Singapore – Alila, the luxury hotel brand under Hyatt Hotels, has released a new campaign for Asia-Pacific, exploring various getaway destinations in the region through sensory soundscapes, allowing guests to experience them in an auditory manner.

The campaign, created by BBDO Singapore and Bali-based production house AVB Media Asia, starts with a film that looks to the world of ASMR to depict these getaways, capturing macro shots of Alila properties that merge a therapeutic trinity of sight, sound and touch. 

Moreover, the campaign extends its influence beyond the brand film, encompassing various touchpoints across social media, digital advertising, and the cosy confines of guest accommodations.

Shot across several locations – featuring Alila Ubud, Alila Villas Uluwatu, and Alila Kothaifaru Maldives – the film features awe-inspiring moments ranging from standing at the foot of roaring waterfalls and being blessed in a sacred cliff-top temple in Bali, to dipping into the mesmerising turquoise waters of Maldives. These picturesque sanctuaries in nature convey a vivid message: Alila properties provide transcendent spaces for all guests to reflect, breathe and restore. 

Carina Chorengel, senior vice president of commercial for Asia-Pacific of Hyatt, said, “More than ever, luxury travellers are seeking authentic and original experiences while embarking on a journey to restore the body, mind and spirit. At Alila, it isn’t just about going somewhere but how it touches you through those sublime moments that connect you more deeply to the destination that you’re in. With the ‘Transcend Your Journey’ campaign, we hope to spark wonder and inspire travellers to discover more with Alila hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific.” 

Meanwhile, Tay Guan Hin, creative chairman of BBDO Singapore, commented, “You need to experience Alila’s properties to believe it. To truly create an experience as though you are there, we created an immersive campaign steeped in ASMR-inspired shots that blend with serene yet majestic shots of Alila’s destination experiences that evoke authentic sounds and sights.”

Singapore – Kopiko, the popular coffee brand under Indonesian food and beverage company Mayora, has launched a new ad campaign that focuses on keeping coffee drinkers awake amidst their midday drowsiness.

The ad, conceptualised by BBDO Singapore, brandishes an energetic and effervescent tone to emphasise the awakening effect – or the ‘Kopiko effect’ – of taking Kopiko when you have trouble staying awake.

Furthermore, the ad–shot in Bangkok by Spunk Picture–is set against a high-spirited, well-known jingle in Asia, remixed in Spanish, the film shows how Kopiko wakes you up in everyday relatable scenarios, from battling the “Zzzs” on a drowsy work day to staying alert in the middle of a slow traffic jam.

Using a mix of humour and heart-warming sequences, the film delivers a story with universal appeal, catering to the expansive communities from the US and Hispanic markets – and perhaps, even beyond.

Ricky Afrianto, global marketing director of Mayora, said, “As a progressive brand with a global customer base, we always expect the highest standards in communications. Kopiko is a product that is consumed and loved by billions of consumers worldwide, and we wanted a film that speaks to the hearts of many while highlighting the strong qualities of Kopiko. We are happy to have worked with BBDO Singapore to make this vision a reality.”

Meanwhile, Guan Hin, creative chairman of BBDO Singapore, commented, “Kopiko produced many memorable ads in the past. We had the task of reimagining an ad that was loved by many in one market to another – this time to the US and Hispanic markets. Taking a homegrown Indonesian brand to the US market, BBDO is proud to have partnered with the Mayora team, who dedicated much time and effort to bring this production to life.”

Singapore – BBDO Singapore has appointed Tay Guan Hin as its newest creative chairman, where he will continue to lead the agency to further expand and grow its creativity. With a creative career spanning almost 30 years, he has helped accelerate the creative work at BBDO since he joined in 2020.

Aside from being appointed to the One Club For Creativity’s international board of directors this year, out of just eight candidates from Asia, he has judged various shows such as Cannes Lions Digital Jury, MENA Digital Awards, Spikes Asia, Adfest, Cresta and PHNX Awards. 

