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Pizza Hut Philippines appeals to younger generation via tie-up with boyband SB19

Manila, PhilippinesPizza Hut in the Philippines recently launched a new ad campaign featuring popular Filipino boyband SB19. The new ‘Make It Great’ campaign is the brand’s attempt to reach out to the younger market segment. 

Chacha Juino, COO of PPI Holdings, said, “Pizza Hut is great barkada fare and given this, we wanted to make the brand more relevant by connecting to our younger market. We believe that SB19 can effectively connect with this young market, which makes them a perfect partner for Pizza Hut.” 

“SB19 is the hottest P-Pop band right now not just locally but they’re also being celebrated in the global scene with sold-out virtual concerts and millions of fans,” Junio added.

She also shared that the idea of getting SB19 came from Araneta Group Chairman Jorge Araneta himself. The Araneta Group is the owner of the Pizza Hut franchise in the Philippines.

According to Juinio, Araneta was very impressed by SB19’s virtual concert, which was held at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abigail Marzan, business director of Havas Media, which led in developing the campaign further explained that “the brand wanted to make itself more relevant. To do that, they needed to become younger and more ‘everyday’. SB19 had that massive and young appeal combined with their music makes them the perfect brand endorsers.”

The new Pizza Hut ad is about turning good times with friends into something great with the help of the delicious pan pizza. The TVC features Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin singing a new Pizza Hut jingle based off SB19’s hit song ‘Go Up’. A music video, which is an extended version of the ad, was also released. 

Integrated media and creative agency Havas Ortega said it was a “treat” to work with Pizza Hut on the new campaign. After being away from their friends for more than two years, young people are craving to reconnect ‘IRL’, and the agency wanted to be part of those moments, expressed its Executive Creative Director Angie Tijam-Tohid.

She adds, “So, we designed the campaign to be a delightful experience in every way for our audience. The video is a feast for the senses – a hit track, enjoyable dance choreography, and the young idols having fun while prepping pizza. After watching, it will really make you crave for your fave Pizza Hut [flavours]. That’s why we’ve made it easier for our viewers to get their fill simply by scanning the QR code at the end and have it delivered to their doorstep — it’s a music video they can directly order from.”

Tohid also hinted that this is just the start of the collaboration and that more “treats” will be coming out in the future.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Dentsu Malaysia wins digital transformation mandate for QSR Brands’ KFC, Pizza Hut

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Dentsu Malaysia has won the digital transformation mandate for Malaysia’s retail food company QSR Brands, becoming the key partner on the company’s transformational journey for KFC and Pizza Hut. 

As part of the mandate, Dentsu Malaysia will be the partner of KFC and Pizza Hut in becoming a true data-first organisation, and future proof business verticals across marketing, operations, and supply chain. The brands have been in the phase of transformation and will go through a data-driven acceleration to improve business efficiencies.

Dheeraj Raina, CEO of Dentsu Media in Malaysia, shared that QSR has set a bold vision for their KFC and Pizza Hut businesses, and the agency shares this vision with them and believes that these brands have a big potential of becoming data companies. 

“For the next 18 months, we will be working with the marketing, data and business teams of KFC and Pizza hut in unlocking the real consumer value with the use of media tech, data and marketing technology. We are bringing the best minds across our service lines together to co-create this powerful and rewarding future with QSR,” said Raina.

Meanwhile, Nehchal Khanna, CEO of QSR Brands (KFC & Pizza Hut) for Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Brunei, noted that over the last two years, significant digital investments have been made to provide better digital customer experience and restaurant operations efficiencies and to pivot their business to digital sales because of the changing consumer landscape. 

“We are now ready to realise our bold vision of becoming the number one food technology business in ASEAN, and as part of that aspiration, we are embarking upon this journey with our partners at Dentsu who have gone through a rigorous process of evaluation and selection for this role,” said Khanna.

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‘Join The Dark Side’ says Pizza Hut Hong Kong for Earth Hour 2022

Hong Kong — Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has launched its latest campaign in support of Earth Hour 2022. The campaign seeks to connect Pizzahut with its fans on topics close to their hearts – this time with its ‘Join The Dark Side’ promotion. The campaign was done with advertising company Ogilvy.

Earth hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wildlife Fund. To mark this year’s event, the brand went ‘dark’ on its Hong Kong social media feeds on March 26, displaying a black logo and posting ‘blackout’ content.

To further support the World Wide Fund for Nature’s initiative, Pizza Hut also released limited edition candle ‘pizza savers’ on a first-come-first-served basis at stores across the territory. Starting at 6 pm on March 26, kits were given away to customers with any takeaway purchase. Fans were also encouraged to share their ‘dark side’ moments as they enjoyed a candlelit slice, to further increase awareness of Earth Hour.

