Technology Featured APAC, IAB Tech Lab partner to establish ‘trust’ across mobile advertising landscape

Singapore – Data AI company,, and global digital advertising technical standards-setting body, IAB Tech Lab, have partnered to improve transparency and prevent fraud in the digital advertising industry. 

This partnership aims to provide the digital advertising industry with a list of Authorized Digital Sellers for Apps (app-ads.txt) and is now made available as part of IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency Center initiative. 

Through this partnership, IAB Tech Lab and are taking a proactive role in making authorized seller listings more easily accessible for mobile apps. has built an integration with IAB Tech Lab to share its data on app store listings to expand the coverage of app-ads.txt data available within the Tech Lab’s Transparency Center. Advertisers will see wider coverage of app-ads.txt data from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. 

Ketaki Rao,’s chief product officer, commented, “We are excited to work with the IAB Tech Lab to establish a standard of trust across the mobile advertising landscape. sets the example for transparency and trust in the alternative data space and this partnership is a testament to that commitment.” 

Meanwhile, Shailley Singh, IAB Tech Lab’s SVP of product, shared this integration with has enabled them to expand their coverage of app-ads.txt data in the ‘Authorized Sellers for Apps’ list, which is made available to the industry through the Transparency Center. 

“We are thrilled to partner with, and look forward to bringing more transparency to the Mobile in-app space through this partnership,” said Singh.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Huawei Ads to drive mobile advertising in Malaysia with new partnerships

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Huawei Ads, the mobile advertising solution arm of tech company Huawei, has announced partnerships with Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) as a member and with GroupM as its certified agency partner to drive the advertising sales in Malaysia. 

Said partnership aims to help the organizations to draw on each other’s strengths and allow HUAWEI Ads to contribute to the adtech industry growth in Malaysia.

The MDA membership will enable HUAWEI Ads to stay relevant to the current digital ad trends and play a part in shaping Malaysia’s digital policies and advertising standards. Meanwhile, as a ‘HUAWEI Ads Certified Agency’, GroupM and its agencies will have exclusive access to the inventory options available on HUAWEI Ads in Malaysia.

Rei Xiao, director of Malaysia Huawei Device Ecosystem, said, “GroupM is one of the most renowned brands in the digital advertising field with strong track records and market share. The partnership will allow us to expose our differentiated ad solutions to GroupM’s current and potential advertisers.”

New ad features such as in-app bidding and contextual ads will be introduced globally to meet growing advertiser needs. HUAWEI Ads is also actively in talks with other respected media firms to form more strategic alliances and expand its position locally.

“Built upon Huawei’s established ecosystem, HUAWEI Ads is leveraging the synergies between Huawei’s devices, native apps, open capabilities and over 33,000 third-party app media integrated into its network, to connect the data dots across various smart devices and apps, and helps advertisers reach out to more than 730 million global potential customers on its mobile ecosystem,” Xiao concluded.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Mobile adtech Ogury ties up Httpool as ad sales partner in Malaysia

Malaysia – Ogury, ‘the Personified Advertising company’ with a global presence and which has created an advertising engine that would deliver precision, sustainability, and privacy protection within one technology stack for mobile, has appointed Httpool as its official advertising sales partner for Malaysia. 

Ogury deems to be a leader in mobile brand advertising. It offers advertisers fully visible impactful ads, future-proof targeting, and protection, while for publishers, it provides a respectful user experience and premium demand. Ogury’s solutions connect comprehensive audience interest, brand performance, privacy protection, and sustainability and enable brands and agencies to optimize their campaigns. 

Adam Rubach, Ogury’s VP for new markets in APAC, said that through the partnership, Httpool will be helping them deliver effective and sustainable digital advertising, anchored in consumer privacy protection. Ogury started to partner with Httpool when it entered the Indian market in 2020. 

“Today, we are glad to expand this strategic partnership through Malaysia, a key market in terms of mobile consumption,” said Rubach.