Outside of the ad industry, Guan Hin has been appointed the vice president of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore. As the convention chair, he helped form their first live-streamed hybrid event, reaching hundreds of delegates worldwide.

Speaking on his appointment, he said, “To now be creative chairman is both humbling and thrilling for me. BBDO is one network that truly believes in creativity, and I hope to continue to cultivate the creative spirit in our team, wherever we go, no matter what obstacles we may face moving forward.”

Meanwhile, Tan Tze Kiat, CEO at BBDO Asia, commented, “Guan Hin has played a key role in BBDO Singapore’s growth for the past 2 years. The wealth of knowledge he brings to the BBDO table, as well as his reputation for producing creative work that resonates with the right audiences, will continue to be vital to the growing success of BBDO Singapore in delivering results that matter to our clients.”

Recently, BBDO Singapore has named Melvin Kuek as the new chief executive officer.

Singapore — BBDO Singapore welcomes Melvin Kuek as their new CEO. In his new role, Kuek will push creative boundaries and drive greater results for the renowned advertising company.

Kuek holds an extensive understanding of the industry as he holds a career spanning 25 years. Additionally, Kuek has also held leadership positions at top integrated agencies and was a partner in two successful agency start-ups.

He has also recently been appointed vice-chairman of the Global Esports Federation’s Metaverse Council which aims to drive thought leadership and education by promoting the integration of esports and gaming with VR, Web3 and Web4 related technologies -a feat establishing his discipline to account for multiple responsibilities.

On his new journey, Kuek shares, “I am psyched and honoured to join and work with Guan Hin; a renowned creative leader and a great person as well. BBDO’s ethos is about “The Work. The Work. The Work” and this is 100% a belief I share and will continue to evangelize.”

“Having spent time immersed in the esports/gaming and also the Web3 space, I am looking forward to integrating my experience in these spaces to developing BBDO Singapore’s skillsets and offerings further to push boundaries,” adds Kuek.

Simultaneously, Guan Hin Tay, creative chairman of BBDO Singapore, said, “Kuek’s vast experience will add depth and innovative thinking. His understanding of future trends and ability to capitalise on what’s next will ensure our client’s business remains effective and relevant.”

Melvin will take up the position of CEO of BBDO Singapore effective immediately as the first Singaporean CEO to lead the agency in a while. Managing director Monica Hynds will be departing the agency at month’s end.

Meanwhile, Tan Tze Kiat, CEO of BBDO Asia, shared, “I couldn’t imagine a better choice for this role. Melvin has the perfect combination of industry experience with a passion for innovation, and in today’s market, innovation is key. I’m confident that Melvin’s background in the metaverse and dedication to embracing new trends will yield some really awesome work this year, that will not only feel fresh but also push into new creative frontiers.” 

Singapore – In line with the Year of the Tiger and on the rising issue of Bengal tigers being endangered in their natural habitat, non-profit organisation The Corbett Foundation (TCF) has launched its latest non-fungible token (NFT) initiative called ‘Generative NFTs to Regenerate our Tigers’.

Unlike other NFT campaigns that are focused on art and other media, TCF wanted to use NFTs for a meaningful purpose, raising awareness for TCF’s commitment to helping Bengal tigers roam free across greater areas of land so they can repopulate and regenerate their numbers, in turn conserving the vast biodiversity of the nature reserves they inhabit.

Just like how each tiger stripes are one-of-a-kind, and unique to each tiger, TCF and its partners decided to use the original and distinctive tiger stripe patterns of real tigers from The TCF reserve, as inspiration for the NFT to bring awareness to the continued efforts in regenerating the tiger population in India.

TCF worked with partners BBDO Singapore and artist radarboy3000 to create a limited series of 2,967 NFTs based on real unique tiger stripes and put them up for purchase. All proceeds will be donated to TCF.

According to the artist, the generative art of the NFT tigers uses an algorithm which generates unique works of art by taking data from photos of actual surviving tigers in the wild.

