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Meltwater, Twitter launch fashion-centric report highlighting key fashion trends, discussion

Singapore – Media and social intelligence company Meltwater and social media platform Twitter have co-launched a report that highlights insights on how fashion is being discussed online, and how marketers and advertisers should care about in 2022 and beyond.

The report explores the conversation drivers around top-trending fashion topics on Twitter over the past year— including luxury fashion, meta fashion, handmade fashion, inclusive fashion, and retro fashion— as well as ways that brands can stay ahead when it comes to responding to these conversations.

According to the report, the past year has seen high-end fashion conversations flourish on Twitter, and have grown 16.7% between March 2021 and February 2022. With an average of 20,000 mentions per day, this category saw the largest increase in mentions compared to other verticals like athleisure, fast fashion, and street style.

In addition, conversations about meta fashion have increased more than 1,500% as the metaverse, VR, and AR have entered the wider cultural consciousness. Across 1 million conversations that reached more than 330 million Twitter users, meta fashion netizens focused on luxury and designer pieces like sneakers, particularly when involving well-known, high-end brands and celebrities.

Lastly, after widespread calls for more diversity in the fashion industry in 2020 and 2021, the conversation around inclusive fashion has grown 7% in the past 6 months — averaging 1,400 mentions a day. Our analysis found that about 77% of authors in this conversation are writers, editors, designers, creators, bloggers, and models. Together, they give voice to this customer base’s values: inclusivity and innovative style.

Meltwater’s VP of Partnerships and Product Marketing Johnny Vance, said, “The insights in The Fashion Industry’s New Era illustrate the value of social listening and analytics. Explore, Meltwater’s AI-powered social listening platform sifts through billions of data points each day and enables brands, marketers, and boardrooms to enhance decision making whilst ensuring their marketing strategies remain both forward-thinking and customer-centric.”

He added, “By leveraging this kind of market research, brands, teams, and organisations can improve their competitive positioning, ultimately enabling an agile marketing strategy addressing the real-time shifts in consumer behaviour.”

Meanwhile, Lauren Jenkins, head of the Twitter Official Partner Program, commented, “To create innovative and impactful marketing strategies, you must have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. The Fashion Industry’s New Era report, developed in partnership with Meltwater, taps into the global fashion conversation on Twitter to identify meaningful insights and emerging trends within the industry. The insights shared within the report provide fashion marketers and advertisers with a solid foundation they can use to build out their future marketing strategies.”

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Meltwater ramps up APAC growth with new business wins, enhanced capabilities

Sydney, Australia – Global media intelligence and data analytics company, Meltwater, has announced several product enhancements and the addition of several new premium clients, including IKEA Australia.

Aside from IKEA, Austrade, Australia’s trade, investment, and education promotion agency, is the latest client to appoint Meltwater to replace multiple existing vendor partners. The company will be deploying Meltwater’s integrated solutions both in its Australian operations and all its global offices. It’s the most recent of Meltwater’s Australian-based multinational clients who have opted to standardise their use of Meltwater globally.

Meanwhile, as part of its ongoing commitment to invest in research and development, Meltwater has recently launched its enhanced TV & Radio (Broadcast Content) offering which includes diarised speech to text for transcripts and identification of supers/banners for TV coverage. It has also announced the introduction of facial recognition technology to further improve its platform offering. Meltwater has also confirmed that it has secured long-term deals with The Australian and Australian Financial Review to support its media monitoring capabilities. These deals coincide with a global partnership with Twitter for industry-leading access to its social data intelligence pipeline.

In addition, Meltwater has expanded its local workforce with 47 new people joining the company in Australia in the last year and three new strategic senior appointments set to lead key functions across APAC, which includes Upali Dasgupta stepping into the newly created role of marketing director based in Singapore.

David Hickey, Meltwater’s regional director, believes that the breadth of their offering combined with their exceptionally strong locally based team means that they can provide unparalleled support for the often-complex requirements of their customers both here and across the region. 

Over the past year, Meltwater has also completed the acquisition and onboarding of four insights companies with a focus on emerging areas including social media engagement and influencer marketing. These include social media intelligence company Linkfluence, influencer marketing company Klear, community-based research company Owler, and AI start-up Meltwater also recently partnered with Hubspot on World Certification Week in a bid to support the learning and development of its local talent by joining the Great Upskilling initiative. 

Hickey said, “We have always placed a lot of importance on learning and development, it’s in our DNA and our partnership with Hubspot was in perfect alignment with our values. At Meltwater, we regularly invest in upskilling through training budgets and are further investing in our employees by hosting a yearly two-day Australian Leadership Development Summit in Sydney for the entire national team.”