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VaynerMedia APAC’s VJ Anand to be promoted to EMEA role

Singapore – VJ Anand, current head of creative for VaynerMedia APAC, will be promoted to executive creative director of EMEA. As part of the promotion, Anand will relocate to London to perform his role. The new role takes effect in November this year.

During his previous APAC role, he managed creative teams across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and India, leading projects for PepsiCo and Prudential.

Speaking on his new appointment, he said, “I will really miss the APAC team, but I leave immensely proud that they are all rocketships and working with some of the world’s best brands. We have such a unique approach to creative and marketing and I am excited to scale it and bring my experience and a fresh perspective from APAC. Here’s to exploring and building original, cutting-edge models of creativity with Daisy and the rest of the team in EMEA.”

Meanwhile, as part of EMEA leadership appointments, current head of client partnership Daisy Domenghini is promoted to the role of managing director for EMEA. During her previous role, she led the addition of Durex, Zalando, and Indeed as clients. Prior to VaynerMedia, Daisy was global client MD at The Engine Group. 

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, At VaynerMedia, we take great pride in promoting and relocating talent. Since joining last year, Daisy has demonstrated exceptional qualities of being a great leader, truly understanding our integrated model of having creative and media working seamlessly together.” 

He added, “VJ joined VaynerMedia APAC at its inception in 2019 and has helped grow the office to over 250 people strong. I am confident that their partnership will propel our rapidly expanding presence in EMEA.”

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VaynerMedia in APAC unveils newly elevated creative directors

Singapore – Global creative and media agency VaynerMedia has bolstered its leadership in APAC with a slew of elevations in its creative team.

Former Creative Directors Mae Ong and JY Lay are now both Group Creative Directors, while previously Associate Creative Directors Krystle Morais and William Beale now hold the position of Creative Director.

Tim Lindley, managing director of VaynerMedia for APAC, said that they strive to build the most contemporary creative and media agency in the world, and this entails finding and nurturing people who are determined “to change the game.”

“We are proud of our 250+ strong VaynerMedia team across the APAC region and will do everything we can to help them build their careers. We congratulate everyone who has been promoted. This includes our next generation of creative leaders like JY Lay, Mae Ong, Krystle Morais, William Beale, and many other talented folks across functions,” said Lindley.

The creative leads will be reporting to VJ Anand, Head of Creative and Managing Partner. All the newly promoted creative leaders are based in Singapore, except for Morais who’s based in Thailand.

The agency said that aside from the four new senior promotions, there are more recent elevations that have been implemented across the company.

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Pepsi’s new regional campaign captures authenticity of Gen Zs at home

Singapore – In a big step of veering away from the typical family-around-the-dinner-table setting of beverage commercials, global cola brand Pepsi has launched a new APAC-wide campaign called, ‘This is a Pepsi Home’, which aims to incorporate a current social media vibe when it comes to the campaign’s food photography style.

The campaign, which was developed in collaboration with creative and media agency VaynerMedia, was all about capturing the way people eat in the comfort of their homes while binge-watching K-dramas or throwing fried chicken parties with friends. It kicks off with an anthem film, followed by a host of social media content, and TikTok activation, as well as OOHs, and sampling activities, amongst others.

According to Pepsi, based on the insight that people are their most authentic selves when they’re at home–hello, late-night instant noodles in pajamas, the campaign’s goal is to create a stronger association between Pepsi and meal moments. These moments might be messy, chaotic and imperfect, but that’s where Pepsi belongs.

Steve Romasanta, PepsiCo’s senior marketing director for Asia, said, “‘This is a Pepsi Home’ campaign speaks with our core Gen Z audience through an authentic and relatable lens. It’s not pretentious and is all about being at home with who you are, especially over mealtimes with Pepsi. We are thrilled about this launch, and look forward to many exciting online and offline activities as part of the campaign.”

Meanwhile, Krystle Morais, associate creative director at VaynerMedia APAC, stated, “Pepsi is a dream brand to work on, and we had a great strategy around people being their true selves at home. If you think about it, your home is one of the few places in the world where nobody can judge you. It’s also a state of mind! We felt like a lot of people could relate to that. We had so much fun tapping into our own personal experiences, bringing this campaign to life.”

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VaynerMedia appoints Marc Langenfeld as head of media for APAC

Singapore – Creative and media agency VaynerMedia has appointed Marc Langenfeld as the head of media for Asia-Pacific, where he will serve as a strategic partner to clients, and help further build the agency’s integrated services in the region.

