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65% of Singaporeans expect workplace will improve after COVID-19, says study

MARKETECH APAC | Aug 25, 2020-6

More than half of employees vouched for their companies' pandemic response as "above average."

Philippine-grown super-service app MyKuya unlocks critical job opportunities amid lockdown

Shaina Teope | Aug 13, 2020-6

Filipino super service app MyKuya has strongly asserted its value proposition more than ever during the pandemic, as they provide job opportunities for retrenched workers for various on-demand tasks on the app.

Malaysia-based cloud platform Enginemailer partners with MDEC to help digitize local SMEs

Shaina Teope | Aug 11, 2020-6

SMEs in Malaysia will be able to access Enginemailer's suite of email marketing services including database management, transactional email services, features that aid in customer engagement through entire email marketing and automation spectrum.

Arthur Ng joins industrial-focused ecommerce platform, Keepital, as Chief Commercial Officer

Jacob Corpuz | Jul 19, 2020-6

As the new CCO, Ng's position is vital in Keepital's current position to scale aggressively and reach out to help more SMEs in the region

Introducing CiaoChow, the first virtual gourmet food court in Malaysia

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 15, 2020-6

Tamarind Restaurants introduces CiaoChow, a new virtual gourmet food court platform in Malaysia that brings your favorite cuisine to your doorstep

Saphron launches first cybersecurity insurance for SMEs in the Philippines

MARKETECH APAC | Jul 14, 2020-6

The newest offering provides coverage and support for security and data breaches designed for SMEs.

IBM unveils ‘SkillsBuild Reignite’ for job seekers and business owners in India

MARKETECH APAC | Jun 25, 2020-6

It’s a ten-week SkillsBuild Innovation Camp for students, providing hands-on project experience and enhanced learning for increased employability.

SwitzGo enters food and groceries delivery business in Malaysia

MARKETECH APAC | Jun 18, 2020-6

The startup company introduces NanoSeptic technology to ensure safety and cleanliness, the first in food and groceries delivery in Malaysia.

How Malaysia’s retail and SME industries have changed due to COVID-19

MARKETECH APAC | Jun 9, 2020-6

Find out how Malaysia’s retail and SME industries are changed in Adqlo’s "Life After Covid-19—How The Retail Industry Is Forever Changed" report.

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