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Cartoon Network launches #TomAndJerryBdayBash to commemorate 82 years of non-stop wonder

Mumbai, India — Since its inception in 1940, the furry duo of Tom and Jerry has captivated fans all around the globe with its immersive and unforgettable storylines. Most of the children who grew up watching their adventures and antics have a special place in their hearts for the tandem. To rekindle those memories, Cartoon Network, a WarnerMedia Kids channel, launched a social media campaign to celebrate the 82nd birthday of Tom and Jerry in India.

The campaign was done in collaboration with Cartoon Network’s recently appointed social media marketing agency Chimp&z Inc, an alliance of Merge Infinity Global. The show’s birthday celebration was executed for brand and franchise amplification across social media platforms Facebook and Instagram with multiple social media activations to engage with fans across the country.

Tom and Jerry’s birthday campaign included a mix of brand collaborations and UGC-led content to organically increase the overall digital footprint of Cartoon Network. The campaign was divided into three segments: pre-birthday, birthday, and after-party.

The first segment, the pre-birthday activity ‘I see Tom and Jerry’, was a series of 3 stories where users were asked to share pictures of anything that reminded them of Tom and Jerry using the ‘Add Yours’ feature on Instagram Stories.

For the birthday, on 10 Feb, multiple brands from various sectors namely Parle G, Tata Play, Vinod Cookware, MuscleXP, Man Arden, Curious Cat Company, Feline Club of India, Portronics India, Yellophant, and many more joined the celebration with the 2nd part, ‘#LetItSlide’, where they uploaded unfortunate mishaps they would let slide just to wish the duo a happy birthday.

The campaign ended with an after-party themedTom and Jerry Get The Cherry where users were given the opportunity to decorate Tom and Jerry’s home with a single tap on their mobile screen. The story would display Tom and Jerry’s room with text and decorative items.

According to Chimp&z Inc, the campaign has garnered a total of 2,14,100+ reach and 2,25,400+ impressions leading to an increase in Cartoon Network India’s Instagram follower base by 3000+ within a week. The official handle of Cartoon Network on Instagram posted a wrap-up Reel to showcase how the celebrations unfurled.

Last January, Cartoon Network has unveiled its latest brand experience called ‘Redraw Your World’ for its APAC market.