Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Insurance company FWD Insurance has recently unveiled its new brand campaign, ‘Celebrate Easy, Celebrate Living.’ Inspired by the company’s vision of changing the way people feel about insurance, the campaign highlights that insurance can be simple and can encourage and help empower Malaysians to celebrate living with it.

With its latest brand campaign, FWD Insurance aims to put a new spin on a traditional industry by offering innovative propositions and products that are easy-to-understand and supported by digital technology.

The campaign is now live in Malaysia across multiple media including digital billboards, social media and radio until 31 December 2023.

In tune with this campaign, FWD Insurance launched two new regular premium investment-linked products, namely FWD WealthLink and FWD Wealthlink Pro. FWD WealthLink comes with a 10% increase in coverage every five years, enhancing protection for customers and their loved ones by up to 50% of their original coverage.

On the other hand, FWD Wealthlink Pro offers a wealth bonus to customers where they will receive 8% of their coverage at the end of their 20th policy year and 4% of their coverage every 10 years subsequently, credited into their Investment Account. Customers will also receive an additional 400% coverage that will be payable in the event of accidental death due to natural disaster.

Additionally, a new rider FWD Medi First can be attached to FWD WealthLink to provide comprehensive medical coverage for hospitalisation, surgical and medical expenses, as well as an inflation shield against rising hospital room and board costs with a RM10 increase in hospital room & board and 10% increase in annual limit for every 3 years until the end of the coverage term.

Aman Chowla, chief executive officer of FWD Insurance, said, “We are committed to making the insurance journey simpler, faster, and smoother for our customers. With our Celebrate Easy, Celebrate Living brand campaign, we want to communicate that insurance can be easy and provide our customers with the protection they need to live their lives the way they want and celebrate living.” 

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Moving forward, we will continue to uphold our commitment to provide products that meet our customer’s needs at every stage of their lives,” he added. 

Bangkok, Thailand – In line with Thailand’s Mother’s Day celebration on August 12, Insurance company Thai Life released their latest entry in a long line of sentimental ads that they have produced over the years.  

The 3-minute ad, entitled  ‘Live Life to the Fullest’, offers viewers a mother-daughter story that highlights the value of being able to love now before it’s too late.

In ‘Live Life to the Fullest’, the company tells a story about a mother and her daughter spending their remaining time together, turning otherwise normal days into special days as there is not much time left and shared by both in their lives before.  

The ad showcases Thai Life Insurance’s core principle of ‘Love for Life’, allowing viewers to reflect upon the values of life, values of love and people, sparking healthy discussions among audiences over the years.

In a press release regarding this ad, Thai Life Insurance stated, “We hope to inspire people to appreciate the transience of life, encouraging them to not wait for an opportunity or a special occasion to express their love. Every day is a special day – only through this revelation can people truly live a meaningful life.”

Paris, France — Insurance company Coface has announced the appointment of Hugh Burke as the CEO of Coface Asia-Pacific, effective on April 1, 2022. He joins the group executive committee and reports to Xavier Durand, Coface CEO. Burke takes over from Bhupesh Gupta who has built a solid group of leaders and experts who will support the development of Coface in the Asia-Pacific markets.

Burke joined Coface as chief commercial officer for the Asia-Pacific region in 2016. Based in Hong Kong, he successfully led the region’s commercial transformation, with record year-on-year growth since 2018. Coface is now recognised as an established insurance company by clients and partners in APAC.

In regards to his understanding of the industry, Burke has more than 20 years of experience within the trade credit insurance industry, where he has held senior positions at major specialist brokers. Prior to joining Coface, he was head of Aon Asia’s trade credit business.

Sydney, Australia – Following its announcement as the foundational client of creative startup Howatson+White, insurance giant Allianz Australia has unveiled its latest brand campaign work from the startup, centered on the simple theme of choices that mould us who we are.

The campaign, called ‘Behind You For What’s Ahead’, are three separate 30-second spots that embody the message of simple life choices that create simple yet impactful differences. From a mother who waits for her child to come back home before going to work to accepting a little chaos inside the home to embody a family relationship, all of these life moments define the ‘human’ in us: compassionate and jovial.

Speaking about the creation of the campaign, Chris Howatson, CEO and founder at Howatson+White, said the new campaign focuses on life’s every day, real and raw moments; and celebrates the courageous choices Australians make to determine their future, in seemingly small but significant ways. 

“What a privilege it is to work with the Allianz team. This new brand work is significant in establishing a long and distinctive idea for Allianz, designed to work as powerfully internally as it will externally,” Howatson said.

Ant White, chief creative officer and co-founder at Howatson+White, meanwhile expressed that what they loved about their recent work is the celebration of the smaller life moments where our lives actually lived, and people choose their own future.

“To choose is to provoke every Australian to reconsider their insurance, but also what’s important to their everyday lives – choose to always say goodnight, take on the Australian road trip, open up to friends, or to let your home be lived in. To determine our own future is something we all control and something Allianz values,” White stated.

The latest campaign by Allianz Australia follows the global brand refresh of Allianz with a purpose of ‘we secure your future’. Allianz Australia is the first implementer of such brand refresh, making it the flagship of the renewed Allianz brand.

