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Colenso BBDO serves up clients ‘restraining order’ as holiday gift

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Auckland, New Zealand – With Christmas fastly approaching these days, creative agency Colenso BBDO has launched its humorous take on thanking their clients they have worked with: by serving them up a complimentary bottle of wine, disguised as a ‘restraining order’.

The order, which lasts the entirety of the Christmas break, has been designed into the label of a bottle of wine. Each bottle comes packaged in a manila box and was ‘served’ to clients in person by Colenso’s newly minted legal person and front of house manager.

The ‘order’ also includes some witty remarks within the order, such as ‘contact via a third party will be deemed a breach of the order’ and ‘marketers tempted to send Colenso an urgent brief over the break risk being forced to agree to run the 90-second version of any TV ad’.

Simon Vicars, CCO at Colenso BBDO, said, “2021 has been a year where consumer confidence and spending plummeted, then skyrocketed, shoots were on, then off, then on again. The unpredictability of Covid combined with WFH, a global talent shortage and terrible hair has made the need for a proper summer break even more important. We’re excited to launch into 2022 with our fantastic clients. But first, a break.”

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