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foodpanda celebrates 10th anniversary with new brand mascot

Singapore foodpanda, leading delivery and grocery platform in Asia, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the unveiling of its first-of-its-kind brand ambassador — Pau-pau. The mascot will be given its own unique characteristics and will be featured on foodpanda’s different marketing platforms.

The introduction of Pau-Pau builds on foodpanda’s earlier brand refresh. The pink panda is the platform’s venture towards new brand representation, where, aside from the traditional marketing environments, the new brand ambassador will also be utilized to maximize digital marketing touchpoints.

Idan Haim, foodpanda’s vice president for growth and marketing, commented, “Pau-Pau is a first-of-its-kind among food delivery platforms in Asia! More than anything else, we wanted to create a personality that evokes love among customers. We want Pau-Pau to be an inspiration for people to live life on their own terms and to its fullest. We are excited for our customers to meet Pau-Pau, as we mark the start of a new decade for foodpanda in Asia,” Haim said.

Pau-pau will be featured on the LINE and Instagram apps as an available sticker to bolster use in consumer expression and communication. It will progressively be rolled out into all of foodpanda channels and interfaces, namely the app, website, digital and social media platforms, as well as live-environment activations and more.

The mascot has been developed with a unique set of characteristics that will further help it relate with a wider range of audiences across the Asian market; foodpanda said Pau-pau believes in caring for the environment, empowerment, and living freely.

Eunha Bhang, chief creative officer of delivery hero Asia, gave her thoughts on the uniqueness of the character.

“In creating Pau-Pau, we wanted him to also have a dimension of purpose — that he stands for something more than just being an adorable mascot. Pau-Pau embodies and brings to life the foodpanda spirit by helping our communities reimagine how they use delivery and thereby adding vibrancy and fun in their lives,” she shared.

With the announcement of Pau-pau, one of the character’s key projects will be spearheading the campaign for plastic-free and environmentally-friendly consumerism with foodpanda’s Global Sustainable Packaging Programme to encourage merchant and consumer responsibility.

The one-of-its-kind ambassador was first rolled out in Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia in December 2021, which was subsequently followed by its appearance in other foodpanda networks namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Laos. The next phase will introduce the ambassador in the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Last November, foodpanda also announced its partnership with Chinese tech giant Xiaomi to venture into q-commerce allowing the option of purchasing consumer electronic products and appliances through its apps. 

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‘Blood Buddy’ revamped as Singapore Red Cross appeals to new generation

Singapore – In an appeal to encourage more people from the younger generation to donate blood for a better cause, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has revamped the look of its existing mascot, ‘Blood Buddy’, or more commonly known as ‘BB’.

Officially launched back in 2005, ‘Blood Buddy’ has traditionally been recognized as a physical mascot at malls, mobile blood donation drives, and outreach activities run by SRC.

The revamp of the mascot stems from SRC’s objective to engage the youth and advocate blood donation with a consistent brand voice. With a refreshed image that reflects its adorable and lively personality, ‘Blood Buddy’ is well-positioned to connect with young and potential donors who are at the early stages of their blood donation journey. 

“We also recognize the importance of inculcating the habit of giving blood from a young age, and we hope to encourage youth to adopt blood donation as a lifestyle. This is where Blood Buddy will be a lively and relatable voice of encouragement for those getting started on their blood donation journey,” said Prakash Menon, director of the Blood Donor Programme at Singapore Red Cross.

The revamp also comes in line with the organization’s ‘One More Step’ campaign, which encourages potential donors to take small, incremental steps towards the eventual goal of being a regular blood donor who donates at least twice a year. Through the campaign, ‘Blood Buddy’ serves to empathize with the physical and emotional concerns all blood donors have and to showcase the small steps one can easily take to give blood and help save lives.

“Over the years, we’ve observed that many potential blood donors are deterred by prevailing misconceptions towards blood donation. Through ‘One More Step’, and with the help of Blood Buddy, we want to dispel these concerns and at the same time remind people of the power of their individual actions. Each of us can contribute in our own way to create a culture of good, by taking the next step in our blood donation journey,” Menon added.

As part of the ‘One More Step’ campaign, SRC will introduce a series of activations including videos and comic strips to engage potential donors on social media. Members of the public may also win SRC memorabilia by participating in a giveaway from February 7 to March 8, where the public must submit photos of ‘Blood Buddy’ as seen in buses island-wide.