Bangkok, Thailand – Boonthavorn, a Thai home improvement retailer, collaborated with VML Thailand to show consumers how easy it is to turn their most inventive home design ideas into reality with the release of a riveting new film. 

With the title “Ideas Come to Life,” the brand’s latest video demonstrates its dedication to bringing any idea to life, no matter how unusual. Customers are challenged to push the boundaries of their inventiveness in their living spaces and to aim for lofty goals.

Boonthavorn, Thailand’s home renovation, aims to transform the home improvement market by enabling clients to reimagine their living areas and transforming their imaginations into vivid, real-world experiences in their day-to-day lives. 

Speaking about the campaign, Park Wannasiri, chief creative officer at VML Thailand, said, “The new campaign challenges consumers across Thailand to think outside the box and explore limitless possibilities for their homes. Whether it’s a whimsical concept or a daring architectural feat, Boonthavorn pledges to turn any idea into a breath-taking reality.” 

Meanwhile, Chanat Choochart, deputy managing director for digital business & branding, Boonthavorn, stated, “We have been working with VML Thailand for some time now, and continue to launch successful campaigns together, including our 2022 ‘Live Your Way’ campaign. With even greater and better consumer insights, the new ‘Ideas Come Alive’ campaign underlines our paradigm shift from a specialty store to an ‘ideas store’, boasting a high-calibre team of room stylists, professional designers and well-versed salespeople, and highlighting our creative use of AI technology to increase efficiency and take customer experience at Boonthavorn stores to the next level – all because we love to see your ideas come alive.”

Bangkok, Thailand – Celebrating its 40th anniversary, KFC Thailand has launched the first-ever Spicy Relief Hotline to support Thai diners who will try their intensely spicy but limited edition ‘Kai Jai Ded’ menu. 

Made in partnership with VML Thailand, the Spicy Relief Hotline (+66 2793 3111) is KFC Thailand’s creative take on providing help to Thai spice lovers to conquer the burn and enjoy the thrill of intense heat like never before from their ‘Kai Jai Ded’ menu. 

The Spicy Relief Hotline offers callers two unique approaches to calming the burn. For callers who want to vent it out, they can press ‘0’, and they will be directed to trained professionals who are ready to offer support, advice, and even a listening ear should they wish to vent their spicy-induced frustrations. 

On the other hand, callers who prefer a more introspective experience can press ‘1’ to relax and recharge through an automated system that delivers random spicy relief sounds, including calming classical music, soothing nature ASMR, and meditative sounds to ease the fiery sensation.

‘Kai Jai Ded’ is KFC Thailand’s limited edition menu designed to set every diner’s taste buds on fire, leaving them sweating and shedding tears but also craving for more. The menu has been on hiatus for two years and is now making a fiery comeback due to fervent fan demands.

The deliciously hot menu has received love from fans, with some dialling the hotline for a little dollop of relief after their burning bite. 

Suhayl Limbada, chief marketing officer at KFC Thailand, said, “With 40 years in business, KFC Thailand is determined to captivate spicy enthusiasts across the nation with ‘Kai Jai Ded,’ creating a shared experience of unstoppable, addictive heat through our unique and distinctive taste.”