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Lion & Lion rebranded as Lion & Lioness for entire duration of Women’s Month

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – With its commitment to promoting gender equity, digital-first agency Lion & Lion has rebranded itself to be called ‘Lion & Lioness’ for the entire duration of international women’s month. This is to celebrate the said designated period of honouring women, with the brief name change also coming with an empowering tagline, ‘Roaring for Equity’; and a new logo to boot showing a lion and lioness.

With a team that is currently consisting of 60% female, Lion & Lion emphasised that the agency is taking meaningful steps to establish a network that values and recognises the contributions of its female staff whilst creating a more effective team that can better serve the clients.

Some of these efforts include introducing two initiatives for the support of female employees such as creating a ‘priority room’ in the Kuala Lumpur office to give a comfortable space for upcoming mothers who need a private area to breastfeed or rest and an alarm keychain that can be used in times of danger.

This Women’s Month, Lion & Lion also gives a spotlight to its female leaders or ‘lioness’ from the different departments of people & culture (HR), traffic, media planning, and in-house marketing & communication team who play significant roles in operating internal processes and client servicing. 

These female executives include regional head of people & culture Mawar Mustaffa; client services manager Julia Michelle Boudville; media lead Rafeah Siron; and senior marketing manager Menuka Vejasegaran.

The special rebranding comes with an on-ground celebration at the Kuala Lumpur office on 8 March where all employees, regardless of gender, can enjoy the team building and engaging activities.

As an agency that aims integrate data and creativity, Lion & Lion continues to drive efforts in providing impactful solutions for clients. Earlier this year, it expanded its offerings by launching a film production studio to connect its integrated creative, social, and digital experience solutions.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Now We Collide rebrands digital employee experience company Azuronaut to Cocentric

Sydney, Australia – Independent creative agency Now We Collide launched a new campaign unveiling digital employee experience company Azuronaut’s new name, Cocentric.

The rebranded Cocentric aims to improve the digital employee experience in order to ‘bring people and tech together to unite and connect the workplace’. It is also set to launch today across the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand with a redesigned website, and digital and social media presence.

Global brands like Kerry Group, Populous, Pladis (McVitie’s, Godiva), and The White Company have already partnered with Cocentric to improve their employee communication and collaboration strategies.

In its rebranding efforts with Cocentric, Now We Collide overhauled the company identity by creating a new company wordmark, which is a play on the words collaborate, communicate, and centric.

The agency also created a new logo, style guide, and brand strategy for the company. It also refined and defined Cocentric’s core company values, mission, vision and purpose.

“Our approach to the digital employee experience is unique and our rebrand as Cocentric reflects this, clearly differentiating us from the competition. The rebrand has already been embraced by our employees and stakeholders and we’re excited to see it go live,” said Regan Collins, Cocentric’s founder and CEO.

Cocentric COO Brett Secole also comments, “Our business had evolved hugely over the last few years and the relaunch as Cocentric represents an expression of our huge growth, providing our clients, employees and wider stakeholders real clarity on our strategy moving forwards.”

On collaborating with Now We Collide for the rebranding, Rhea Hokayem-Conway, head of marketing at Cocentric said, “We reviewed a number of proposals as part of the pitch process and Now We Collide immediately stood out due to the calibre of their work, their insights led strategy and their understanding of the challenges we faced.”

She added, “Everything was very collaborative from the outset, this has enabled us to get the very best out of the partnership with them, and we’re looking forward to working closely with them in future as we continue to roll out marketing plans”

Keir Maher, CEO and managing partner at Now We Collide also said, “Cocentric is a dynamic company on the move, with a market-leading mindset and that sits perfectly with our approach. As a team we were totally aligned from day one on the challenges and where we needed to get to. It’s always a great experience to work with businesses with similar values on collaboration, embracing change, challenging conformity and our ambitions for the future. The result speaks for itself with a much clearer brand look, feel and sound.”

Kurt Toohey, creative director at Now We Collide explained, “The visual identity and brand framework firmly sets Cocentric apart in their category and gives the team a solid foundation to build on as the brand continues to evolve. Along with a new name, we developed a simple, yet strong wordmark, brand symbol, refreshed colour palette and layout system.”