Michael Winter, chief general manager consumer at Allianz Australia, said, “Behind you for what’s ahead tells our customers who we are and what we stand for, and gives customers a reason to choose Allianz. We know that especially in times of uncertainty, people seek stability and trust, and insurance plays a key role in providing that confidence. We aim to secure our customers’ future, so they can have confidence in tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Sophie Finn, general manager marketing at Allianz Australia, commented, “As our industry continues to navigate change, evolving to meet our customers’ needs, and ensure trust, is pivotal. Today, we are proud to be elevating the Allianz brand, and launching our new future-fit positioning and experience. 

She added, “Through our new look and feel we aim to deepen our emotional connection with consumers, excite our customers, and most importantly, demonstrate to Australians there is a genuine choice when it comes to insurance.”

The campaign, which was launched 9 May 2021, is supported across an integrated mix of broadcast (TVC, Cinema and YouTube), digital, radio, print, and outdoor media planned and bought by Allianz’s media partner, Spark Foundry.

Seoul, South KoreaGlobal insurer Chubb has officially launched ‘Chubb LifeBalance’ in South Korea, a digital health and well-being platform, that encourages people to incorporate healthy routines into their lifestyle.

‘Chubb LifeBalance’ aims to assess the lifestyle of users and provide a holistic view of health to help them objectively measure and manage their own health condition. The app has a coaching functionality that monitors and encourages the user’s goals set within the platform, such as walking 5,000 steps a day, reducing snack consumption, and establishing a sleep routine, among others.

Furthermore, the health platform also tracks and records over 115 different activities, including yoga, swimming, boxing, and meditation, as well as letting the users invite their friends and family to join challenges and compete in the activities together. It connects with a full range of health devices and other apps such as Fitbit, Strava, and Garmin.

The health points, based on activities and goal achievements set on the app, can be exchanged for mobile vouchers at various coffee shops, gas stations, and grocery stores to enjoy varied benefits, which are only available as exclusive incentives to existing Chubb customers.

According to the company, reputable teams from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) participated in building a credible health score system behind the app, which involved over 2,500 clinical papers and years of clinical data collected from over 300 million people, so that users can effectively monitor their overall health and well-being.

Edward Ler, the country president of Chubb Korea, said, “Chubb LifeBalance was created to offer more advanced and personalized health and well-being services for the customers in Korea who lead busy lifestyles. We believe Chubb LifeBalance will help our customers strive towards a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.”

The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Dentsu Malaysia has won Malaysian insurance company AIA’s creative retainer services, with immediate effect.

In addition to the existing creative duties of dentsu for AIA PUBLIC Takaful, the network will now become the sole creative agency of record to further support AIA’s purpose of delivering communications that would empower Malaysians to make healthy living choices in the new normal.

AIA is one of the largest independent pan-Asian life insurance and finance corporations, with a presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

Chief Marketing Officer of AIA, Heng Zee Wang said that after an impressive stint with its Takaful business, the company has decided to place its trust in dentsu to extend its capabilities in managing the entire AIA brand in Malaysia, creating integrated solutions that will help build a stronger brand narrative and deeper connection with customers across multiple touchpoints. It is expected that dentsu will create an integrated model that aims to leverage ‘connected creativity’ and help evolve AIA’s brands to be fit in this virtual economy.

Meanwhile, CEO of dentsu Malaysia One Michelle Ong commented that they are deeply honored to acquire the business.

“Our collaboration internally even during work-from-home has been charged with inspiring positivity. The brief was to have AIA at the forefront of consideration for both health and wellness needs. However, one requirement was to not just deliver a ‘campaign’, but a sustainable communication solution that can be carried forward naturally and touches all the relevant consumer and agent points,” Ong said.

Milan Agnihotri, chief strategy officer of dentsu, shared that the anchor of AIA’s proposal was in the seamless integration of ‘Big Organizing Idea (BOI)’ with ‘Return on Investment (ROI)’ for the brand.

“We leveraged our proven methodology of ‘Masterbranding + Behaviour Mapping’ to make sure we steer the brand through the funnel and the brand ecosystem – externally and internally, on a single-minded platform,” Agnihotri added.

Hong Kong – Insurance company FWD has made claim payments easier to receive by launching its instant claim service through its eService app.

Infographic_eServices App Instant Claims
Claim applications submitted to FWD’s eServices app

With the new platform launch, users can now process claims payment faster from days to within a day. Claim applications submitted to the eServices app are processed by its AI assessment engine, and customers can receive claims approvals and get paid through their selected means instantly via the platform’s Faster Payment System (FPS), at any 7-Eleven convenience stores, or by direct transfer to their bank accounts.

Infographic_AI Approves Instant Claims Application
Applications processed and approved instantly by eServices app’s AI assessment engine

“Elevating the customer experience is always our top priority, and every claim is a ‘moment of truth’. We’ve been continuously developing customer-led innovations and working closely with our partners to make claims more straightforward and effortless. FWD will continue to invest in improving the claims experience and enhancing overall insurance solutions to keep changing the way people feel about insurance, and truly ‘celebrate living’ together,” said Ken Lau, FWD’s managing director for Greater China and Hong Kong CEO.

The instant claims service is available for life insurance’s personal accident claims of up to HK$3,000 covering treatment expenses, as FWD will extend service to support hospital income and hospital claims later this year.