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WiredCo. launches new PR offering WireCast

Australia – WiredCo., an Australia-based advertising agency, recently announced the launch of their new digital PR offering named WireCast.

WireCast is developed by Founder and Managing Director Angela Hampton and Partner David Kennedy-Cosgrove, as well as Managing Partner and co-owner Michelle Hampton

With WireCast, the company aims to spotlight earned media in top-table strategy discussions. 

“Our digital campaigns get supercharged whenever earned media is integrated so we’ve created an offering that not only amplifies what we already do but also elevates PR to play a much more meaningful role,” said Michelle.

On what inspired her to develop WireCast, Michelle said, “WireCast is our optimised earned media offering that’s measurable. We created it to try and tackle what’s held the industry back from the same level of growth and progression as other marketing disciplines.”

She added, “Measurement is still a big issue when it comes to earned media and many marketers continue to view it as a single channel, single purpose ‘add-on tool’.”

Moreover, WiredCo. wants to elevate earned media for brands by emphasizing WireCast’s competitive advantage of tapping into the smarts of performance marketing and SEO systems.

“So by addressing what’s been holding earned media back, there’s enormous potential for significant growth,” Michelle added.

WiredCo., previously known as The Wired Agency, is an award-winning digital and creative agency that offers tailored media experiences, content creation, and consumer research services, amongst others.