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New Nike concept store opens in HK amidst in-store recovery 

Hong Kong – Global retailing company GMG has announced the opening of a new Nike concept store in Hong Kong, located in the East Point City shopping mall in the Hang Tau district.

The new concept store represents GMG’s latest strategic investment in Asia, tapping into a huge potential market and leveraging the rising personal well-being trend in the region. The store boasts over 2,171 square feet and offers sports apparel for both men and women in categories including running, training and basketball. 

GMG first entered the Asian market in 2020 through the acquisition of Royal Sporting House, a multi-sports retailer. Keeping up with the momentum, it recently acquired Nike retail stores from SUTL Corporation, expanding its presence in Singapore and Malaysia, while further solidifying its position in Asia. 

To date, GMG has over 25 Nike stores in Asia and with the opening of the East Point City shopping mall, 11 Nike stores in Hong Kong alone.

Mohammad A. Baker, deputy chairman and CEO of GMG, commented, “Asia is propelling the retail industry forward, generating a substantial portion of global growth in the sector and offering immense potential and expansion opportunities for GMG.” 

He added, “The opening of our new Nike store in a key market such as Hong Kong, the first in two years, further signifies the recovery of a post-pandemic economy while allowing us to strengthen our physical retail presence in Asia, and empower even more people to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Starbucks Indonesia’s newest coffee experience centre celebrates local coffee heritage

Jakarta, Indonesia – Starbucks in Indonesia has recently launched its newest coffee experience centre at the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia. Said new experience centre focuses on the celebration of Indonesia’s rich coffee heritage and showcasing how the roasting process elevates the unique quality and diverse flavour profiles of Indonesian coffees.

The centre spans over 140 square meters with designs inspired by rich copper tones and traditional Balinese Besek baskets, made with the same materials as the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary including terracotta brickwork and terrazzo floors. Customers visiting the new centre can learn about the art and science behind sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee, and explore coffee through interactive workshops hosted onsite.

For Anthony McEvoy, leader of Starbucks at PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, as they celebrate the company’s 20th year of retail presence in the country, the Dewata Coffee Experience Center amplifies their leadership and passion for coffee, as well as their commitment to Indonesia’s rich coffee culture.

“Aligned with Starbucks global mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit, the Dewata Coffee Experience Center is also an immersive coffee destination that is thoughtfully designed to celebrate the connection between our customers, communities and coffee farmers that is an essential part in serving our coffee,” McEvoy said.

He added, “We believe that by highlighting the dedication and care involved in coffee’s creation, the more appreciation others will have to ensure its future, and we want to reaffirm our commitment to supporting coffee farmers in Indonesia by working closely with the Farmer Support Center to ensure a sustainable future of coffee for all.”

At the centre, customers can learn about Starbucks responsible sourcing practices, and how the company is working with Indonesian coffee farmers at the Farmer Support Center in North Sumatra to ensure sustainable farming practices that improve the resilience, quality, and size of harvests.

Meanwhile, Tim Scharrer, managing director and vice president of Starbucks coffee and cocoa, commented, “As one of the world’s leading coffee-growing regions, Indonesia has played a unique and important role in Starbucks’ journey since the beginning. Starbucks has sourced high-quality Arabica coffee from Indonesia for 50 years and is proud to be one of the largest buyers of Indonesian coffee in the world today. At the same time, we remain dedicated to working with farmers in Indonesia to bring responsibly-sourced Indonesian coffee to the world.”

The one-storey building welcomes everyone from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm, with capacity up to 30 seats.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

adidas’ new concept store in Indonesia turns 350 sqm space into ‘sports stadium’

Jakarta, Indonesia – Adidas has announced the launch of two new concept stores in Indonesia, particularly in the Pondok Indah Mall in the capital Jakarta.

The new concept stores aim to provide a solid ‘on-and-off the field’ retail experience for all sports enthusiasts – from elite professional athletes to fashion-conscious streetwear fans with artistic mindsets.

‘The Stadium Evolution’ of the adidas concept store.

The first part of the concept store is ‘The Stadium Evolution’, which transforms a 350 sqm space into a refined sports stadium. First off, the gate entrance takes customers straight into a stadium-like store, which then leads them to a supercourt format that is adapted to reflect the massive change from an analog world to a world of digitalization. 

In addition, the aesthetics are aptly complimented by digital displays along the footwear section, with athlete’s locker style fitting rooms for a brand-new experience in sport, and will house the complete lineup of adidas products, including running, sportswear, training, football, and basketball.

The adidas’ ‘The Collection’, featuring a custom-designed carpet centerpiece.

Meanwhile, within the same concept store is the second part of the new branch called ‘The Collection’, which will serve as a go-to destination for sneakerheads, street style enthusiasts, fashion-forward millennials, and Gen-Z’s. The area built on a 340 sqm space showcases adidas’ latest collections on the adidas archive-inspired Archive Rack and a wide range of classic favorites, including premium sportswear, lifestyle segment and sports-inspired streetwear lines.

‘The Collection’ is decorated with a designer rug by Indonesian artists Tutu and Abenk Alter, and will act as a hub for adidas Originals line products.