Httpool said that the partnership is an important step for the company. With offices all over APAC such as in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia, among others, Httpool provides brands and media agencies support, technology, and access to its most relevant global and regional media partners in targeting business and marketing objectives.

Meera Muhunthan, Httpool’s managing director for Malaysia, commented, “We’re very excited about this partnership! As we partner with Ogury in Malaysia, we will be able to further empower brands to sharpen their advertising strategy with personified targeting and impactful mobile ad formats. As an official ad sales partner, we will ensure that advertisers, agencies, and brands have access to our top dedicated teams and support, every step of the way.” 

Marketing Featured ANZ

Digital advertising to make up about 60% of NZ advertisers’ budget in 2021

New Zealand – As expected, digital advertising, in the middle of the pandemic, is forecast to comprise the larger fraction of ad spend by New Zealand advertisers in 2021 with 59% to comprise their overall media budget, according to a new global report by global media investment and intelligence company MAGNA. 

Although New Zealand, being primarily an island, has been successful in containing Covid-19, advertisers are still inclined to put their dollars into digital channels, which can be mainly attributed to how the media practices have evolved to leverage the appeal and impact of digital formats, whether lifestyles are hindered by the virus or not. 

The projected growth in digital follows 2020’s 3.3% growth rate. According to the report, most of the digital growth will come from spending on mobile devices, which will see specifically an 18% increase and to represent 67% of total revenues within digital advertising. 

Overall, the advertising economy in New Zealand is seen to increase by 7.6% in 2021 to reach NZD 2.8b ($1.8b).

Still in line with changing preferences of audiences, the report said that linear advertising revenues will see an uptick of 2.9% to represent 41% of total budgets, an actual down from taking 49% of budgets as recently seen in 2019. 

Meanwhile, in terms of specific mediums, television spending is forecast to grow by 5.6%, to represent one-fourth of total budgets. The report said that this will bring total spending levels back to 92% of their 2019 levels. On the other hand, radio and OOH are seen to fare slightly worse with a 2% growth to reach 86% of 2019 spending levels, and a 5% growth to reach 68% of 2019 spending levels, respectively. 

Globally, as the economy recovers faster than expected with a GDP of 6%, marketing activity, and advertising spending are likewise projected to demonstrate the same upward growth. With the added driver of rescheduled international sports events, the report forecasts global all-media advertising spending to grow by $78b, a 14% increase, to ultimately register an estimated $657b in 2021, a new all-time high, said MAGNA. 

Meanwhile, in the Asia Pacific, while the rollout of COVID vaccines has not been as aggressive as many Western markets, there were still fewer cases and deaths as well as fewer shutdowns vs. those markets in the west. This has not stopped consumers in the region from changing their behavior in the same ways as in heavily COVID-impacted markets, which meant more indulgence to stream, more adoption of e-commerce, and more integration of digital platforms into their daily lives. As a result, economic recovery and organic digital growth will power APAC’s total advertising spending to a 12.8% increase in 2021, following 2020’s 3.3% growth. This will see total advertising budgets in APAC reach $203b, significantly ahead of 2019’s $186b total.

According to Gurpreet Singh, managing director at MAGNA APAC, digital will continue to be the biggest growth driver across most markets fueling a faster recovery. Singh also said that since linear media was the most affected last year, its recovery back to pre-covid levels is going to remain a big challenge across the majority of APAC markets for the next few years.

“2021 will see higher than usual growth in ad spend bouncing off of the reduced spend we saw in most of the APAC markets last year. This will largely result in regaining lost ground, however, some markets will take more than a single year for their ad spend to recover from the impact left by covid,” Singh said.

APAC remains the second largest global advertising region, behind North America but $59b ahead of EMEA. 

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Adjust joins TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program to aid advertisers in TikTok ad campaigns

Singapore – App marketing platform Adjust joins the TikTok Marketing Partner Program in order to optimize advertising visibility for advertisers in the short video-sharing platform.

