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Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana gets energised in this latest ad for Maxirich

Mumbai, India – Maxirich, the multivitamin supplement brand of Cipla Health, has tapped Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana in its latest campaign to promote Maxirich Gold, an advanced daily multivitamin supplement that provides max energy and max immunity.

Conceptualised alongside Taproot Dentsu, the ad campaign aims to create awareness pertaining to the importance of the consumption of multivitamin supplements in one’s day-to-day life. In addition, the ad is adrenaline-packed with high impact energy shots that showcase the brand’s promise of max energy through engaging storytelling.

Commenting on the new ad, Shivam Puri, CEO at Cipla Health said, “With Ayushmann, we have found the perfect fit for the brand as he exudes the qualities that the brand intends to deliver to our consumers. Through this commercial, our endeavour is to increase the adoption of multivitamins among the masses and make it a part of their daily diet. Maxirich Gold promises max energy & max immunity so that we are all ready for every challenge in life.”

Meanwhile, Abhishek Deshwal, executive creative director at Taproot Dentsu commented, “The energy demonstrated by Ayushmann Khurrana in the campaign feels truly infectious and aptly demonstrates how the world can be a better place when you are full of energy and noble intentions.”

The ad has been launched across TV, digital, cinemas and social media platforms.

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Top Stories for April: New payment feature in SG nabs top spot

This April, we have a new payments feature, a fresh creative leadership as well as an empowering campaign on gender inclusivity coming out as our top stories.

For the first time, a story from New Zealand enters the list – a web code developed by a telco and shared through a moving creative campaign. 

A rewards and discovery platform in Singapore has also launched a new payment feature that offers something new through its fresh payment process. 

Meanwhile, the Indian arm of a global communications network has named a new creative leader.

Top 3: Spark to make the internet more inclusive with launch of web code campaign

Spark releases new web code to urge all websites to ‘see all genders’

To kick off this month’s Top Stories is a unique proposition to ‘see all genders’ online: a web code released by New Zealand telco Spark, with creative campaign done by Colenso BBDO. 

With our society being more open and inclusive, there is stronger call for every part of our daily lives to align with this inclusivity. One of those areas is the gender selection on forms online, where traditionally, they are fixated on the choices of male and female. 

Speaking about the campaign, Frith Wilson-Hughes, brand lead partner at Spark New Zealand, said that their campaign direction has been inspired by their company’s motive to use data in a much more healthy way, which will benefit New Zealanders in general, including promoting diversity and inclusion.

“It does seem to be like a simple thing, but one of the things that we have made clear on our [campaign] site is that it’s not just about changing the code, it’s about looking at how you treat people with different genders holistically,” she said.

She also noted that their campaign site featured resources that companies and organisations can use to integrate the code into their website. This is aimed at educating them on the importance of diversity and inclusion and not overwhelming them.

Top 2: dentsu India names new creative leaders for Isobar and Taproot Dentsu

Dentsu India unveils two new appointments in creative leadership

Coming out on our top stories is the fresh appointment of Aalap Desai and Titus Upputuru as its new chief creative officer and national creative director respectively for Taproot Dentsu. Desai, who will carry the role for both Taproot Dentsu and Isobar, sat down with MARKETECH APAC and shared what he thinks has been the biggest change in brands over the pandemic. 

Without a doubt, Desai said it’s them going digital. 

“In the past 2 years, I think COVID has expedited the interaction element in every brand. Because everyone is at home, we had to shift to digital, and that’s the biggest change in the brand narrative that I’ve seen,” said Desai. 

He shared that the good thing is, over at dentsu, ‘digital’ has been an ongoing conversation. Brands are now more open to exploring, however, Desai points that their understanding can be limited. 

“We’ve also started upselling things, and brands have also started buying them. For example, [something] like a legacy Indian brand getting into a metaverse conversation,” he shared. 