Toohey added, “Animated versions of the brand symbol and wordmark were also created, with the symbol variations subtly alluding to the brands purpose to ‘unlock the best in people’, with the silhouette of a lock forming before transforming into the open ‘C’ shape.”

Prior to the collaboration with Cocentric, Now We Collide was also tapped by digital transformation firm TMX to manage its brand strategy.

Marketing Featured Global

Job search portal rebrands as foundit

Singapore – Global job search portal,, has transformed into an end-to-end talent platform, and will now be known as ‘foundit’ with a new logo and vision, ushering in a new revolution in the job market. 

Synonymous with recruitment, foundit has been serving more than 70 million job seekers and 10,000 customers spread across 18 countries. As the company now transforms itself into a full-fledged talent platform, it will offer comprehensive solutions to recruiters and highly personalised and contextual services to job seekers across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It will also be equipped with deep tech capabilities to offer personalised recommendations and an intuitive, mobile-first UI that will bring efficiencies in recruitment.

Moreover, foundit is placing a renewed focus on the users of the platform to bring forward an enhanced career experience. One of the key features that job seekers can look forward to is personalised job discovery. With foundit’s customised search results feature, candidates will be able to receive results and recommendations that are curated to their educational background, employment experience, and validated skills. Other features include a community-lead mentorship marketplace, skills validation through assessments, mobile-first UI, personalised recommendations, and self-enhancement tools like upskilling courses.

On the other hand, recruiters will be offered the richest data set for each candidate along with insights and analytics that will make the process efficient, as well as customised for each role’s requirements. The new interface and features also allow for seamless and smart interaction between recruiters and candidates.

Speaking at the new brand unveiling event, Sekhar Garisa, CEO of foundit, noted that they have been privileged to witness the talent acquisition landscape evolve over the last three decades, giving them an unparalleled depth of insights into recruitment. 

“The platform of the future needs to cater to a highly dynamic job market, skill-based hiring & changing expectations from career. We are excited to unveil a new direction for Monster from simply facilitating job and candidate discovery to enabling significantly better talent management outcomes,” said Garisa.

Meanwhile, Ajit Isaac, founder and non-executive chairman of Quess Corp and foundit, shared that over the last 15 years, Quess has always been known for its service-led offerings that have won the confidence of its associates and customers alike, and as an institution, steadfast on their commitment to formalise jobs, they have been focusing on building a product-led portfolio that can help democratise access to formal employment across white, blue, and grey collar workers. 

“We acquired Monster APAC & ME with a vision to transform white-collar talent acquisition. Over the last couple of years, organisations experienced everything from the Great Resignation and the Great Regret leading to mass hiring at an unprecedented pace. But now as the market settles, hiring is going to be a lot sharper, focused and skill-based. Such precision can only be achieved through the combination of human ingenuity and technology, and this is what we have to offer our recruiters and job seekers through foundit,” said Isaac.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Indonesian corporate startup Sampingan rebrands as Staffinc

Jakarta, Indonesia – Local digital staffing solution startup Sampingan has announced its rebranding effort as Staffinc, marking a milestone in the company’s business development since first established in 2018.

Staffinc derives from the word staffing, which defines the process of assigning workers according to their specialties. It also represents the digitalized workforce solution that has become Sampingan’s field of expertise.

Wisnu Nugrahadi, CEO and co-founder of Staffinc, said, “Staffinc is expected to show our business identity in the first reading. The new naming retains the previous branding elements, such as logos and colours, to ensure the values embedded in the establishment of Sampingan are still present in Staffinc.”

The name change also applied to the company’s several owned application names. Sampingan’s job-seeking mobile application becomes Staffinc Jobs. Kerjaan, an all-in-one application for workers to report, fulfill assignments, and manage salary, becomes Staffinc Work. 

Staffinc has also strengthened its business line in the digital HR platform specifically for field workers under the name Staffinc Suite. As the HR needs of office workers and field workers differ, Staffinc Suite is designed to provide transparency and flexibility in recruiting a high-volume workforce rapidly, ensure the accuracy of the attendance process, and speed up the payroll process through an automated system.

