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Trapper partners with Ikano Insight to provide analytics-based ESG solutions

Malaysia Media services company Trapper has recently announced a strategic partnership with data and business intelligence agency Ikano Insight to launch consultancy and advanced analytics services for environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-centric transformation practices.

Trapper and Ikano Insight will be providing their expertise in machine learning and IoT learning, amongst others, for tracking and optimisation, big data analytics and visualisation, sustainability framework and measurement consultation, as well as internalisation and go-to-market strategies.

The partnership aims to enable and empower businesses to transform their sustainability practices to meet internal ESG targets in a transparent, accountable, and accurate way with the use of data.

This is in connection with independent audits stating that companies performing ESG practices obtain higher financial growth and optimisation, lower volatility, higher employee productivity, reduced regulatory and legal interventions, improved top-line growth, and ultimately, reduced costs.

Whilst ESG is becoming a trend among businesses and investors, Trapper Group CEO Sue-Anne Lim says that many companies do not realise that they are ‘greenwashing’. She further explains, “Many companies are marketing themselves as ESG practitioners because of oncoming financial pressures. However, in their haste to go to market with ESG messaging, brands do not realise that they are greenwashing and we’ve seen public backlash from well-intentioned campaigns.”

On partnering with Ikano Insight, Lim said, “Ikano Insight specialises in advanced retail and sustainability analytics, supporting businesses such as IKEA for over 10 years. They are the perfect partner because data-first sustainability practices are in the DNA of the Ikano Group. Their expertise in operational transformation using data insights is second to none.”

ST Chua, Ikano Insight’s regional director of Southeast Asia, said, “There are two parts to a successful ESG plan — one is having the right goals and measurement, and the other is a strong change management plan.”

“Ikano Insight harnesses data, technology and advanced analytics to define, measure, visualise and deliver actionable insights for businesses to know how every part of the business is doing against its target. We see Trapper as a complementary partner to offer a holistic change management plan for clients,” Chua added.

Trapper has also previously partnered with satellite communication services premium supplier MEASAT for the latter’s prepaid WiFi satellite broadband service CONNECTme NOW.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

MEASAT’s latest Raya film spotlights ‘togetherness’ amidst distance

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As part of MEASAT’s Raya campaign this year, the Malaysian communications satellite operator has launched a heart-warming short film to inform Malaysians that closeness with their loved ones does not end when they leave their hometown after the festive season.

The short film, which was jointly developed by media agency Trapper and advertising agency YourMaker, highlights MEASAT’s wifi hotspot service CONNECTme, which offers 100Mbps high-speed broadband with the upcoming new MEASAT-3d satellite, allowing Malaysians nationwide to continuously keep close proximity with their loved ones even at the remotest places.

Titled ‘Nenek Di Mana-Mana’, which in English translates to ‘Grandma is everywhere’, tells the story of Ida and her close relationship with her grandmother. It also shines a light on one undisputed, universal truth – that no matter the distance, our loved ones can always be right next to us with MEASAT’s CONNECTme.

Yau Chyong Lim, MEASAT’s COO, said, “The Nenek Di Mana-mana short film created together with Trapper and YourMaker delivers impactful imagery and a progressive outlook that continues to propel MEASAT forward as a brand committed to connecting the ‘unconnected’.”

Meanwhile, Sue-Anne Lim, Trapper’s CEO, shared that CONNECTme is currently the only prepaid solution for Malaysians to continuously be connected to one another regardless of where they are in the entire country.

“That is what makes this Raya film so special and why it’s important to ensure we send this message to all the right people at the right places, at the right time. MEASAT does not only have a commercial value here but a very strong social mission,” said Lim.

Lee Tak Shune, YourMaker’s co-founder, noted that it was a real challenge to highlight the bond between Ida and her grandmother – especially when they are trying to tell two different stories in the same frame.

“For us, authenticity is of utmost importance to ensure the film also resonates well with our East Malaysian audience. The film was shot in Sabah with all local talents, right down to the chickens! We’re mindful that CONNECTme has a strong consumer heartland in East Malaysia,” said Shune.

The campaign is now live on national TV, radio, and digital platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

MEASAT taps Trapper to handle integrated media of consumer brand CONNECTme NOW

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The satellite communication services premium supplier, MEASAT, has appointed media agency Trapper to be its new integrated marketing agency on record for their first consumer brand, CONNECTme NOW.

CONNECTme NOW is Malaysia’s premier prepaid WiFi satellite broadband service, which connects all corners of the nation as part of MEASAT’s national commitment to support end-to-end digital growth.