Top 1: ShopBack launches new ShopBack Pay

ShopBack unveils new payment feature in Singapore

Landing on the Top 1 is the recent launch of ShopBack’s cashless payment feature Shopback Pay, which at its core, eliminates the process of topping up funds, instead enables to directly pay in the ShopBack app with only the linked payment method.

In an interview with Julian Foo, head of payments at ShopBack, he shared that the main idea behind Shopback Pay is primarily overcoming the adversities that consumers and merchants faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I think in terms of what we saw, in our user base and surveys, it was that consumers actually had quite a fair bit of cashback, right, in the shop bank account. On average, we see about like, $200 worth of cash in every customer’s account, which is actually not doing anything at this point in time. So then we ask ourselves, hey, what can we do to help the users actually use their cashback? And for us, it was quite simple. What if we developed a payment method that allowed users to burn the cashback that they had earned online,” Foo said.

He added, “With this product innovation, I think it really allowed users to see an additional use case of earning cashback on shopping, where they can now use their cashback to burn at the merchants.”

Foo also shared that their primary goal has always been making the consumer experience convenient and rewarding.

Watch our exclusive interviews with the brands themselves on the latest episode of MARKETECH APAC Top Stories, now live on our YouTube channel.

Rankings are based on Google Analytics from the period of 16 March to 15 April.

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Taproot Dentsu unveils new campaign for Urban Company

India Taproot Dentsu, a dentsuMB Company & the creative agency from dentsu India, has launched its new campaign for Urban Company that aims to highlight its latest air-condition (AC) servicing techniques. 

The campaign raises awareness of a new-age AC service technique that provides unique ‘foam jet technology’ to clean air conditioners twice as well as routine servicing. This cutting-edge approach of air conditioning maintenance restores ACs to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost. Thus, this summer, it has decided to give air conditioners a fresh lease with its unique foam jet technology.

Additionally, the film’s slice-of-life storytelling approach intends to call into question the long-standing practice of relying on the local technician and encourage consumers to instead choose Urban Company AC service.

Abhishek Deshwal, executive creative director of Taproot Dentsu, shared, “The idea revolves around an unassuming consumer’s desire for better cooling that is up against the apathy of a wisecracking local technician. Through multiple videos, we show the technician’s scepticism being countered by the superior features of the Urban Company service. A nuanced and understated tone of humour adds to the charm for each of the spots.”

Hitanshu Monga, director of growth & marketing at Urban Company, commented, “We, at Urban Company, are committed to leveraging innovation and technology for delivering exceptional customer experience. The problem that most consumers face with their air conditioners is the deteriorating cooling quality year after year despite regular servicing. This happens primarily because of the accumulation of dust inside the AC, which interferes with its capacity to cool effectively.”

He added, Urban Company’s unique foam jet AC service attacks the problem of accumulated dust in a twofold manner. Our two-step process of foam application and high-intensity water spray with power jet ensures 2X dust removal and leads to enhanced cooling, making your AC work as good as a new one. Our expert technicians are equipped with the right consumables, equipment and training to ensure that millions of ACs work as good as new this summer.”

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Ethnic wear brand Tasva’s new campaign urges Indian men to show their ‘best of self’

India – Tasva, Indian men’s ethnic wear brand by conglomerate firm Aditya Birla Group and Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani, has launched a new campaign, aimed at encouraging men to express themselves in their true spirit, especially during their special day – their wedding. 

The campaign, which was created in collaboration with creative agency Taproot Dentsu, challenges the social code of conduct prescribed for the groom at weddings, showcasing the typical ways a groom must behave in a function such as posing for photos, standing upright and looking like a royal mannequin, being traditional in greeting his elders, and dressing a certain way that may not suit his personality.

Titled ‘Sada Mast Raho’, the film features a groom dressed up in a Tasva outfit, watching his bride perplexed and guests getting bored. Thereafter, he takes the wedding by storm by dancing and singing, discarding serious codes and rituals that surround an Indian wedding.