Dimas Pramudya, chief product officer and co-founder at Staffinc, said, “Over time, we saw a need in the market to provide a separate management platform for field workers. We realize that not many HR platforms are designed to manage the overall operational activities of a large-scale workforce. We seize the opportunity to help companies requiring automated workforce management by strengthening the HR system business line with Staffinc Suite.”

Meanwhile, Margana Mohamad, chief commercial officer and co-founder at Staffinc, commented, “So far, Sampingan has partnered with more than 1 million workers and helped 150 companies with their workforce activities. And with Staffinc, we will open the next chapter by providing innovative products and services to overcome employment challenges faced by various industries. On the other hand, have a positive impact on job seekers in Indonesia by providing them equal access to jobs, following our initial vision and mission.”

Main Feature Marketing APAC

Top Story: 8traordinary steers the digital wheel of Shangri-La’s rebranded loyalty programme

As travel is fast coming back to its feet, Shangri-La, the global hospitality brand, meets this rebound halfway, amplifying its loyalty programme to now be called the new Shangri-La Circle

With an incredible feat to rebrand both the creative and the marketing of the programme, the hospitality company rightly tapped its agency partners to fuse creative and intelligent hands and bring this transformation to the table. For the programme’s digital marketing and communications, digital creative agency 8traordinary was brought on board to steer the wheel. 

Watch the full interview with 8traordinary’s Jeffrey Lim.

The remit of the agency comes out as our top story for the month of July. To further learn about the behind-the-scenes and the craftiness put into the digital campaign, we conversed with Jeffrey Lim, 8traordinary’s founder and managing director

The agency’s scope included creative content planning, social media strategy, influencer marketing, and community management. 

Influencer marketing had been a huge part of the campaign and to make this happen, the agency roped in influencers around the region such as Nathan Hartono, Lennard Yeong, Erwan Heussaff, Zahra Lari, Goh Jin Wei, and more than 150 other key opinion leaders across different countries to spread the news about the launch. 

On the criteria they used in selecting which KOLs, Jeffrey shared that they try not to focus too much on the usual metrics which are an influencer’s follower count and number of likes as these are quite achievable through paid media. What they looked into instead is the individual’s ‘authenticity’ and the motivation behind why people are looking up to the personality.

One of [our] key criteria, when we worked with Shangri-La Circle, is we want to look for [a] personality or [an] individual who is authentic, and we want to look at how can they use their passion and their authenticity to influence

Jeffrey Lim, Founder, Managing Director, 8traordinary

In line with Shangri-La’s main message of ‘Live the good life’, he also shared that they looked into tapping as much as a diverse group of influencers and not limit to the popular macro influencers, as ‘living a good life’ can mean differently for each person. 

“We want to showcase to the world that whoever you are and wherever you are…there’s a specific ‘good life’ that we at Shangri-La can present to you in its own unique way,” said Jeffrey.

The full conversation with Jefferey is now live on MARKETECH APAC’s YouTube and Spotify. In the interview, Jeffrey shared more about the challenges that came with developing the campaign as well as his expert insights into how brands can stand out in a period where there is overflowing content presented to consumers.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Yummy United’s new ‘board of directors’ to be composed of kids in latest rebrand effort

Singapore – Global food company Yummy United has announced a recruitment campaign to form its ‘board of directors’ that is composed of kids. This is in line with the food company’s rebrand effort for their cheese curd bar product Lakto in Singapore.

As a brand built for children, and now, by children, this marks the first of such recruitment for Yummy United in Asia, following previously successful iterations of the campaign launched in both Italy and Russia, since 2019. 

Through the campaign, selected individuals around 8 to 12 years old will go through 2 workshops worth S$1300 to learn business skills from real corporate trainers, applying their knowledge in the rebranding of Lakto as part of Yummy United’s offering, happening in March 2023.

Amongst these applicants, thirty to forty students will be selected for a closed door interview at Hustle — a Singapore-based side-hustle marketplace that consolidates services of local hustlers while offering skills-based workshops — before a final group of twenty students are selected to go for the programme.

The Italian “Board of Directors” who auditioned and took charge of the launch of the new line of products

Serene Lu, managing director for Asia-Pacific at Food Union, said, “It’s a common adage that children are our future, but more can be done to help them grow and hone their skills in a safe space. At Yummy United, we’re always looking for fresh opportunities to help curious minds learn professional theoretical concepts, supporting them to birth their creative ideas and into actual products that will be produced and sold.”