“Just like each tiger’s stripes are unique, so is each artwork. Tigers in captivity can never be re-introduced to the wild. So, it’s imperative we protect them and preserve their habitat. I designed the work to be meditative, slowly evolving and revealing – signifying what is broken and lost, but also as a strong message of hope: that these beautiful animals will re-generate in numbers and be allowed to roam freely,” the artists said.

Meanwhile, Kedar Gore, director at TCF, said that working with their partners to create beautifully dynamic pieces of NFT artwork from actual photographs of tigers really helps bring the crux of the issue to life, and with the help of the sale of these NFTs, the rejuvenation of wild tigers.

“The natural world constantly faces evolving threats, and amongst the vast number of species facing extinction includes the five species of tigers left. Having been at the forefront of tiger conservation in India for nearly 30 years, TCF wants to take a modern approach to creating opportunities for the community to bring a new hope to the last remaining tigers in the wild,” Gore said.

The NFTs will be listed on fxhash, an open platform that enables artists to create, mint, and collect generative NFTs. fxhash is powered by Tezos, a power-efficient blockchain driven to provide green, clean blockchain innovation and technology.

Each of the 2,967 NFTs will be sold for approximately 2 tez (equivalent to US$8) and the proceeds raised will be donated towards TCF’s continued conservation work to keep tigers alive, roaming and growing.

Singapore – ASEAN universal bank, CIMB, has unveiled its new brand direction – ‘Break free, bank differently’, which was done in partnership with advertising agency BBDO Singapore.

BBDO Singapore shared that it was tasked to push CIMB forward as more than just a trusted bank, but as one of the most preferred banks in Singapore. CIMB wanted to give the bank an edge that will entice without compromising its core values and services.

As part of the new brand direction campaign, BBDO has teamed up with production house, BDA, to execute two brand films, which were designed to resonate with prospective and existing customers which launched on 13th January 2022.

The first brand film features what happens when you break free from the rut of inefficient banking habits. It centers around a jovial CIMB protagonist – dressed in the signature red hues of CIMB – who inspires frustrated banking customers with the power of CIMB. To display this significant consumer epiphany, the film applies a dynamic transition that shows a ‘burst of life’.

Meanwhile, the second film aims to offer a change of pace for a different target demographic, which is the customers of CIMB’s priority banking service, CIMB Preferred.

Victor Lee, CIMB Singapore’s CEO, said, “Focusing on customer centricity and placing customers first – at the heart of everything we do, we aim to build a high-performing sustainable organization that will help advance both customers and society.”

Guan Hin Tay, BBDO Singapore’s chief creative officer, shared that in creating the campaign, they had to balance the execution by creating informative yet intriguing content to cover an extensive scope of key points while giving CIMB a strong brand personality that stands out from the clutter. 

“Throughout the content, the central protagonist – a character who exists in the same ‘CIMB world’ – lives a premium lifestyle while breaking the fourth wall, literally walking across frame borders to travel from one destination to another,” said Tay.

To complement these brand films, BBDO has also conceptualized several other deliverables to promote the ‘Break free, bank differently’ narrative in January 2022, including thematic key posters, disruptive vertical videos on social media, and interactive OOH advertisements that guided viewers to CIMB’s new outlet at CIMB Plaza, 30 Raffles Place in Singapore. In addition, the CIMB Preferred campaign will follow and is set to launch in March 2022.

Singapore – With remote work now grounded as the norm, ‘workplace horrors’ have taken on entirely different forms. This is the spotlight of BBDO Singapore’s new in-house campaign for Halloween. 

Titled ‘WFHalloween’, the campaign aims to let employees share their horror stories ever since the work-from-home setup has become their day-to-day. The campaign creatively uses creepy imagery formed through staple objects found in a remote work setting. 

For example, a Dracula formed by paper clips and a phone, which represents the anxious experience of getting a text from the boss in the middle of the night. Another is a Spider formed by messy computer wires. And lastly, ‘Scream’, a worn-out ominous electricity socket which stands for the intense fear employees get every time they put a plug, “only to realize it doesn’t work when your laptop shuts down in a crucial meeting.”

