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Superunion launches generative ‘Lucky Cat’ game to celebrate CNY

Hong Kong – To welcome the Year of the Tiger, Superunion, the creative agency under WPP, has created its new online game that plays on the use of words.

The new game features a ‘tiger machine’, which is inspired by the Chinese name for a slot machine, that generates a unique ‘lucky cat’ design for each player – attracting good fortune for the agency’s clients, teams, friends, and family. 

When the tiger’s paw is pulled, the ‘tiger machine’ randomises a design – head, body, and plaque – each coming from a different original artwork, to make a unique combination of colour and pattern. Custom tools allow the players to art direct their own background, creating a personalised festive greeting to download and share with friends and family.

Superunion said that the 18 original 3D artworks were created by its teams across Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai, as well as Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Tim Brown, Superunion’s creative director for Asia, believes that the Lunar New Year is a great opportunity to come together and work on something fun, to put a smile on people’s faces – something everyone needs more than ever. 

“We wanted to create an interactive, sustainable and shareable way to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Wishing you all good luck for the year ahead – Kung Hei Fat Choy,” said Brown.

Players can visit Superunion’s website to play the game and create their own Tiger greeting.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

BBH Singapore welcomes back employees with new Instagram filter game

Singapore – As the lockdown in Singapore eases and employees can now return to the office, advertising agency BBH Singapore has launched an interactive 8-bit game on Instagram called ‘Back to the Office’, which trains corporate staffers to be workplace-ready again.

The game players will take on the role of an employee at BBH Singapore, and are tasked to avoid maskless colleagues, duck from client briefs for a post-COVID-19 world, and escape an overcrowded pantry that breaches social-distancing guidelines. To power-up, players are tasked to grab as many COVID-19 essentials as they can, such as energy drinks and toilet paper rolls.

According to BBH Singapore, the game is the agency’s way to get people to celebrate returning to the office as the nation prepares for an easing of guidelines. It is the ultimate game of post-WFH survival.

“The return to the office is a big milestone for Singapore, and we hope that this game helps to ease the transition in an unexpected way. Hopefully, it helps to combat some Monday work blues,” said Christine Lim, the art director at BBH Singapore.

On 5 April, the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore announced that up to 75% of staff can now return to the office.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

SG-based real estate firm to release a limited edition Monopoly board game

Singapore – PropNex, a Singapore-based real estate company, is releasing its very own version of the popular board game Monopoly called ‘Monopoly Propnex Edition’ in an aim to introduce insights of the local residential market through gamification.

PropNex has likewise partnered with the digital experiential version of the game in Singapore, called ‘Monopoly Explore! SG’, which allows players to explore Singapore through its landmarks, local products, and to even win prizes. 

For the company, the board game will allow the common populace to get a sense and reality of the Singaporean real estate market. Furthermore, it will allow players to experience cash flow management and effective techniques of real estate investments as a lifelong skill, which brings families together in cultivating the wisdom of financial prudence and investment skills.

“Through playing the MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION, PropNex is confident that players young and old will have a better grasp of [the] property market in Singapore and as well as a deeper understanding of financial prudence necessary to own their first property or multiple properties. In the game of four to five players per round, as soon as two players go bankrupt, the player with the highest worth of assets will emerge the winner,” the company said in a press statement.

The upcoming physical version of the Monopoly Propnex Edition is targeted at Singaporean consumers, with tutorial videos about the gameplay already available online.

A snapshot of the physical version of the Monopoly Propnex Edition

According to the company, the Monopoly Propnex Edition is curated to bring out the essence of the ‘Singapore flavor’, which provides a deeper understanding of the property market, namely what constitutes the Core Central Region (CCR), Rest of Central Region (RCR) and Outside Central Region (OCR) segments, as well as highlighting the various challenges that investors have to overcome in owning multiple properties complying to various cooling measures currently in place.

For Ismail Gafoor, CEO of PropNex, the board game development is traced back to his desire of bringing the board game to every household in Singapore in order to teach the basics of real estate.

“I did not realize that the numerous games played as a family has significantly imprinted on my passion for properties, as PropNex today has fulfilled the aspirations of thousands of homeowners in their dream homes and investments, with the guidance of over 8,900 salespersons. It took my management team and me more than a year to conceptualize and bring this Monopoly PropNex Edition idea to fruition today, and we are excited for Singaporeans to come on board this journey with us,” Gafoor explained. 

PropNex has been ramping up its objective of consumer education about the real estate industry since 2013 when they launched the Consumer Empowerment Campaign, which aimed at keeping their consumers informed of the trends and market outlooks that will affect their real estate decisions. They have also hosted virtual property shows and launched a membership program called PropNex Friends, where members can enjoy exclusive deals and rewards from Propnex itself.

The board game is up for sale at PropNex’s website for S$49.99 or S$42.99 for members of PropNex Friends.