Successful students can expect to go through an immersive and educational training programme in August designed by Hustle, that engages the modern workforce and the curious with hands-on workshops for learning and upskilling. All trainers are qualified industry experts, so all students, young and old, will be in good hands! 

Of the twenty, four will be selected to make up the “Board of Directors”, consisting of a Finance Director, Creative Director, Public Relations Director, and a Marketing Director. With these roles, the board will be given the chance to take on interviews, design product packaging, calculate and forecast costs, and even curate social media content on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages. As a team, they will conceptualise and rebrand Food Union’s Lakto dairy product line, as part of Yummy United’s latest offering.

Students can get to learn new business concepts as well as hone their leadership skills from experienced veterans in various industries, such as Jeremy Foo, founder of Elliot & Co and Koh Cheng Guan, marketing director of WPR Asia.

“As a father myself, I am thrilled to be part of this innovative initiative to contribute to the development of our next generation of talents. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for them to experience work in the real world, and understand what some of their parents do. I believe this programme has been thoughtfully designed to engage the children in their learning and growth,” Foo said.

Marketing Featured Global

Global pharma firm GSK undergoes rebrand via Wolff Olins

London, United Kingdom – Global pharmaceutical company GSK has unveiled an updated brand identity that symbolises how through the unity of science, technology and talent, people can all work together to get ahead of disease. This new identity was redesigned by brand consultancy Wolff Olins, which helped update the brand to reflect GSK’s new purpose, ambition, strategy, and culture.

Inspired by the striking imagery found in biosciences, the new identity, which retains the GSK name and its well-known orange logo, features numerous curved forms that evoke the highly adaptable nature of the human immune system, acting as a reminder of the constant need to evolve and adapt. Housed in a redesigned shape known as the ‘signal’, the new GSK logo always points the way ahead. The identity system flexes, adapts, and moves to engage audiences across all the digital, social and physical environments that the brand will appear in. 

Moreover, the brand new identity showcases the diversity of GSK’s people and partners, representing talent from across its influential worldwide network of GSK people, suppliers and innovative partners.

GSK said that this move follows its new Ahead Together purpose and growth ambitions, as well as the proposed demerger this year, which will see GSK become a company 100% focused on biopharma innovation, while its consumer business, Haleon, will start life as an independent leader in consumer healthcare.

Emma Walmsley, GSK’s CEO, noted that GSK is moving towards their most significant corporate change in 20 years with the demerger of their Consumer Healthcare business, Haleon. 

“GSK will now be purely focused on biopharma innovation, with bold ambitions for health impact, shareholder returns and as a company where people thrive. Our branding reflects our purpose: to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together,” said Walmsley.

Meanwhile, Emma Barratt, Wolff Olins’ global executive creative director, said, “Our ambition was to create a brand identity that signalled extraordinary adaptability – of the human immune system, of tech, of GSK’s people – so that the brand identity could work everywhere, and retain a feeling of constant innovation. But we had to balance this out with a need for warmth.”

David Stevens, Wolff Olins’ executive strategy director, commented, “What excited me most about all this was the desire to elevate GSK’s brand identity beyond the usual pharma brands and make a category-defining shift – towards something that would appeal to world-class talent at the cutting edge of science and technology.”

Through this rebranding, Wolff Olins has also developed a branding system that would work for everyone in the business. This includes close attention to accessibility was paid throughout every asset and application, and all assets have been tested for legibility both on-screen and in print, as well as a custom typeface by Face37 utilising ink traps for legibility was commissioned. The identity also contains a series of adaptable 3D forms enabling GSK to shape environments that suit all users.

Marketing Featured APAC

Superunion leads visual identity refresh for Shangri-La Group’s rebranded Shangri-La Circle

Hong Kong – Formerly known as the Golden Circle, the rewards programme of leading hospitality group Shangri-La Group has recently been launched as the rebranded Shangri-La Circle. The group said the newly transformed programme aims to pave the way for deeper engagement with customers and transform the programme into being more than just a loyalty programme. 

