story

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the ‘Deepavali’ or the Tamil festivity of lights or also known as ‘Diwali’ in Hindu tradition is fastly approaching on 4 November, utility firm Air Selangor has launched a new animated film to celebrate the festive season’s diverse cultural experiences, all through the perspective of a love story.

The film, created by agency Reprise Digital, follows protagonist Balan as he searches for the girl of his dreams. As he goes on his quest, Balan witnesses the myriad ways in which Deepavali is celebrated and learns to understand the different meanings of Deepavali for all those within the community.

Thanendran Thanesvaran, group commercial director and head of sports marketing at Reprise Digital, who also served as script writer for the film, explained that despite the film’s romantic theme, the backdrop really shows the idea of new experiences and togetherness manifested during the Deepavali festivities.

“The interesting thing we realised in this process is that different Indian communities have their own unique way of celebrating Deepavali, and each culture might not necessarily know much about another,” Thanesvaran stated.

The film was released on 25th October 2021 across digital platforms. It features seven different languages, including Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and Punjabi, something rarely done in a short film.

“While most festive films are longer, this was deliberately kept to under 3 minutes, with multiple languages used, to keep engagement up amongst all Malaysians. Though we had originally hoped to shoot it live, we hope the animation and lively music that has fused together different genres of Indian musical influences is one that will resonate with all Malaysians,” Thanesvaran added.

Meanwhile, Elina Baseri, head of corporate communication at Air Selangor, commented, “The greatest celebrations are those celebrated together, and Air Selangor is very pleased to share this message of community and hope to all Malaysians this Deepavali.”

She added, “The team at Reprise have portrayed a boy-meets-girl story that cleverly transcends cultures while showcasing the vibrancy of Indian cultures. From the story to the music used, the film breaks down cultural barriers and is a relatable one that we hope all of Malaysia will enjoy as much as we did in putting it together.”