Singapore – Tinder, the dating app, has launched a new phase of its global campaign, “It Starts With a Swipe,” featuring the most beautiful meet-cutes: the first messages of actual couples who met on Tinder and are now in a relationship. 

The campaign reimagines the romance and serendipity of vintage romantic films from the perspective of contemporary dating in a number of new video spots. Because meet-cutes on Tinder occur frequently, the campaign features singles meeting in classic rom-com circumstances. The conversation is based on the actual initial messages of couples who met on the app. 

In the post-pandemic environment, people are looking for deeper, more genuine ties. Younger individuals who grew up in digital environments now have a soft spot for the real-life “meet-cutes” of vintage comedies and films. Though some people long for the romantic moments of the past, contemporary daters may find the antics and silliness of classic rom-com scenarios to be a bit much.

The campaign highlights the modern meet-cute as a digital-first experience, complete with all the excitement, awkwardness, and sparks of any first interaction, by using real couples’ initial texts.

One of the films, titled “Rescue,” is inspired by genuine Tinder chats between Samantha and John and stars Lana Condor and Evan Mock. It imagines Samantha and John’s first interaction if they had met in person. In a library, Samantha falls from a ladder while reaching for a book, and John saves her just in time in a classic meet-cute scene reminiscent of the rom-com genre. Samantha then blunders through a succession of sentences, with floating message bubbles displaying her actual typos from a Tinder conversation with John.

The next film, named “Rain,” is based on actual Tinder communications between Kate and Lain. In this scenario, Kate and Lain meet in a field of flowers after a thunderstorm. One continues to explain the specifics of her astrological birth chart to the other, who simply responds, “So hot.” They embrace beneath separating clouds, revealing the message bubbles from their initial Tinder conversation. 

“Taxi,” based on actual Tinder communications between Danielle and Matthew, depicts Danielle and Matthew colliding while hailing the same yellow cab. After starting a discussion with a ridiculous pickup line, Matthew nervously repeats himself, with floating message bubbles exposing how the encounter began with an unintentional “double send” on Tinder. 

Starting on July 8, the new “It Starts With a Swipe” video advertisements will be available everywhere on digital and streaming platforms. 

Along with the new campaign, Tinder will relaunch its popular Single Summer Series for the second year in a row, with events in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, and Nashville. Tinder users in these cities will receive in-app alerts asking them to join the Single Summer Series events throughout the summer. Throughout the summer, the campaign will expand into APAC regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. 

Speaking about the campaign, Stephanie Danzi, SVP of marketing at Tinder, said, Daters today are nostalgic for the meet-cutes they’ve seen in old rom-coms. But the reality is that the rom-com meet-cute is the exception, not the rule. Tinder is where modern-day meet-cutes happen — just ask the millions of couples who have met on Tinder. A new relationship starts every three seconds, thanks to Tinder. This campaign celebrates those millions of relationships, and we were honoured to build creative inspired by real first messages from real Tinder couples.” 

Meanwhile, Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer at Tinder, said, “Only 8% of offline daters say it’s easy for them to find a date IRL, and so many missed out on opportunities to connect in the midst of the pandemic. At Tinder, we want to empower our users to find meaningful connections that carry into IRL.”

Seoul, Korea – Tinder has unveiled its latest local brand campaign in Korea, which celebrates and caters to the authentic self-expression and choices of Gen Z’s.

Building on Tinder’s “There’s no wrong choice, Tinder.” brand message in Korea, the campaign focuses on Gen Z’s quest for honesty and authenticity through real-life stories of one of Korea’s rising stars, in addition to real stories of actual Tinder users.

In the campaign video, Korean actress Jeon Jong-seo unapologetically showcases her distinct personality with a promise to share all aspects of herself as an actress and as an individual.

Whether it’s love, friendship, or an undefined relationship, the subsequent three campaign videos showcase real-life stories of Korean users who have found new connections on Tinder, illustrating the possibilities of anyone finding a significant other or friend on Tinder.

The campaign takes inspiration from the new generation of Gen Z daters who are known for expressing themselves more and being authentically honest in showing who they truly are to others, according to Tinder’s 2023 “Year In Swipe” report.

The campaign in Korea will run through April 30, and four campaign videos, including one by Jeon will be available on Tinder’s official channels for Korea, including the Tinder app, YouTube, and Instagram.