The partnership will see Trapper handling CONNECTme NOW’s integrated marketing communications, including brand and creative services, digital, and social, as well as media solutions, and PR management.

Kenneth Wong, Trapper Interactive’s CEO, noted that consumer journeys have continuously evolved and require brands to become more interesting and engaging. 

“With a brand like CONNECTme NOW, they hope to continuously drive meaningful and accountable experiences that connect audiences in new ways,” said Wong.

Meanwhile, Sue-Anne Lim, the CEO of Trapper, thanked the team and partners who did an amazing job in ensuring they give their all support to MEASAT. 

“Our ambition for the brand was to ‘leave no place unconnected’. We showcased the most effective way to spark change and the most efficient way to keep an always-on presence among these unconnected communities to encourage adoption. We are extremely grateful for this trust and we look forward to growing with CONNECTme NOW,” said Lim.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Trapper names Erwin Goh as new GM to media arm SEED

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Media agency Trapper Group has appointed Erwin Goh, former business director at dentsu X, to assume the role of general manager for its media brand arm, SEED.

SEED, which was previously known as a content-centric company, is now a full-service agency that offers integrated thinking and media solutions to its clients. It will be a creative-led media agency, closely working with clients and agency partners to deliver business results on campaigns. 

With the appointment, Goh will be focusing on building a team to grow SEED’s clients’ business. He will also be developing digital-ready marketing and media solutions that will solve clients’ business challenges and impact revenue. This is in line with its sister brand, Trapper’s DNA of being ‘The Growth Engineers’.

Prior to joining Trapper’s SEED, Goh had more than 14 years of experience in the industry across integrated media solutions for various local, regional, and global clients. He has previously worked with brands such as AirAsia, Honda, and Heineken, as well as The Walt Disney Studios, among others.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the growth team in Trapper Group, to propel client’s business despite these trying times. We need to constantly challenge the status quo, quickly adapt and be on the lookout for new opportunities. I’m more than honored to help build SEED’s capability to be the new market challenger,” said Goh.

Meanwhile, Sue-Anne Lim, the CEO of Trapper, commented that Goh comes with a proven track record in developing client and inter-agency partner relationships, as well as growing brands and businesses.

“We are very excited to reintroduce SEED to the market as a creative-led media agency. Pandemic or not, we are constantly looking for ‘sprinters’ who are helpful, humble, and hungry. Erwin will add substantial value to SEED and steer the brand towards greater revenue share, alongside Trapper,” she said.

Trapper’s Chairman and Co-founder Sivanathan Krishnan said that hiring Goh fits exactly into the group’s future-forward goal as he has the right professional attributes in operations, communication, business experience, and leadership abilities to successfully execute on the SEED’s strategy and deliver financial performance.

“SEED is a young communications agency within the group, founded with very high ambitions. Its strength lies in the fact that it is a challenger brand with deep digital expertise that is focused on delivering value for clients. It will not be handcuffed to tried and tested methods, instead employ an innovative and experimental approach to solving problems,” said Krishnan.

Earlier this year, Trapper unveiled a company-wide brand transformation, which is the first time ever since its founding in 2001. This move marks 2021 as the group’s important 20th-year milestone.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Trapper to take charge of Spritzer Malaysia’s integrated media business

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Natural bottled water brand, Spritzer, has appointed Trapper as its media partner, effective this month. The agency will be responsible for integrated media duties for all Spritzer brands.  

Spritzer said in a press statement that it looks to strengthen its market leadership and drive exciting new segments for business growth. Spritzer brands include Spritzer Natural Mineral Water, Spritzer Tinge, Spritzer So Tinge!, Spritzer Sparkling, and Acilis by Spritzer. 

Elaine Ho, Spritzer’s group marketing manager, shared that the partnership aims to double down on brand awareness as well as top-of mind recall among Malaysians.

“We are excited to kick-start our journey with Trapper to innovate our media strategies. We hope to reach our customers at the right touch points and connect with them meaningfully through a precise understanding of their journey. We look forward to a great partnership with Trapper, working together to elevate our brands,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of Trapper Sue-Anne Lim, commented, “Sharp targeting means maximizing channel potential and using meaningful data to help drive both retail and e-commerce sales, which is critical to Spritzer’s strategy. We are well-prepared to be agile and responsive to sudden market changes.”

Chief Executive of Trapper Interactive, Trapper Media Group’s digital marketing division, Kenneth Wong added, “We believe that we are well-positioned to unleash Spritzer’s untapped potential as it seeks to bring 100% natural rainforest water to all Malaysian homes”.