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HCF unveils new brand platform to entice customers with a free gift they will get after signing up online

Australia – Health insurer HCF, in collaboration with creative agency Clemenger BBDO, has launched a new brand platform titled ‘We Put Our Money Where Our Members Are’, to prove that it offers unique benefits as Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund. 

HCF’s new brand platform comes with a 90-second clip showing HCF employees getting things from their desks so they can have a giveaway to attract new customers. These not-so-fancy ‘gifts’ will be offered to new customers in branches across Australia if they will sign up online.

The campaign also aims to prove that HCF is not their typical health fund since it provides great value health cover and support to members over profits to shareholders.

Tatiana Papavero, head of advertising and operations at HCF, said that the new platform is a true reflection of the unique value that HCF offers to its customers, and the campaign allows them to connect with people in humorous way.

Tristan Graham, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO, added, “The idea for this campaign was born during a casual call we were having with a few of our clients. It’s proof that collaboration really is key to creating brave, category-challenging work.” 

Other works from the campaign will run across TV, radio, OLV, OOH, social, digital, and native placements. 

Marketing Featured ANZ

Clemenger BBDO crafts new brand platform for skincare Okana, showcases brand as antidote to complex skincare

Australia With the rise of the intricate multi-step skincare, such as that of the Korean method that includes the laborious 10-step routine; consumers, most especially women, are highly investing their time and money to keep up with such ‘maintenance’. This overwhelming feeling given by the skincare world is what New Zealand-based skincare brand Okana wants to be an ‘antidote’ to, hence, a new brand platform to showcase such promise with the help of creative agency Clemenger BBDO.

The brand platform, developed by the creative agency, strikes a chord with its main communication of ‘stupid simple’ which aims to highlight the mundaneness – at the same time – the beauty of simplicity. 

To be launched in Australia, the fresh brand identity was associated with 15-second youtube videos featuring the musician-actress Ayesha Madon, Okana’s brand ambassador, whilst showcasing some of Okana’s skincare products.

Vibs Amin, founder of Okana, said that its new brand identity goes against the wrong, complicated, serious and overwhelming ideas in the beauty industry.

She added, “Our simplicity is our biggest asset – we are transparent about our ingredients, and consumers can look at our ingredients list and feel empowered and confident about skincare.” 

Clemenger BBDO led the new brand platform’s overall creative and production, as well as its website and packaging redesign. 

Its group creative director Daniel Pizzato commented that the skincare industry is so broad due to the wide range of products and ingredients, associated with both information and misinformation.

“Okana’s products prove that a stupid level of simplicity, achieved in smart ways, can secure better outcomes. Stress and skin don’t play well together, so Stupid Simple is all about clarity and fun,” he concluded.

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Department store Myer encourages Aussies to go bold and indulge in newest campaign

Melbourne, Australia – In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season, Australian department store chain Myer has launched a multi-touchpoint campaign, encouraging Aussies to indulge, smile, and shop more this holiday season.

Part of the campaign is a film that is set on Christmas eve, where a couple faces the relatable stress of having to wrap their family’s long list of gifts. Starting from exhaustion, the couple finally gets into their groove, transforming the mundane palaver into an exhilarating performance.

With fun, cheeky, and attention-grabbing tag lines such as, ‘Stuff the turkey, stocking and self-control’, ‘Grab Christmas by the baubles’, and ‘Deck the halls, kitchen and living room’, the campaign will be brought to life across TV, BVOD, OOH, digital, social, online, in-store VM, gift wrapping and team member uniforms.

The campaign is conceptualised by Clemenger BBDO, with its media strategy led by Essence.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Geoff Ikin, chief customer officer at Myer, said that they are approaching the festive season with more confidence than ever.

“From our much-loved Melbourne Christmas Windows, which will feature iconic scenes in celebration of Disney’s 100 years of wonder, to our national Santalands, curated Giftoriums and our Myer one VIP shopping nights, we are there to help our customers celebrate this festive season,” he said.

Ikin added, “The campaign has been created to cut through the noise in typically the most cluttered media environments at Christmas. It’s fun, engaging, irreverent and offers what our customers love – a little surprise and delight. Australians love to celebrate Christmas, and so do we.”

Meanwhile, Jim Curtis, chief creative officer at Clemenger BBDO, commented, “Christmas is a weird and wonderful time of year filled with rituals that under normal circumstances would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. We leave carrots in our driveways for flying reindeer, we wear itchy, woollen sweaters in the middle of summer and we go the extra mile to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.” 

He added, “This year we’re asking Australians to let the season be the reason and double down on everything that makes Christmas, Christmas. Yes, that even means fully embracing the unique task of wrapping gifts at midnight the night before.”

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Boody’s latest campaign reminds small actions make a difference

Australia Australian underwear brand Boody together with Clemenger BBDO has launched a new brand platform ‘The Official Underwear of the Entire Planet’. The campaign used a diverse cast of real people to reflect the real world we live in, encouraging everyone to get involved and to make a more sustainable choice when it comes to underwear.

The 30-second ad features world-renowned ethnologist Dr. Jane Goodall as brand spokesperson. The campaign is set in a rainforest to ambient music and narrated by Goodall, who ponders that while humans search for new worlds, there is ‘so much still to do on the one we leave behind’. Goodall’s voiceover continues to say that ‘it is a big job making our world a bigger place’, but getting started is as simple as ‘changing your underwear’. The narration continues as Goodall explains that making our earth a better place is a tremendous undertaking,’ but getting started is as simple as ‘changing your underwear.’ 

The voiceover is backed by eerie, misty shots of models wearing Boody underwear in a rainforest setting, and the video concludes with the new brand platform line and the Boody logo.