Talking about the campaign, Daniel Kim, VP of Marketing, Asia at Tinder, said, “Tinder’s latest brand campaign in Korea celebrates this generation’s self-expression and authenticity. At Tinder, we are passionate about creating a space where every individual can showcase their true selves fearlessly, knowing that they’re embraced and celebrated just as they are. With this new local campaign, we’re proud to champion authenticity as the cornerstone of meaningful relationships.”

With this campaign in mind, Tinder continues to connect  strongly with Gen Z singles across the APAC region. “There’s no wrong choice, Tinder,” in Korea follows Tinder’s first local “It Starts With A Swipe” campaign in Southeast Asia that debuted in Vietnam, illustrating how this generation of young adult singles are looking for endless possibilities. The “Love Is With Others” brand campaign in Japan similarly celebrates young adults seeking new possibilities and encourages them to look for joy, laughter, and sadness with someone else to make every day special.

Singapore – With the Lunar New Year festivities and Valentine’s Day occurring within the same month, Tinder has decided to launch a Lunar New Year pop-astro guide for singles on how each Chinese Zodiac sign matches and chats on the dating app.

Made possible in collaboration with Singapore based second-generation Feng Shui astrologer Clement Lim from Kang Li Feng Shui, Tinder’s guide shares tips and insights for singles to enhance their dating luck during the peak season.

The guide mainly suggests points wherein certain zodiac signs are highly likely to have a specific trait or approach to using Tinder. For instance, the guide claims that the Rooster, Dog, and Pig sign are the most active signs on Tinder.

Furthermore, the guide also goes into detail about more dating app behaviours such as which signs like to play it cool, which signs have popular profiles, which signs are looking for long-term relationships, what signs are figuring it out, and what signs are most likely to match.

Talking about the guide, Lim said, “In the Year of the Dragon, young adult singles can expect their dating journeys to be as spirited as a dragon’s flight. daters should embrace opportunities to connect meaningfully as this year promises compatible matches to those who share common passions as the Dragon’s energetic aura fans the flames of romance.”

“As young adult singles explore the possibilities of romance and relationships, their friends and family can also act as a compass and cheerleaders. With their combined wisdom and insights, hopeful singletons will feel supported whilst navigating their dating journeys,” he added.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Following the last year’s roll-out of Tinder’s first-ever global campaign, ‘It Starts With a Swipe’, the dating app is bringing to Vietnam a series of locally produced short videos exploring the brand’s global message.

This locally conceptualised and produced take on the brand’s narrative in Southeast Asia celebrates the vibrant possibilities that Tinder offers its users. As Tinder continues to redefine the narrative around dating, Vietnam’s It Starts with a Swipe campaign celebrates modern dating experiences and milestones amongst young adult Vietnamese daters today.

The series of three videos will showcase different concepts of romance possibilities from sharing a single goodnight kiss that develops into a long-term relationship, forming a youthful friendship that evolves into a lifetime of shared personal growth, and finding a partner to share all your adventures and seasons with.

In partnership with VMLY&R Vietnam, the campaign launches in the midst of dating’s Peak Season which falls between January 1 and February 14 each year and also coincides with Vietnam’s biggest holiday season Têt, as young Vietnamese singles continue bringing their new year energy to refresh their dating goals and intentions.

Inspired by this new generation of daters, the campaign not only celebrates a diversity of relationship possibilities, but also genders and orientations to reflect the fluid and inclusive attitude that is inherent to Tinder.

Talking about the campaign, Daniel Kim, vice president of marketing, APAC at Tinder, said, “Tinder doesn’t tell you who or how to date, but we power all kinds of possibilities. We welcome all types of people and relationships whether they last for a few messages exchanged on the app, a day, a night, or a lifetime. No matter what kind of possibility you are looking for, It Starts with A Swipe.”

APAC – Tinder and its parent company, Match Group have released their latest ad campaign featuring Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett to help remind users how to avoid online financial scams and toxic behaviours. 

The campaign follows Tinder’s recent in-app safety messages that rolled out across Southeast Asia as well as the public awareness campaign Match Group launched in January to help remind users of ways everyone can protect themselves from online scams.

In the campaign, Bennett reminds audiences to be aware of how the people you meet through the app can sometimes be romance scammers and toxic manipulators, portraying examples such as ‘love-bombers’, ‘money seekers’, and ‘posturers’. 