Singapore – Marking it as one of the global automotive brand’s biggest production for Singapore, Audi has recently launched the online premiere of their latest car model, the Audi e-tron GT, which puts a spotlight on Singapore’s well-known sights and lines such as the Gardens by the Bay and The Interlace building complex.

The premiere, made by creative agency BBDO Singapore and produced by film production house electriclimefilms, was directed by local director Juffrie Friday, and displayed some of the great feats of architecture around the country, as the team was given a rare opportunity to unleash the performance of the car as well as its beauty and futuristic design. The film demonstrated Audi’s vision for the future and marks a new era of electric mobility.

The film result is a combination of a 60-second campaign film alongside an on-stage experience, featuring local and international guests, including the experts who were part of the car’s development.

Audi e-tron GT is the brand’s flagship electric model, and it embodies the progressive attitude and demonstrates a new level of performance and driving experience that endears fans of the brand.

For Rudi Venter, head of marketing at Audi Singapore, their latest car model is their ‘brand shaper’, adding that it is important that they go beyond presenting the product to Singapore, and that this car is a crucial building block of their ambitions for the future, where they will play a leading role in shaping the transformation as current society heads into a new age of mobility.

“We want every aspect of the online premiere to be a reflection of our brand, both as a leading global premium car brand and as a proud and active stakeholder in Singapore. We believe that the concept and execution of this project set even higher expectations from consumers as they look forward to even more exciting developments from the Audi brand,” Venter said.

Meanwhile, Guan Hin Tay, chief creative officer at BBDO Singapore, commented that their latest work with Audi Singapore coincides with the fact that they felt ecstatic when they won the creative mandate for the automotive brand this year.

“To help launch Audi’s first fully electric sports car: The Audi e-tron GT is something BBDO is extremely privileged and excited about as it allows us to showcase how we were able to find a balance between using global content and creating local content that will appeal to our potential customers. All the footage was shot and edited to evoke excitement and local storytellers were selected to complement the unique features of the electric vehicle,” Tay added.

Lastly, Dora Claire David, senior producer at electriclimefilms, commented, “It was beyond a privilege being provided the opportunity to work hand in hand with the team at Audi Singapore and BBDO Singapore. From the get-go, the message was clear – it had to visually evoke Audi’s future vision for electric mobility. Every shot was thought out carefully, and all teams were hands-on through the creative process.”

Singapore – Xtremax, a cloud technology company, has recently appointed advertising company BBDO Singapore to take over its branding duties.

BBDO Singapore will aid Xtremax on creating new brand initiatives, as the tech company is currently hosting more than 500 government websites and has been a significant partner to a large number of Singapore’s government bodies.

According to Xtremax, BBDO Singapore’s appointment will help them spread the message of technology importance among Singapore institutions, vital in aiding Singapore to be a ‘Smart Nation’. 

“Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and be an efficient and impactful tool, but it can sometimes be overwhelming and overcomplicated, especially as it continues to evolve and change,” Xtremax said in a press statement.

Speaking about the appointment, Denise Kee, CEO at Xtremax, said, “Xtremax is a thought leader in the development of cloud tech space in Asia. However, few know our story. I am confident that with the appointment of BBDO Singapore as our brand agency, we will be able to tell that story to a global audience. Our story needs to be told.”

Meanwhile, Monica Hynds, general manager at BBDO Singapore, commented that their appointment by Xtremax is an ‘exciting’ space for them, not just from branding and creative perspective, but also from a business perspective, adding that the Singapore government has a clear vision for the country’s digital future.

“As our infrastructures change, we will be at the forefront, streamlining and adapting too. We join Singapore’s path to becoming a Smart Nation and look forward to contributing in the booming tech space – we couldn’t be more thrilled to do so by joining forces with XTREMAX, bringing our creative expertise to the big players in tech,” Hynds stated.