He will be reporting to VaynerMedia APAC Managing Director, Tim Lindley.

Langenfeld brings in over 12 years of experience in the APAC region. Most recently, he was the APEX regional lead at Publicis Media APAC and has worked with dentsu and Carat in various regional capacities. 

Speaking on his appointment, he said, “I was immediately drawn to VaynerMedia’s operating model, a truly integrated solution across creative, media, strategy and analytics. I cannot wait to work with the incredible clients and talent already at VaynerMedia and continue to build upon the growth of the media practice in APAC.”

Meanwhile, Lindley commented, “When we met Marc we knew we’d stumbled across a rare talent. His strategic thinking is second to none, and he partners that with deep technical expertise and an empathetic leadership quality that just makes you want to follow him and learn from him. Our integrated approach is key to driving relevance at scale, and with Marc leading the media charge I have no doubt that our growth and impact in the region will continue to thrive.”

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Subway’s “More Meat, Less Marketing” campaign gains traction in Malaysia

Malaysia – Come September, the Subway brand in Southeast Asia surprised audiences with a unique take on its marketing campaign – that is, a promotional messaging that targets marketing itself: “More meat, less marketing.”

The campaign was launched in the region-bound countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, and in Malaysia, the campaign has gained impressive traction within the first month since its launch.

VaynerMedia APAC, the creative brains behind the campaign, shared to MARKETECH APAC, that from the campaign’s release until November to date, digital posts have reached a 7% average engagement rate.

The star of the campaign – Subway’s new Meat Stack – is its sub, packed with chicken strips, tender chicken slices, pepperoni, smokey salami, and fresh veggies. The campaign’s aim is to drive home the message that in order to give the best-valued fresh sub, Subway spent all its budget on cooking up the new item with very little left for marketing.

Much like the long-running joke of “honest movie titles,” and “honest advertisements,” the campaign pokes at the elephant in the room in the business of marketing, where some brands prefer to build on glamorous branding rather than improve the product itself. 

Subway’s “More meat, less marketing” campaign is a 360 marketing initiative. Digital banners and videos have been rolled out on the different markets’ Subway social media channels. On Subway Malaysia’s Facebook page, banners bearing the hashtags #NoBudgetForMarketing #InsertHashtagHere #NoMoneyForHashtag #NoBudgetForTVC are being posted regularly. 

In an October 12 post, Subway Malaysia published a video with the description, “Meat lovers, rejoice! Marketing folks – look away! ‘Cos we’ve spent all our marketing budget stuffing more meat into our all-new Meat Stack.” The video shows a “behind the scenes” editing of the Meat Stack banner, being created in elementary “PowerPoint’” style. 

Meanwhile, another quirky Facebook post shows an image of the new sub with the copy, “You Win Some (meat), You Lose Some (advertising).”

Another post was also published, similarly shining on the battle between good product and good advertising, with a GIF showing a scoreboard, where the new sub gains a point vs no points for marketing. 

VaynerMedia shared that as of current, the campaign has garnered 310k impressions in Malaysia, with a total of 9k engagement of comments, shares, and reactions. Reshares have also amounted to 695.

Of the concept, VaynerMedia APAC’s Executive Creative Director VJ Anand said, “In the marketing industry, we often joke about creating ads using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or MS Paint. We took these jokes and made it a reality because it was a fun approach which made sense with a product like the value-for-money Meat Stack. Add to that the current realities of our industry which has been facing year-long budget cuts, and you have a marketing campaign that’s real, relevant, and talkable.”

A number of Malaysians expressed their appreciation for the marketing move, with one commenting on Facebook, “I love this [idea], more for customer, less for advertiser.”

Another also wrote, “So far, Subway has been the only one calling out what it is. Liking the self-depreciation campaign you’re doing,” alongside enthusiastic emojis of a thumbs-up, and clapping hands. 

Aside from socials, the campaign also takes form in point-of-purchase materials and out-of-home bus ads, particularly in Singapore. In the Lion city, the messaging was adapted in the form of half designed ads, with the catchy copy “[Subway] could only afford half an ad.”

VaynerMedia said the campaign is set to run until early January 2021. 

Hang Ee Laine, Subway’s head of marketing for Southeast Asia said, “We are excited to connect with our guests through a fresh, fun, and light-hearted campaign. We created a delicious sub, and wanted to tell a story in a way that would make people smile.”