Wendy Leung, marketing director at Pizza Hut Hong Kong, shared her thoughts on the campaign, saying “Environmental responsibility is important to all of us at Pizza Hut and the opportunity to support Earth Hour and raise awareness of climate change really aligns with our values as a brand.”

Simultaneously, Amy Cheng, associate creative director at Ogilvy Hong Kong, commented, “We want people to feel good about the contribution without compromising, so we make the hour in the dark enjoyable for Pizza Hut fans.”

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Dentsu Malaysia bags remit for Pizza Hut’s media services

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Pizza Hut in Malaysia has awarded its overall media buying and planning services to Dentsu Malaysia. The remit will see the agency assisting the pizza brand’s transformational e-commerce journey towards in-home dining, driving sustainable business growth in a digital world. 

As part of the mandate, dentsu will also be responsible for creating meaningful end-to-end media experiences through data-driven marketing and in future-proofing Pizza Hut for a cookie-less ecosystem. In addition, dentsu will be putting together team Red Roof, a unit that will bring resources to implement a seamless agency model.

Dentsu’s CEO of Media Dheeraj Raina commented that they are excited about the opportunity to work with a brand that is loved by millions and this gives them the opportunity to push their innovation further.

Meanwhile, Emily Chong, the CMO of Pizza Hut Malaysia, said, “Sharing the same vision and commitment in making transformative step-change is key to win fast in this new frontier, and Team Dentsu has clearly demonstrated these through the acceleration and scaling of data-driven tech-enabled media capabilities for Pizza Hut.”

Kien Eng Tan, the CEO of Dentsu Malaysia, noted, “We will be completely focused on Pizza Hut to further strengthen its leadership. This win is a result of radical collaboration and the speed at which we have built a technological and data-driven spine to cater to clients’ flexible needs.”

In the latest MARKETECH APAC’s Top 5 Stories, Dentsu entered the list for the announcement of its three new key appointments

Inviting Raina in an exclusive interview, he said, “The new lineup that you’re seeing of the leaders [is] primarily [for] creating capability centers of excellence within the organization so that as the agency partners with our clients, we are in the best position of solving their marketing challenges.”

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Pizza Hut Malaysia names Ensemble Worldwide as creative agency of record

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Restaurant company Pizza Hut in Malaysia has appointed Ensemble Worldwide, the creative agency within media marketing solutions IPG Mediabrands, to be its new creative agency of record.

Pizza Hut by Yum! Brands is established and operated by QSR Brands, which deems to be Malaysia’s largest restaurant chain operator.

The appointment, which is a period of one year with the option to extend for another year, will see Ensemble Worldwide continuing Pizza Hut’s brand transformation journey to repivot into a modern pizza experience.

Pizza Hut Malaysia’s Chief Marketing Officer Emily Chong shared that they were looking for a partner who understands the varied nuances of their new normal. 

“One who is able to bring a distinctive flair to drive our brand communications to the next frontier. Ensemble’s passionate and bold spirit of innovation, coupled with a data-centric approach to understanding youth culture certainly fits the bill. We look forward to more ground-breaking work with the newly appointed Team Ensemble/ Pizza Hut,” said Chong.

Meanwhile, Mei Jeng Phang, managing director of Ensemble Worldwide, said that the pandemic brought about numerous shifts across the board yet these changes have given them an ability to dive even deeper into data-driven creativity to build brands, drive business, and grow for the future. 

“We have a great opportunity with Pizza Hut to build on the e-commerce repositioning and broaden brand appeal. The team shares the right chemistry and is raring to sink our teeth into some cool innovative comms, so watch this space as we have some exciting plans in store together,” said Phang.

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Pizza Hut Indonesia appoints Ogilvy as integrated marketing partner

Jakarta, Indonesia – Pizza Hut in Indonesia has appointed creative agency Ogilvy in the country as its integrated above-the-line (ATL) and digital agency, which includes social, following a competitive multi-agency pitch.

The appointment will see Ogilvy drive strategic communications efforts across both the restaurant and delivery business, to position Pizza Hut as a leading restaurant chain in Indonesia.

Steven Christopher Lee, CEO of Pizza Hut Indonesia, said, “We have experienced the strength of the partnership with Ogilvy globally, and we believe Ogilvy Indonesia is a valuable local partner for Pizza Hut Indonesia which will help us achieve even greater success. Through this partnership, we hope to further our market leadership in the country.”

Meanwhile, B. Ramanathan, group CEO of Ogilvy Indonesia, commented, “We are honored to have been selected as a key growth partner by Pizza Hut Indonesia, whose food and service offering has delighted Indonesian palates and hearts for decades. We look forward to bringing the best of Ogilvy’s modern marketing solutions into supporting the next phase of growth for Pizza Hut’s restaurant and delivery business.”

