Singapore – Popular online food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has launched a new campaign called ‘Double Tips, Double Love’, aimed at spotlighting the importance of delivery partners’ role in the delivery ecosystem. 

Said campaign is currently live in the Philippines and will be launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia throughout April, and is estimated to impact more than 124,000 delivery partners. 

During the campaign period, foodpanda will match every dollar delivery partners receive in tips from customers on the app, so they earn twice the amount of tips. As with all tips that customers give to delivery partners through the app, all of the tips earned will be fully credited to delivery partners’ accounts. 

Bhavani Mishra, director of logistics for APAC at foodpanda, said that with their delivery riders being the backbone of their operations, their welfare is extremely important for them.

“The ‘double tips, double love’ campaign is one of the many ways that foodpanda shows appreciation for our delivery partners. During this period, delivery partners have the opportunity to earn double the amount of tips from customers – and all tips go fully to the delivery partners. Through this, we hope that our delivery partners feel supported and motivated – we really can’t thank them enough for their hard work daily,” Mishra said.

First introduced in 2021 at the height of the pandemic, the tipping feature on foodpanda was a safe and convenient way for customers to show their appreciation for delivery partners. 

“The ‘double tips, double love’ campaign adds on to the ever-growing list of initiatives that we organise for our delivery partners to create a positive working environment for them. Through this, we want to spotlight the dedication and effort that they continuously give for each order, and make it known that we, together with our customers, see and appreciate all that they do to make on-demand shopping possible,” Mishra added.