Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSagar Paranjpe, previously head of brand, strategy, and creative at Malaysia Airlines, has been appointed as the new managing director of digital marketing agency Bonsey Jaden. Paranjpe made the announcement on his LinkedIn. 

After spending four years at Malaysia Airlines, Paranjpe steps down from his role “to achieve great things,” according to his LinkedIn post. 

Paranjpe started as the creative director for global at the airlines, then later on moved to becoming its head of strategy & creative before adding brand as part of his role. 

He brings with him extensive experience in advertising, having previously assumed creative head appointments at the Malaysian division of top agency networks Ogilvy, Grey Group, and JWT. 

Bonsey Jaden has been ramping up its leadership appointments with several new roles unveiled such as seasoned ad man Daniel Loo as its new regional executive creative director for Southeast Asia, and Marvin Duval, formerly of Digital APAC, as the new head of strategy. Recently, the agency has also appointed Sherwin Kukreja, formerly of Yoodo, to the position of head of social media.

Singapore – Digital brand agency Bonsey Jaden has welcomed Daniel Loo as its new regional executive creative director for Southeast Asia, and brings with him over twenty years of experience that followed the industry shift from traditional to digital media.

He has previously led creative teams in some of the top international advertising agencies in Malaysia including Ogilvy, McCann and Hakuhodo. A copywriter at his core, Loo has also acted as the regional head of copy at Grab—at a time when the company was changing rapidly—giving him a necessary cross-cultural perspective on what drives the coming waves of new businesses.

Speaking on his appointment, Loo said, “I was really drawn to Bonsey Jaden’s adaptable and very flexible culture because one thing I’ve learned over the past two decades is there are no clear-cut solutions, especially now; the digital space has expanded and changed so much.” 

He added, “I’ve always been interested in the way advertising evolves, so it’s been both fascinating and daunting to witness that change, but it’s also taught me that these so-called ‘soft skills’—being resilient, being curious, being able to wrap your head around the experiences of others—are objectively far more valuable than society would have us believe.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Posavac, co-founder and CEO at Bonsey Jaden, commented, “I consider us very fortunate to have connected with Daniel Loo at the right time. It’s not often you come across talent with such depth and breadth of experience, who also knows when and how to bend or break a rule if it’s just going to work. I feel that Daniel’s work speaks for itself, and we are excited about him joining our leadership team and heading up one of our largest teams in the business.”

Loo’s appointment follows the recent appointments at Bonsey Jaden, including Marvin Duval as new head of strategy and Sherwin Kukreja as new head of social media. Bonsey Jaden has primary investment from the CUE Group, and more recently the two companies have collaborated in launching a data-driven solution targeted at the retail industry.

Singapore – Bonsey Jaden, a digital marketing and advertising agency backed by digital technology group CUE, has appointed Marvin Duval, former strategy partner at Digital APAC, to be its new head of strategy.

In his new role, Duval will be helping ready the smaller teams at Bonsey Jaden for new competition, while restructuring for smoother, more efficient collaboration internally.

Duval assumes the role with well-rounded experience beginning in the mid-2000s, with the initial goal of leaning towards the more creative aspects of advertising. Having handled communications, media, and consultancy throughout his career, Duval recalls a distinct lack of precision and insight in the industry at large; as the decade closed, he saw greater promise in the world of digital media. His overall interest in history, geopolitics, and current events keeps him flexible in his current role.

Moreover, Duval’s career has taken him back and forth between Europe and Asia, and touched on several points of the overall campaign process. He has worked with brands from a wide spectrum of industries, including projects with Tommy Hilfiger, Nestle, and FrieslandCampina. Over the years, he has learned the value of making brands and his own team as close to future-proof as possible, always keeping an eye out for the changes in tech in relation to the work, and tailoring strategy accordingly.

Commenting on his appointment, Duval said, “I have found that [Bonsey Jaden’s] culture demonstrates the antithesis of that. Here, we seem to understand fully that while skills are assets, we can’t always depend on our strengths—understanding and acknowledging weaknesses in one another can spell the difference between a campaign that works and a campaign that changes minds.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Posavac, co-founder and group CEO at Bonsey Jaden, shared that bringing Duval into the team is a huge step forward for them, and he truly believes that the future of their company and the branding landscape as a whole lies with those who know the rules well enough to be able to bend them and break them.

“Head of Strategy is a pivotal role for us because it sits at the intersection of data, technology, and creativity – and with his life and business experience, Marvin is perfect for the role,” said Posavac.

Most recently, Bonsey Jaden has appointed Sherwin Kukreja, former head of social media at digital telco Yoodo, to be its new head of social media. This new role is Kukreja’s re-entry into the agency end of the digital marketing and branding world.

Singapore – Bonsey Jaden, a digital marketing and advertising agency backed by digital technology group CUE, has appointed Sherwin Kukreja, former head of social media at digital telco Yoodo, to be its new head of social media. This new role is Kukreja’s re-entry into the agency end of the digital marketing and branding world.

Kukreja comes into the role with more than enough to go on, having occupied the same position for Yoodo, under Celcom in Malaysia. He also runs on the principle that everything one experiences should inform the next thing. The said international experience includes his unorthodox start as a sound engineer in Melbourne and Dubai, before—in his own words—stumbling into advertising, and thereby finding his passion.

Moreover, Kukreja has had a hand in several campaigns and events, including the launch of the Samsung S9, the first-ever world event for BMW in Malaysia, and, true to his musical roots, Yoodo Presents: Punk Rock Picnic, which featured the biggest local punk rock bands.

Having handled clients from different industries—from food and beverage to tech — Kukreja still believes that his biggest accomplishments have been personal in nature. He noted, “I’ve built my management skills to the point where I can say that people are the most important part of any job and that the key to people—managing them or working with them, it hardly matters—is listening.” 