Darren Wright, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO Sydney, said that the sustainability space is crowded, with many brands making claims about credentials and the positive impact they bring that are exaggerated to match consumer expectation.

“Working with Boody, a brand that truly makes undies that keep the whole planet feeling good was a privilege,” Wright said.

‘The Official Underwear of the Entire Planet’ positions Boody as the underwear brand not just for every person on Earth but for everything on Earth too. It reminds audiences that even seemingly small decisions (like the underwear you choose) can have a big impact on our planet.

Brent Kerby, CEO of Clemenger BBDO Sydney, shared, “We are proud of the work we’ve done with the Boody team. This platform not only gives Boody the high ground in the category today, but gives our team the scope to deliver standout creativity into the future.”

James Forbes, CEO at Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA), commented, “Small actions can make a big difference. Bamboo is an amazing fibre, organically grown and while it has many benefits, it’s not just about the material in your underwear. It’s thinking about what other small steps you as an individual can make. JGIA is driving a suite of programs that enable the next generation of environmental leaders.”

The campaign was awarded to Clemenger BBDO Sydney after a competitive pitch last December 2021. 

The campaign will roll out nationally via Broadcaster Video-On-Demand, OOH and content partnerships from Monday 9th May.

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Clemenger BBDO retains BMW’s creative account in ANZ

Melbourne, Australia – Automotive brand group BMW Group has reinstated Clemenger BBDO and its group of agencies to handle their creative accounts across its BMW and MINI brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Through the reinstatement of the account, Clemenger BBDO and BMW Group Australia will partner to support the growth of the BMW and MINI brands in Australia and New Zealand moving forward. 

Clemenger BBDO previously won the account from BMW Group in 2018.

Jim Gall, group CEO at Clemenger BBDO, said, “We’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the BMW Group Australia team since we first partnered with them four years ago, and couldn’t be happier to be extending that relationship and continuing the great work we have been doing.”

Some of the team’s collaborations included the safety campaign for MINI in New Zealand, conceptualised by Colenso BBDO, a New Zealand-based agency under the Clemenger BBDO Group.

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HCF’s latest campaign highlights everyday actions as ‘uncommon health insurers’

Sydney, Australia – As an extension to the organisation’s “Uncommon Care” health platform, not-for-profit health fund HCF has launched its newest multi-platform campaign, centered around the message that sometimes, our everyday mundane actions are to be considered as uncommon health insurers.

Conceptualised alongside creative agency Clemenger BBDO, Ant Phillips, creative director at Clemenger BBDO stated that the campaign lives by the message of whether it’s a last-minute floss to trick the dentist, or wishing you didn’t have to de-robe in front of a fully clothed stranger, when it comes to our health, there’s a lot of stuff we all have to go through.

“This campaign is grounded in the common human truths we all relate to, contrasted with what makes HCF an uncommon health insurer. Being a not-for-profit they can do things a little differently and genuinely offer things other health insurers can’t,” Philips said.

The campaign is built on the proposition of HCF being able to serve its more than 1.75 million members, with industry-leading health and wellbeing programs, services and tools to help members live happier and healthier lives, while striving to keep the cost of health cover as low as possible. 

For Tatiana Papavero, head of advertising at HCF, noted that while the journey through life is something we all have in common, at HCF, they like to bring everyone the uncommon and this new campaign explores that in a humorous and human way.

“The Uncommon Care platform is an organisational belief at HCF. It means putting people before profit. We know we’re not a typical health fund – we genuinely want our members to get great value cover and to know that when it comes to health, they can always count on us to go that extra mile to deliver outstanding experiences,” Papavero said.

Meanwhile, Jim Gall, CEO at Clemenger BBDO, commented, “We’re really proud of this work and the partnership we’ve forged with HCF since being appointed late last year. As Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF has so many incredibly positive stories to tell. I am confident this campaign is the beginning of an exciting creative journey for both businesses.”

The campaign launched this week with executions across TV, OOH, radio, social, digital and in-branch. This also marks the first work from Clemenger BBDO, recently appointed as HCF’s creative agency of record.

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Sydney Waters’ latest ads a mantra to don’t waste water–ever

Sydney, Australia — Sydney Waters, a New South Wales government-owned water provider company, has released two new films in their water conservation advocacy series – Turn it off, Bob campaign. The two new short films are set in family summer gatherings and the cricket season and underscore the mantra to love water – don’t waste it. 

Bobland shows Bob in his over-the-top theme park-like backyard set up with sprinklers and slip and slides encourage viewers not to go overboard like Bob when they are gearing up to cool down over summer, with a gentle rebuke from his family – to Turn it Off, Bob.

In Cricket, launched during The Ashes series and featuring a cameo from Aussie cricket legend Brett Lee, Bob learns a valuable lesson about another ‘traditional’ but wasteful summer pastime – watering hard surfaces.

The films are made in collaboration with marketing communications company Clemenger BBDO.

Shane Jacobson, the award-winning Australian actor, comedian and conservationist, stars as the titular and lovable but absentminded Bob. The two new videos, entitled ‘Bobland’ and ‘Cricket’, introduce viewers to more of Bob’s family and friends – and a cricketing superstar – as the series rolls out for summer and The Ashes Test series.

Brendan Willenberg, Sydney executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO, commented, “It’s been another tough year of COVID restrictions, so we knew that bringing Bob back and using a light-hearted approach to encourage better water usage was going to be key. Bobland and Crickets are the 2nd and 3rd spots in this campaign that has been amazingly received by the public. I also got to meet Binga which is a life goal.”

The campaign is running across channels namely TV, OOH, digital and social channels.