“At adidas, we believe retail expectations have shifted from products to experiences. With our Stadium Evolution and The Collection stores, we are creating experiences that help customers amplify their personalities and fortify their true selves by empowering expression through fashion,” said Benjamin Handradjasa, president director and country manager of adidas Indonesia.

Indonesian artists Tutu and Abenk Alter, who collaborated in designing the carpet centerpiece at ‘The Collection’

Meanwhile, Manoj Bharwani, co-founder and group managing director of Kanmo Group, commented that their partnership with adidas follows the retail group’s recovery from the pandemic, and they believe that their partnership will convince mall-goers to revisit malls.

“By opening these two stores at once and continued expansion in future, we believe strongly that the Indonesian consumers will rebound. We are excited and confident in the growth opportunities with adidas, as they have proved the strong presence in the sport, fashion, and streetwear categories.” Bharwani stated.

Jeffri S. Tanudjaja, vice president director of PT Metropolitan Kentjana said, “Creating a safe and welcoming space for self-expression is what we aim for here at PIM 3, that we believe will attract all consumers to come and feel the experiences. With open arms, we welcome adidas to join us in our plans to create Jakarta’s newest forward-thinking mall for creative minds.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Porsche’s new concept store in Vietnam to include art exhibitions

Hanoi, Vietnam – Global automotive brand Porsche has launched its newest retail concept, Porsche Studio, an open concept store, in Hanoi, Vietnam aimed at bringing contemporary ‘taste’ to its brand.

Veering away from the proverbial physical exhibits of the cars, the newly launched Porsche Studio exercised an innovation strategy in showcasing the brand’s products, adding art exhibitions and installations by local artists inside the store. The new concept store will also feature a configuration table – for individuals wishing to work through the list of vehicle options themselves, which can be used as a projection surface for viewing a configured vehicle in augmented reality. 

One of the interior feature of Porsche Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam

Furthermore, the studio will also be used as an event space. The Porsche Destination Charging, a global charging network with AC-charging points installed at exclusive lifestyle locations, is also set to become part of the facility.

“The new Porsche Studio concept offers an easy way to immerse yourself in the Porsche brand. With these attractive touchpoints, visitors experience what Porsche is all about in relaxing and inviting surroundings. Within the next months and years, we will roll-out the thinking behind this concept across all our retail locations,” said Deniz Keskin, head of brand management and partnerships at Porsche.

The Porsche Studio branch in Taiwan

The Hanoi branch of the Porsche Studio was initially based on the recent launch of the same studio in Tainan City, Taiwan which featured the same ‘boutique-like’ experience Porsche Studio aims to portray to its customers. It is part of the automotive brand’s ‘Future Retail Strategy’, which aims to provide “hospitality and inspiration.” The stores have also been strategically located in city centres to be within convenient reach of customers and new target groups. 

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7-Eleven Hong Kong moves past collectibles, launches four Snoopy concept stores

Hong Kong – 7-Eleven has always been known for running attractive redemption programs that offer appealing collectibles, however, the convenience store chain in Hong Kong has decided to switch things up from its usual loyalty programs with the launch of four snoopy concept stores in Hong Kong and Macau. 

The concept stores are a follow-through of the brand’s current campaign in celebration of Snoopy’s 70th birthday, called “Happiness is…”, which is a catchphrase from the famous Peanuts cartoon strip featuring Snoopy and his friends. Initially, the brand has partnered with Japanese lifestyle fashion brand Niko to roll out a series of Snoopy eco bags.

7-Eleven said that with the opening of the concept stores, they wanted to do something that does not simply reward customers for their loyalty, but a platform that aims to increase brand equity and authentically engage customers in a fun and exciting way. 

A hub of three stores in the high traffic district of Mongkok and one store in Macau has been chosen for the transformation. The brand dubs the project as creating a “Snoopy town.”

Stores were painted with Peanuts characters from top to bottom. Special Snoopy touches have been added inside and outside the store such as in the shopfront, category signage, chiller and freezer doors, and in the ceiling. Item shelving has also been transformed to look like Snoopy’s iconic red doghouse and a gondola end display of a jumbo Snoopy figure driving a bright yellow school bus has been installed as well.

Each store decoration will bear a special theme to represent a particular concept under the umbrella of the “Happiness is…” platform. One store would show the theme “friendship and togetherness,” another “sharing,” with the other two to carry the theme “more hellos” and ” a day out.”

The company said in a press statement, “One of the team’s primary objectives was to strengthen the brand association between 7-Eleven and the Peanuts franchise in a fun and engaging way.”

“The Snoopy concept stores are a successful example of building on an already popular market promotion to give customers a fun and exciting store experience. The introduction of the concept stores elevates the redemption program to another level, turning it into a platform to authentically connect with customers and reshape how they think and feel about 7-Eleven as a brand,” added the company.

In addition to the store visuals, team members inside the concept store will be wearing an exclusive Snoopy x 7-Eleven t-shirt featuring the iconic Charlie Brown chevron stripe.

7-Eleven will also be offering exclusive Peanuts merchandise on one of its stores such as pet products and lunchboxes, while the Peanuts theme will also be seen gracing the stores’ signature products such as Slurpees, Sundae, 7Café coffee and Hot Shot.