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Azerion acquires programmatic agency Hybrid Theory to open new footprint in APAC

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Digital entertainment and media platform Azerion has acquired programmatic agency and trading desk Hybrid Theory, which specialises in mid and lower funnel campaigns.

The acquisition allows Azerion to open a new footprint for the company in the US, and the broader APAC market.

Hybrid Theory’s technology delivers a hybrid approach that connects data intelligence with human nuance, understanding, and creativity, to power smarter advertising across the full customer journey.

Through the acquisition, Azerion will integrate Hybrid Theory’s custom-built technology offering of solutions, hands-on support and independent managed execution. Hybrid Theory’s strength in data will allow Azerion to build and target detailed audience segments, proving effective for brands at acquiring new customers.

In addition, Azerion will strengthen its position in the UK, US, and the broader APAC market to deliver and work with their advertisers and publishers in collaborative and hybrid ways, bridging the gap between in-housing and outsourcing for brands and agencies. 

Umut Akpinaar, co-CEO of Azerion, said, “I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Hybrid Theory by Azerion. This acquisition will provide Azerion with enhanced skills and capabilities to manage advertiser campaign performance. We are confident that Hybrid Theory’s market-leading data capabilities will provide Azerion with the best-in-class technology to power better and smarter data-driven advertising potential to our advertisers and publishers.” 

He added, “As such, this acquisition is a perfect fit to our growing portfolio and we are excited to harness the power of data and create tailored ads to give our audiences the best experience on our platform.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Johnson, CEO of Hybrid Theory, said, “Joining the Azerion Group allows us to continue to deliver on our ambitions through far greater global scale and linkages between our technology and the Azerion platform. Hybrid Theory’s unique capabilities in data now have the addition of proprietary first party data at scale, which coupled with Azerion’s branding capabilities provide an unparalleled linkage with our performance heritage.” 

He added, “At the same time, Azerion’s culture is also a fantastic match of client-focused entrepreneurial thinking to deliver industry-leading results. We are thrilled to be joining the Azerion team.”

Azerion recently announced a tie-up with advertising platform Right Thing Media to allow advertisers to deliver campaigns with social impact messaging inside its portfolio of in-game advertising and high-impact inventory across APAC. 

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Azerion ties with Right Thing Media to offer social impact messaging within in-game advertising campaigns across APAC

Sydney, Australia – European-headquartered digital media, gaming, and entertainment company Azerion has partnered with advertising platform Right Thing Media to allow advertisers to deliver campaigns with social impact messaging inside its portfolio of in-game advertising and high-impact inventory across APAC. 

Under the partnership, Azerion and RT.M will enhance existing creative with social and environmental impact messaging and calls to action that inspire and engage audiences. They can work with any ad format, distributor, agency or media owner across web, mobile, and app campaigns. The two companies also manage the full creative and amplification process, from concept to completion: compiling post-performance data from ad distribution partners, and delivering funds to non-profit, charity, and social enterprise partners.

Moreover, the partnership enables advertisers to earmark an agreed percentage of their total campaign spend to be pledged to a nominated charity or nonprofit partner. It also produces an impact report that combines ad performance with impact insights and outlines how the campaign has made a tangible difference to society, whilst meeting the brand’s ad performance goals.

Gerson Barnett, executive director of Right Thing Media, commented, “We are thrilled to team up with Azerion in the Asia-Pacific region to drive change within the media industry and enable charities to elevate their profile. We’re all about action, and our partnership with Azerion will enable more brands to deliver effective high–social–impact campaigns to deliver a responsible media supply chain.”

Meanwhile, Georgia Woodburne, Azerion’s JAPAC managing director, said, “We have a platform that allows us to reach millions of users, serving quality creatives in environments where we already have secure heightened attention. We’re excited to be able to partner with Right Thing Media to use our platform for positive social impact, and to bring awareness to causes that really matter, for both consumers and brands.”

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Azerion’s proprietary SSP expands its presence in Australia, SEA

Singapore – European-headquartered digital media, gaming and entertainment company Azerion has announced the formal launch of its high-impact ad auction and gaming SSP ‘Azerion’s Improve Digital’ in Australia and Southeast Asia. This follows Azerion’s APAC launch in July this year.

The proprietary SSP enables publishers to sell digital ad inventory across their web, mobile and app-based properties, while allowing advertisers to deliver high-impact creative ads to consumers with a strong focus on brand and performance results.

In addition, it enables advertisers to reach highly engaged and diverse audiences across Azerion’s owned-and-operated web properties, as well as independent digital publishers. The company’s advertising auction platform provides media buyers with high-impact ad formats across publisher sites and game titles through standard display, native, skin and video ads.

As a full-featured SSP, it allows multiple ways of monetising publisher inventory including header bidding, programmatic guaranteed or via private marketplaces. The burgeoning in-game advertising also brings more choice and flexibility for sellers and buyers to connect directly and conduct ad transactions.

Elizabeth Grant, operations and commercial director for JAPAC at Azerion, said, “The cornerstone of Azerion’s advertising auction platform Improve Digital is that by merging in-game advertising with our high impact creative technology, we place attention, brand and performance at the centre of every marketing campaign.”

She also added that the Asia-Pacific market is yet to reach its full potential and presents an untapped opportunity for advertisers seeking to reach gaming audiences, which vary wildly in demographic and cultural background.

“The gaming audience is growing exponentially across mobile, casual and social formats and brands have a unique opportunity to take part in this growth. We expect advertisers to increasingly embark on the journey of deploying our gaming and technology expertise to connect with hard-to-reach audiences across web, mobile and app,” she added.