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Thai tourism authority’s new ad takes tourists on a cinematic journey of its tourist spots

Bangkok, Thailand – With the tourism industry in Thailand reopening recently, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a new campaign via BBDO Bangkok which depicts a trilogy of cinematic trailers, from adventure, to romance to an action-packed sci-fiction, where the viewer follows the different characters on their unique, but thrilling journeys through Thailand.

Knowing that tourists love to share their travel experiences on social media, BBDO Bangkok wanted to build on this and simply invite people to come to Thailand and “Write Their New Chapter” in cinematic style, as Thailand writes theirs.

This campaign is just the beginning of Tourism Authority of Thailand’s marketing push. Furthering the promotion of this new campaign, BBDO Bangkok is releasing thematic key visuals, Instagram filters in the style of movie release posters, and tour packages to encourage tourists to come to Thailand to create and share their new chapters using hashtags like #AmazingNewChapters and #AmazingThailand.

Speaking about the ad concept, Thasorn Boonyanate, chief creative officer at BBDO Bangkok told TAT that they are not coming here to pitch against other agencies, but rather to pitch against other countries. For him, travellers need to revisit Thailand to see that nature, hotels, and restaurants have revived.

“People love to record special moments on their phones, whether it’s a story on Instagram or a video on Facebook. Just like movie genres, what they capture can be adventure, romance, or pure comedy. Drawing inspiration from our campaign, and using tools like our new filters, we want them to take on the role of film producers, create and tell their stories, and share this chapter of their lives with the world,” Boonyanate said.

Meanwhile, Yuthasak Supasorn, governor at TAT, commented, Representing film, this latest TVC is a new approach we are taking to communicate the ‘Amazing New Chapters’ message and to engage tourists around the world through a cinematic perspective to show them Thailand has a multitude of holiday possibilities in which there is something for all.” 

He added, “We want to inspire tourists to explore our wonderful country and to create their own amazing chapters during their stay and premier these films with not just friends and family, but the rest of the world.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

This Thai ad for a skincare brand openly ‘admits’ to not able to understand teenagers

Bangkok, Thailand – In spite of hours of research and profile-building, advertising and brand marketers aren’t always able to get it right. This is the message the latest ad for skincare brand Clean & Clear brings to its Thai audience, delivered in a quirky and straightforward way.

Conceptualised alongside BBDO Bangkok, the ad starts by featuring all the things advertisers expect teens to like: slang, rap music, vibrant streetwear, and skateboards. Then the twist appears, revealing that the ad doesn’t appeal to and get teens at all, but the product does. 

Prior to the campaign release on June the 15th, BBDO Bangkok also released content further highlighting the topic that it doesn’t understand teenagers. From a social post that claims to get you, an Instagram filter that you just want to mock, to a new esports skin that you don’t know what to make of.

Speaking on the campaign release, Thasorn Boonyanate, chief creative officer at BBDO Bangkok, said, “Let’s not pretend that we understand this new generation of kids and admit that we don’t, by making an ad that doesn’t understand them at all. Thai teenagers love brands that speak sincerely to them, who aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Thasorn Boonyanate returns to BBDO Bangkok as CCO

Bangkok, Thailand – Thasorn Boonyanate, a creative veteran with over a decade of experience in the advertising and creatives industry, returns to BBDO Bangkok as its new chief creative officer.

The seasoned ad leader, who is also a musician, became part of the agency in his humble beginnings as a copywriter in 2021. In 2016, he moved to Shanghai and became BBDO Shanghai’s creative director. Boonyanate most recently comes from Wunderman Thompson as ECD. 

Boonyanate shared that the most important thing to an agency is when brands give enough playground and creative space in the collaboration. 

“This model also applies to how an agency team works together as well. Whenever you build trust among your teams, giving a “playground space for a brief” to planners, a “playground of negotiation and partnership” to client service teams, and a “playground of creativity” to creatives, then we will create work that all of us can feel proud as one team,” said Boonyanate.

Meanwhile, with the emergence of the metaverse world, Somkiat Larptanunchaiwong, CEO of BBDO Bangkok, believes that Boonyanate can help drive BBDO Bangkok to this up-and-coming world. 

“For BBDO Bangkok, creative is the heart and soul for creating smart and clever solutions for our clients. We need new energy that drives, motivates, and builds momentum for the Thai creative industry and Pete is the one. He is a leader of this new generation, a powerful creative, with a love of fresh work and fresh insight, hungry for the best work not only for awards but for real client solutions. He’s the one who pushes a local client to the global stage case by case… I believe this change will create excitement for the Thai advertising business indeed,” said Larptanunchaiwong.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Deepfake paves the way for finding ‘missing person’ in this Thai campaign

Bangkok, Thailand – In a move to raise awareness about long-lost persons in Thailand, non-profit organization The Mirror Foundation has collaborated with creative agency BBDO Bangkok in creating its latest campaign of showing ‘missing persons’ through deepfake technology.

Deepfake technology is generally looked to as synthetic media wherein someone’s face in a video is replaced with that of somebody else’s. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, a video is manipulated to make it look like the person really appears to be who he or she is. .

The campaign, titled ‘The Missing Person Reporters’ shows the utilization of the persona of famous Thai personalities such as news reporter Tha Pipoauh where faces of the current missing person are edited to their bodies, and to make it show as if the missing person has now come alive. This then makes it possible to create a more alarming call for help, where the missing person is now able to announce himself that he is missing.

Despite the unusual approach of the campaign, The Mirror Foundation hopes that through it, viewers become more willing to help out in reported missing person cases, and be encouraged to be watchful of any possible help that can be given. 

“The Missing Person Reporters project creates a massive impact and impression on the public, beyond any ordinary missing-person report could. It ensures whoever’s watching remembers the missing persons’ faces and looks out for them in public, helping with the search to bring them home,” BBDO Bangkok said in a press statement.

For BBDO Bangkok, it is high time that ‘deepfakes’, known recently to be used in a negative light such as pornography, fake news, and hoaxes, be now used for the good: in this case raising awareness of missing persons.

Founded in 1991, The Mirror Foundation primarily operates for the benefit of hill tribes in Thailand such as promoting human rights, awareness on drug abuse, erosion of culture, and the trafficking of women and children.

The deepfake technology used was created in collaboration with Kunana, who shared that they are now able to perform the animated face swap with only one image of the missing person. As a result, this is the first time that missing person can call out for help by themselves on live TV and social media channels.

“Like many technologies, Deepfake has the potential to be utilized for both good and bad things. This project represents one of many possibilities to use advanced technology for a good cause and we are so glad that we could play a part in bringing this important cause to the forefront in a helpful and innovative way,” said Anuwat Nitipanont, CCO of BBDO Bangkok.