The partnership includes integration of Adjust’s ‘Audience Builder’, enabling clients to export first-party data, such as audience groups, directly to TikTok from the Adjust dashboard. Adjust’s ‘Audience Builder’ helps advertisers retarget their campaigns based on focus groups such as age groups. As advertisers are armed with this data from audience segregation, marketers can run highly personalized campaigns to boost user engagement and loyalty, all while protecting their users’ data privacy.

The TikTok Marketing Partner Program is part of the TikTok for Business platform, and aims to provide marketing solutions designed to give brands and marketers the tools to be creative storytellers and be able to meaningfully engage with the TikTok community.

As a mobile measurement partner, Adjust enables advertisers create, optimize, target, and measure their ad campaigns on TikTok. To simplify campaign optimization, clients can link their TikTok account to view and edit TikTok campaign data directly in the Adjust Automate dashboard, another Adjust feature that allows advertisers to automate their mobile marketing campaigns. From there, advertisers can generate cross-app, cross-partner, and cross-network reports. 

“Finding and retaining the right users is critical, as many drop off after the first days of installing the app and competition for users’ eyeballs is fierce. That is why it is imperative for mobile advertisers to push the right messaging to the right audience at the right point in the marketing funnel,” said Andrey Kazakov, vice president of partnerships at Adjust

“We are excited to partner with TikTok to give marketers a simpler, more seamless way to segment their desired audiences, automate their campaigns, measure ad spend, and grow their apps,” Kazakov added.

In November last year, Adjust also joined Adobe’s Exchange Partner Program to boost its customer experience (CX) analytics.

Marketing Featured APAC

Mobile shopping is this year’s festive trend for APAC consumers: survey

Singapore – More consumers in the Asia-Pacific are doing their holiday shopping on their mobile devices, a new survey from mobile advertising AdColony shows.

Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand have the highest share of consumers that prefer to make purchases on their smartphones, as the majority of the country respondents clocked 94%, 93% and 91% respectively. 

AdColony infographic of mobile shopping in the Philippines

Respondents from Thailand (88%), Malaysia (86%), and the Philippines (84%) stated they prefer to shop in-app rather than use a mobile browser. On average, APAC shoppers showed 73% majority of showing the same consumer behavior. 

Purchases related to seeing an advertisement online are also relevant to the majority of APAC consumers, as Indonesia (92%), Malaysia and the Philippines (89%), and Singapore (85%) showed majority of such behavior.

AdColony infographic of mobile shopping in Malaysia

In terms of what matters most for consumers’ shopping experience on mobile devices, an average of 52% said that easy payment process matters, as evident by the majority of respondents from Thailand (60%), Indonesia (59%), the Philippines (55%) and Malaysia (54%).

Japan (50%), Australia (53%) and Indonesia (56%) said that gifting this holiday should be done via shipping the gift directly to the receiver, while Malaysia (58%) and Thailand (52%) said that they will do the exchange gifting after the gift shipment has arrived.

AdColony infographic of mobile shopping in Singapore

Meanwhile, online ordering, accompanied with concurrent home delivery still ranks as the top choice of shopping for today’s APAC consumers, garnering an average of 85% of all the respondents. Also, 55% of the respondents state that better deals are the prime reason why they shop online, evident by consumer behavior from Malaysia (70%), Singapore (62%) and Thailand (56%).

Technology Featured ANZ

Adludio afoot on AU market through ad-tech Inskin Media

Sydney, Australia – Mobile advertising company Adludio is expanding its presence to the Australian market by forging a new partnership with ad-tech company Inskin Media, bringing Adludio’s ad unit accessible for Australian marketers.

Adludio’s services revolve around interactive mobile advertising that helps users engage in ad campaigns. This then allows marketers to collect anonymous audience engagement data, which is then fed to Adludio’s algorithm to deliver high engagement rates across mobile devices.

