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This campaign by a wealth management group encourages Aussies to rethink retirement

Australia — The wealth management group, Colonial First State (CFS), is encouraging Aussies to change their perception of retirement, turning it from a perceived ‘ending’ to an opportunity to unleash their ‘second half’. The company has collaborated with their newly appointed creative agency, It’s Friday, to deliver a new brand platform and TTL campaign entitled ‘Unleash Your Second Half’ surrounding this message.

The campaign focuses on asking pre-retirees an important and unexpected inquiry, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” It’s a question normally asked of the young but is given surprising new relevance when put to ambitious Australians about to embark on their second half. Each character we see in the TV spots has a vision for their future that will give them as much, if not more, purpose than their working life.

Todd Stevenson, chief customer officer at CFS, says that the new campaign created by It’s Friday recognises that, for many Australians, retirement isn’t what it used to be and when planned for, it can be an exciting new time of personal growth, achievement, and purpose.

“A time when people often have more freedom to pursue things that are meaningful to them, but not necessarily what they did in their first half. CFS wants to celebrate that and help Australians make it as great as it should be and recognise the important role that a financial adviser can play,” Stevenson said.

More recently, Australian pre-retirees are rejecting their established notion of retirement. Many are entering this new phase of life on their own terms, injecting it with new purpose and a desire for ongoing fulfilment and meaning. To them, retirement is the beginning of their second half.

Vince Lagana, chief creative officer of It’s Friday, added, “It’s exciting to take a category that often feels passive and cliché and inject new energy into it by flipping the traditional Message.”

He continued, “Some retirees may want to sail off into the sunset and take long walks on a beach, and all too often that’s how older people are depicted in advertising, but retirement doesn’t have to be that. It can be a chance to rediscover your youthful exuberance and try new things. Acknowledging this will be a breath of fresh air for many pre-retirees, while repositioning CFS as the brand dedicated to making it happen.”

Marketing Featured ANZ

Colonial First State taps It’s Friday to launch new brand platfom, first ad campaign

Australia — Creative agency It’s Friday has been appointed by Colonial First State (CFS) to deliver its new brand platform and first advertising campaign since becoming a standalone business in December last year. 

The appointment will see It’s Friday develop a new campaign and brand platform to leverage Colonial First State’s strengths as one of the established retail superannuation and investment businesses in Australia and prominent payer of pensions in Australia after the federal government.

The relationship has been forged as Colonial First State embarks on a new phase as a standalone business with around US$150b of funds under management following the Commonwealth Bank’s sale of a 55 per cent stake in the group to global investment firm KKR. 

Pete Bosilkovski, CEO and founder of It’s Friday, welcomed the opportunity to reengage Australians with one of Australia’s leading wealth management companies. 

“We are delighted to partner with Colonial First State. It’s a real privilege. Colonial First State is an iconic Australian brand that has helped more than three million Australians plan for their future and realise their retirement ambitions to date. The team have huge ambitions for growth, and we are excited by the opportunity to differentiate the brand by charging it with a new kind of energy in this category,” Bosilkovski said. 

Meanwhile, Todd Stevenson, chief customer officer of Colonial First State, said that they are investing more than US$430m into the business over the next four years. Stevenson added that the investment they are putting into their brand is another way CFS is working to power the growth of the almost one million members who trust them to help with their retirement savings and investments. 

“We want Australians to know that CFS and the financial advisers we work with can help them build their super savings and navigate the complexities of the retirement system and we’re absolutely delighted to be working with It’s Friday,” Stevenson said.

The appointments continues It’s Friday’s growth trajectory following the agency’s launch in January with founding client Domino’s, which was followed by the appointment of Cate Mathers as head of strategy.