WPP creative company Superunion was the one appointed to lead the refresh of its visual identity. Superunion was tasked with the creation of a new brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity to reflect Shangri-La Circle’s new positioning as ‘Curators of the Good Life’, and to express an invitation to “a personal journey of discovery.”

The transformation of Shangri-La Circle follows the launch of Polaris, a new exclusive invitation-only elite membership tier, in December 2021, with the brand also created by the Superunion Asia team. The group said the creation of Shangri-La Circle is driven by the group’s commitment to innovation in how it rewards and engages with guests around the world. 

Benedict Gordon, CEO of Superunion Asia, said, “Shangri-La is an iconic brand, and the Shangri-La Circle reflects both the impressive heritage of the rewards scheme as well as the business’s forward-facing focus on creating an experience-led brand across every touchpoint. We wanted to stay true to the brand’s heritage by rooting the visual redesign in Asian culture and to bring to life the warmth of the brand in every interaction with members.” 

“This new identity reflects Shangri-La’s position as a global iconic brand and symbolises a revolution in how moments of discovery and curated experiences are designed,” Gordon adds.

The concept of ‘discovery’ is brought to life through a new, dynamic visual identity through an artistic reinterpretation of a compass that helps members navigate the world of Shangri-La experiences, including hotels, bars and restaurants, guiding them to discover their personal Shangri-La. Inspired by Asian calligraphy, the brand icon draws on the equity of the original Golden Circle marque, reinterpreted for a digital age, and subtly references the ‘Shangri-La ‘S” iconic letterform.

Superunion created a custom pattern inspired by Asian crafts like woodblock printing, porcelain, watercolour ink and rice paper to reflect the brand’s heritage in Asian hospitality and to create a sense of warmth and attention to detail. The colour palette draws on Shangri-La’s legacy but adds a bold yellow to reflect the evolution of the gold of the Golden Circle marque, while art direction guided a photography shoot intended to capture the good life. 

Superunion’s development of the brand’s tone of voice matches the warmth of the visual identity, to make members feel intrigued, engaged and welcomed across every customer experience. The brand will be demonstrated across a wide range of applications including the app, website, membership cards, welcome packs, gifts and amenities.

This brand was created by Superunion Hong Kong, with support from the Singapore and Shanghai studios. Meanwhile, Singapore-based creative digital agency 8traordinary was the one tapped to head Shangri-La Circle’s creative content planning, social media strategy & management, influencer marketing & management, and community management.

Marketing Featured East Asia

Soymilk brand Vitasoy undergoes rebranding 

Hong Kong — Vitasoy, the iconic soymilk brand rooted in Hong Kong City for more than 80 years, is making a substantial move to evolve its branding by reviving its plant-based heritage to resonate with modern consumers’ desire for a healthier and nutritious lifestyle. Through dentsu international Hong Kong’s ‘Planting Goodness Every Day’ campaign platform, Vitasoy aims to represent its wide portfolio of plant-based products everyone is familiar with.

The Vitasoy brand has been planting its goodness in Hong Kong since the 1940s to serve affordable and plant-based soy milk for everyone. Their long commitment transcended and transformed through time to now a heritage that shall be rejuvenated to sync with the needs of contemporary consumers and to remind them that greater goods are achieved through daily small practices, such as consuming plant-based food and beverages every day.

The ‘Planting Goodness Every Day’ campaign visualized Vitasoy’s genuine and wholesome brand personality showcasing its portfolio of products including Classic, Calci-Plus and VitaOat, from its most iconic range of Vitasoy classic products to its functional line of Calci-Plus range, to its latest new product, VitaOat.

The new brand equity stamp is a branding mnemonic device that holds the various stories and product strengths, set in daily moments including social gatherings, workouts, and home cultivation.

David Kim, group CMO at Vitasoy International, said, “We continue to be poised for growth at all times, including the future. We are happy to reintroduce what we have cared about since the beginning as a tribute to our past and bring forward our heritage so as to build a better future with our consumers together.”

Meanwhile, Simone Tam, CEO of dentsu international Hong Kong, commented, “Vitasoy is our long serving client. Knowing the brand has a rich and devoted heritage, we are happy to revive it and modernize it, so the brand stays relevant and connected with the young generation through its wide range of plant-based products.