Tahiliani said, “The spirit of our brand, ‘the best of self’, cannot be expressed in jaded, forced portraits but must be expressed in the current possibilities – of movement, freedom, and self-expression. The film captures this in the digital age.”

Meanwhile, Titus Upputuru, Taproot Dentsu’s creative head for Gurgaon, shared that they wanted to change the conversation because the young men who have marriage on their minds aren’t suddenly turning into these very serious men. 

“It is their big day and they still want to have a good time. That’s why we wrote ‘Sada Mast Raho’. It was wonderful to partner Tarun Tahiliani. I love his sensibilities and the finesse that he has brought into the garment is pure genius,” said Upputuru.

Abhinav Kaushik, Taproot Dentsu’s head for Gurgaon, said, “With Tasva, we aim to widen their range of choices and encourage that natural self-expression and exuberance even in Indian wear. This campaign is an absolutely refreshing way to break the seriousness that comes with ethnic wear.”

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Shell Advanced honors drive and passion of ‘Shell Ustaads’ in newest campaign

New Delhi, India – Shell Lubricants, the oil product line of oil company Shell, has released a new campaign for its Shell Advanced product in India, honoring the drive and passion of so-called ‘Shell Ustaads’, or Shell-recognized new-age Indian mechanics.

Titled ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’, the campaign is narrated and endorsed by celebrity and biking enthusiast Rannvijay Singh wherein he narrates the stories of two successful mechanics who have dared to dream big and achieve significant milestones in their professional journeys. 

First one is Mandeep Singh from Punjab, where he trained more than 128 fellow workers and helped them find a decent livelihood as a way to solve youth unemployment in Punjab. Meanwhile, S.Mohan Raj from Chennai is also recognized, being given the nickname of ‘Doctor Of Bikes’, inspired by his childhood dream of being a doctor, and due to his surgical precision as a mechanic.

For Raman Ojha, country head at Shell Lubricants India, the campaign is not about the brand rather, a celebration of the spirit of thousands of the ‘Ustaads’ who relentlessly work since not only they are immensely talented, but their deep knowledge of the trade is also key to their expertise in knowing these complicated machines.

“We all have dreams, aspirations and oftentimes in life, simply need that little support that enables us to move higher and onwards. In their journey where they are driven by pure passion for bikes and their dreams to grow bigger, here is our attempt at doing our small bit in supporting our ‘Ustaads’ and ‘Bike Doctors’ to move closer to achieving their dreams of setting up bigger and more equipped workshops, mobility vehicles, providing employment support, trainings, and much more,” Ojha said.

Meanwhile, for Titus Upputuru, creative head at Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon, they hope that the campaign will help Shell Advance connect with the mechanics in deep emotional ways, as they recognize the long hours of labor, through grime, oil, and sweat from working under the sun.

(Left to Right) Raman Ojha, country head at Shell Lubricants India; Titus Upputuru, creative head at Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon; and Abhinav Kaushik, executive vice president at Taproot Dentsu

“When we started thinking about the direction we wanted Shell to take, we were clear that we didn’t want to show the mirror to the mechanics. We decided to show the shine in the sweat. Because, unlike earlier times, when people spent a lifetime to reach their goals, the current sentiment is to do a catapult to success,” Upputaru stated.

Abhinav Kaushik, executive vice president at Taproot Dentsu commented, “Brands transcend from being transactional to emotional and inspiring only when they create that deep-rooted and inseparable bond with their customers and stakeholders. 

He added, “This campaign of Shell is not a campaign but a showcase of that bond between Shell and the whole community of mechanics who are intertwined with the brand. ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ is all about the recognition, care, relationship, love and being a part of the holistic progress that impacts every sphere of a mechanic’s life.”

The campaign will be backed by engaging digital video content and influencer campaign for awareness build-up and engagement followed by experiential activation to connect with the mechanics.