Bonsey Jaden said that the appointment of Kukreja aims to expand and strengthen the agency’s expertise and leadership team across the Asia Pacific region through continued investment in its talents.

Meanwhile, Daniel Posavac, Bonsey Jaden’s co-founder and CEO, commented that they are so excited to have Kukreja on board with them, giving them fresh leadership and experience in a key part of their business.

“We love the diversity of experiences and skillets from talent who don’t take the traditional pathway —not exactly studying advertising, but picking up principles and skills through the years. I personally believe that if you’ve got the passion for it, nothing will stand in the way of a successful career – and Sherwin is certainly a great example of that. This particular role is integral to driving excellent digital experiences for our client, with social media remaining a prime marketing channel, and Sherwin’s personal emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships reassures us that we’re headed in the right direction,” said Posavac.

Singapore – Digital brand agency Bonsey Jaden and tech firm CUE Group have introduced a data-drive solution which is primed for the retail industry that delivers a deeper understanding of consumer practices with real-time analytics, at all levels of operations and marketing.

RetailX, developed by CUE Group, is one of the latest solutions to be included as part of Bonsey Jaden’s 360 integrated approach to necessary digital transformation.

The partnership comes after the recent investment of CUE Group to Bonsey Jaden in September 2021, aiding to boost the digital development of enterprises, industries, and governments.

With existing methods of data monitoring, companies should be able to understand the flow of traffic in both their physical and online outlets, as well as identify unique patterns among their specific clientele. However, many ultimately fall short in implementation; although solutions similar to RetailX already exist for the benefit of face-to-face retail, the landscape of consumer behaviour is constantly shifting, highlighting the common fallacy that depending on artificial intelligence is the only way forward.

“In a similar vein, the greatest advantage with RetailX is achieved by giving equal importance to an expert team, and understanding that top-down data interpretation is possibly the most crucial step in not only sales advancement and improvements to customer experience, but also in business as an entire field—including marketing,” both companies said in a press statement.

RetailX acts as an enabler that gathers and analyses in-store traffic data to empower retailers with key insights to make smart business decisions, from the obvious to the out-of-sight—from identifying customer foot traffic both in and out of a brick-and-mortar to a full consumer profile, including but not limited to age, gender, and purchasing patterns. 

In addition, the data gathered through RetailX introduces a new perspective for store operation management, paving the way for a more targeted and personalised shopping experience, potentially accelerating sales growth.

Daniel Posavac, group CEO of Bonsey Jaden, said, “Since embarking on this new relationship with CUE Group, it has been exciting to explore how we can integrate their avant-garde technologies with our own unconventional ideas and applications. We look forward to bringing RetailX beyond the retail industry into other industries that could benefit from it, such as hospitality, health and fitness, food and beverage, and many more.”

He added, “The information we get in the end allows us to strategize more efficiently, for both online and offline consumers of all identities and personas—we can cover more ground while keeping it personal.”

Singapore – Digital marketing and advertising agency Bonsey Jaden has announced the promotion of Francois Filamor, former general manager for the Philippines, to be its group general manager. Through the new role, Filamor will aid the agency’s continued growth in its service lineup across Southeast Asia and Australia under its parent company Cue Group.

His 15 years in the industry have taken him from strength to strength, with his work encompassing major tech and finance brands such as Galderma, BPI, and Grab. Through the new endeavour, the role of general manager for the Philippines will be turned over to Kris Villongco.

Speaking on his promotion, he said, “[We’re all] excited—there is a lot of progress even beyond the seven markets that Bonsey Jaden is currently present in. We look forward to widening our footprint globally and furthering our strategy-driven talent on the international stage. And I personally look forward to scaling what we’ve accomplished in the Philippines in terms of client growth and retention, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction to drive success further across the region.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Posavac, founder and CEO at Bonsey Jaden, commented, “We are extremely happy to promote Francois into this new role as we move forward with offering new services on data, market analysis, and AI. He will be leading all of our general managers across the different markets and be a vanguard for our company’s growth.”

Singapore – With the global community growing more and more digital by the day, CUE Group, the digital technology group that boosts the digital development of enterprises, industries, and governments by using innovative technologies such as big data and AI, has announced an investment in digital brand agency Bonsey Jaden Group, further enhancing their expansion across Asia and the United States. 

Bonsey Jaden specializes in partnering with clients to develop world-class digital brand experiences with a focus on building #Powerbrands, having worked with global names such as Cetaphil, Microsoft, and Starbucks, as well as Singapore Tourism Board, and Facebook. It has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, as well as Vietnam, and Australia.

The partnership aims to open up opportunities to help brands reach new levels of success and profitability by combining the strategic, creative, and media expertise of Bonsey Jaden with CUE Group’s wealth of technological know-how enables stronger support and increased innovation for the brands.

Moreover, CUE Group will be taking its place as Bonsey Jaden’s majority shareholder while keeping the leadership and management structure of the agency unchanged, making it easier for both groups to become industry leaders in the rapidly progressing world of digital branding. 

Shi Kan, CUE Group’s CEO, commented, “This partnership is very exciting with opportunities appearing all over the world, this relationship will be mutually beneficial and will grow our portfolios in the digital technology realm together.” 

Meanwhile, Daniel Posavac, the group CEO of Bonsey Jaden, shared that the ambition and vision of CUE Group are both really exciting, and complement the roadmap they have been developing for Bonsey Jaden’s future.

“We look forward to working together with CUE Group to integrate our products and services, while further expanding our ability to add value to more clients and partners across a greater number of markets,” said Posavac.