The engagement which kicked off in December will see new campaign launches early 2021.

In October last year, the delivery business of Pizza Hut Indonesia has also announced its creative partners for its programmatic campaigning, GroupM’s Mediacom and Xaxis.

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KFC and Pizza Hut launch plastic reduction initiatives in China

Shanghai, China – Restaurant company Yum China has announced the launch of a new plastic reduction initiative across its KFC and Pizza Hut branches in China, in response to new environmental regulations in the country.

The latest campaign is expected to reduce approximately 8,000 tons of non-degradable plastics annually starting from 2021, replacing traditional plastic packaging with paper straws, paper bags, and biodegradable plastic bags.

With KFC, the brand’s campaign under the initiative is launched as the “Be Natural, Be You” sustainability campaign, raising consumers’ awareness of environmental protection by encouraging sustainable practices. Beginning this year, KFC chains across China  will stop using plastic straws and over 90% of KFC restaurants will be replacing disposable plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery. By 2025, it is expected that all plastic packaging and cutlery will be phased out across KFC restaurants  in China.

Biodegradable Cutlery
(Left) KFC biodegradable packaging and cutlery, (Right) Pizza Hut biodegradable packaging and cutlery

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut has already phased out the use of plastic straws across their branches in the country by the end of 2020, while over 70% of Pizza Hut restaurants across the country have replaced existing plastic bags with paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags. By 2022, Pizza Hut will be phasing out the use of plastic bags in the branches in China.

“The new plastic reduction initiatives reinforce our sustainability strategy to drive meaningful change through packaging innovation and reduction. In line with our long-term commitment of supporting economic, social and environmental development, we are committed to working with customers, partners, and all other stakeholders to promote a more sustainable future,” said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China

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Pizza Hut, KFC in HK launches co-op pizza with mobile game to boot

Hong Kong – The newest pizza from Pizza Hut in Hong Kong incorporates another fast food favorite: KFC’s chicken popcorn. Called the Chicken Popcorn Pizza, the new limited-edition item has launched today, which features Pizza Hut’s iconic crispy crust alongside classic gravy, and a generous serving of cheese, sweetcorn, and mushrooms.

To celebrate the partnership, the two brands have released another exciting engagement for its customers – a mobile game called the ‘Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen,’ conceptualized together with Ogilvy Hong Kong. Emphasizing the partnership between the two brands, the game connects two phones and challenges two players to craft a ‘Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn Pizza’ against the clock together, playing as the ‘Pizzatainer’ and ‘Colonel Sanders.’

Teamwork is the name of the game as players have to knead the dough, fry the chicken popcorn, and bake the pizza too. Completed tasks within the given time win players Pizza Hut and KFC coupons.

Wendy Leung, marketing director at Pizza Hut Hong Kong said, “The Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn pizza brings the best of both worlds together. This mobile game based on teamwork is a great way to engage with our fans and consumers while also increasing awareness of our brand and food innovation credentials.”

Meanwhile, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy John Koay said the collaboration between the two brands is a dream come true. 

“That’s why we were excited to create the Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen, a fun two-player game for fans to create this epic pizza with a friend and unlock tasty rewards too.”

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Pizza Hut Hong Kong, Ogilvy partner for limited edition foosball pizza box

Hong Kong – With the new football season in Europe underway, Pizza Hut Hong Kong has collaborated with global advertising agency Ogilvy to deliver a limited foosball pizza box to customers, that can be availed through a game in social media.

The new limited edition item is part of the brand’s dedicated football campaign “12th Player Club.” It is specially designed with a fully playable foosball table integrated into the lid of the box.

Pizza Hut has commissioned five special boxes to be up for grabs. The company has asked interested customers to follow a simple set of mechanics on its Facebook page, where one of the requirements is a membership to the brand’s football interactive platform “Best 12th Man Club.”

“Pizza Hut’s ‘12th Player Club’ campaign is ramping up to encourage football fans who are stuck isolated at home to get into the football spirit, while tucking into great tasting pizza,” said Ogilvy in a press release.

Marketing Director Wendy Leung shared that the special packaging is the brand’s way of reminding football fans that pizza goes best with football.

“We always want to go above and beyond when catering to our audience and given how fatigued the community has been this year, offering fun beyond just food, and bringing an experience like this to life right in your pizza box, is the perfect way to make people smile,” said Leung.

Meanwhile, John Koay, executive creative director for Ogilvy Hong Kong added, “A lot of football fans have been stuck at home during these past few months, so we wanted to bring the fun and flavor to them. The Foosball Pizza Box is a great packaging idea that brings together the football action and delicious pizza for a memorable meal experience that you can share with friends.”

The campaign runs from 6 October to 20 October.