On the other hand, ad-tech Inskin Media focuses on providing multi-screen display advertising. Itmerges design and technology to promote clientele ad campaigns across online publishers and websites, which scopes under the umbrella of mobile advertising.

“This partnership with Inskin Australia is a testament to our constant evolution and development of Adludio in the APAC region. Through this partnership with Inskin, we’ll be able to present innovative Australian advertisers with a more robust offering to engage mobile audiences in the region,” Adludio CEO and co-founder Paul Coggins (left of banner picture) said.

For Inskin Media APAC General Manager Georgia Woodburne (right of banner picture), the recent deal means bringing more opportunities to Australian marketers to create more immersive ad experiences for their mobile audiences.

“We share the same values and both believe in the importance of a well-designed, outstanding creative. Becoming Adludio’s exclusive reseller is a fantastic commercial opportunity for both parties,” Woodburne stated.

Marketing Featured APAC

Mobile ad platform AdColony names new marketing director for APAC

Singapore – AdColony, the in-app marketplace for brands with a focus on gaming, has named industry veteran Adrian Watkins as its new director for marketing and growth in APAC.

With 20 years of global experience leading growth and marketing for publishers, agencies, and their brands, Watkins was most recently chief strategy officer for media site theAsianparent. He also previously assumed the role of commercial director for world-leading gaming destination IGN Entertainment, where he scaled international revenues through expanding the commercial offerings and teams, as well as eCommerce and content syndication partnerships.

Watkins said that in 2020, gaming has already reached more consumers than any other medium, putting it at the forefront of a brand’s marketing armory for reaching women and men of all socio-demographics.

“Mobile gaming right now feels like when social media exploded to become the new must-have marketing channel 15 years ago. Gaming is now at this same intersection. If a brand is not embracing gaming as a marketing channel, it is missing out [on many] potential customers,” he said. 

He added, “Joining AdColony was an easy decision as it is perfectly placed to deliver award-winning custom solutions to brands who now realize they need to play in this space.”

Meanwhile, AdColony SVP for APAC Tom Simpson commented, “Adrian understands the massive opportunity around mobile gaming, and brings a calm, strategic and entrepreneurial approach to AdColony, which will allow us to grow exponentially. 2021 is shaping up to be a standout year!”

Technology Featured East Asia

Mobile ad tech Adludio expands operations to Taiwan

Taiwan – Global mobile ad tech company Adludio has announced that it has pivoted to tap into Taiwan’s rapidly-growing mobile gaming fanbase with the expansion of its operations to the region.

Adludio is a mobile advertising platform for delivering interactive creatives using gaming engine and artificial intelligence technologies. Following its launch in 2015, it has grown its presence across US, Europe, and Asia.

According to Adludio’s data, Taiwan is an emerging key market for mobile advertisers as the count of mobile phone connections in the country total 28.43 million, equating to 1.19 connections per person. Similarly, its gaming market shows great potential as it is expected to grow to $2.8 billion by 2021, with mobile games accounting for 60% of the revenue.

Benjamin Pavanetto, managing director for Asia commented on the growth opportunity the expansion offers, “Taiwan’s high internet penetration and fast-growing economic development makes it an ideal market for brands to effectively reach audiences digitally. The projected growth in Taiwan’s gaming industry also shows potential to create effective consumer engagement through gamified advertising.”

Meanwhile, Adludio’s Founder and CEO Paul Coggins said, “It is truly an exciting opportunity for us to expand into Taiwan. Taiwan is a market with extremely active mobile users, and Adludio’s mobile-first offering will bode well with creative and bold clients looking to increase their mobile performance and engagement.”

According to Coggins, the company is already working with clients such as LG, Audi and Cartier in Taiwan.

The Taiwan team will be led by Pavanetto who relocated from Singapore this year, alongside Adludio’s sales manager in Taiwan Clayton Chao.