Talking about the campaign, Bennett said, “Fans have a lot of fun celebrating all their favourite memes and quotes every October 3, but it’s also important that we can take this day to acknowledge some important lessons about how we interact with others online. We want everyone to continue to recognise this day, while also being more aware of the types of common behaviours of online scammers to watch out for.”

Stephanie Danzi, SVP of global marketing at Tinder, also mentioned,  “At Tinder, we are proud to lead on safety efforts and create campaigns that are both beneficial and culturally relevant that can help drive more awareness and make dating safer on our app and across online platforms.”

“On World Romance Scam Prevention Day, we are educating our users of all ages on ways to protect themselves, so they do not fall victim to online fraudulent scams,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Kathy Waters, executive director, Advocating Against Romance Scammers, commented, “Advocating Against Romance Scammers created this day to help bring together every global entity affected by the scams to increase awareness and help others understand the severity of the controlled manipulation in order for the fraud to succeed. We appreciate that Match Group and Tinder have joined our efforts and are doing their part to help raise awareness for their users on their platforms.”

Australia – Online dating app Tinder has launched ‘Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition”, the latest iteration of its dating dictionary, in Australia to help educate Aussies on key consent terms and phrases.

The new dating dictionary is a product of Tinder’s collaboration with Chanel Contos, the founder and CEO of Teach Us Consent, a campaign that was responsible for mandating consent education in Australia.

‘Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition aims to serve as an educational guide and resource to both give and get consent for people navigating the world of dating. 

Within the new edition of the dictionary, people can find definitions of consent terms and examples of incorporating consent checks and phrases into their dating journey. It will provide daters with phrases to help them ask for, give, and revoke consent throughout the different stages of dating.

Tinder’s move to launch the dictionary is rooted in the results of its latest research conducted with YouGov, where it found that only 55% of Gen Z and Millennial dating app users are confident that they’re very knowledgeable about consent. 

The release of ‘Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition’ is a prelude to a much bigger dating guide coming to Australia later this month called School of Swipe.

Tinder first launched School of Swipe in Singapore as the first-ever crash course in online dating. The online resource will offer guidance on the online-to-offline dating journey, including the latest dating terms and all the way through to safety, consent, and creating respectful behaviours with dating.

Commenting on the collaboration, Contos said, “I’m incredibly passionate about advancing consent education here in Australia, and it applies to all adults. I am proud to be part of creating this new consent guide with Tinder for adults exploring the possibilities of dating. I believe that language is one of our most important tools. You can’t understand something, you can’t practise it properly, and you can’t prevent something if you can’t name it. The Consent Edition of Tinder’s Dating Dictionary is a great step in improving the way we talk about consent in Australia, especially for young daters.”

Meanwhile, Kirsty Dunn, spokesperson for Tinder Australia, said, “So many of today’s dating interactions start with a SwipeTM, but we want these to be safe and consensual, above all. Respect has always been at Tinder’s core, starting with mutual matching, which requires both users to express interest before chatting, as well as our suite of trust and safety features. We know that safety is complex and personal and consent is much more than permission and rules, so we hope this guide helps daters navigate dating and foster healthy relationships.” 

Japan – Global online dating and matching app Tinder unveils a brand new campaign titled “愛は他人と” (Love is with others) that aims to encourage single young adults in Japan to try online dating in seeking out new possibilities in life.

The campaign celebrates young single Gen Zs as they embrace online dating to find friendship, love, or community. It also encourages them to look for joy, laughter, and even sadness with someone else to make every day special. 

Tinder’s “愛は他人と” campaign will also feature celebrated Japanese influencers like comedian Yuriyan Retriever, businessman and talent ROLAND, video creator Kemio, and model Michi. 

The influencers will be joining the campaign to introduce young Japanese singles to the world of digital dating by speaking about their own unique online encounters. Throughout the campaign, the four of them will be supported by people of all ages and genders who have had diverse experiences and unique encounters by being open to meeting someone new and spreading the message of “愛は他人と” in their own words and expressions.

The online dating app’s campaign is anchored on its latest surveys of Japanese adult singles ages 18–29.

Young adults in Japan today are embracing new experiences, connections, and self-discovery. 

According to the survey, young Japanese singles are choosing online connections over traditional matching to meet new people, and this is reflected in the data, with 52% of Gen Z matching app users in Japan saying that they are interested in seeing who they might meet on matching apps, and more than one-third (35%) saying that they use matching apps to find a long-term partner with the intention of marriage. 

The data also showed that the number of young adult singles in Japan between the ages of 18 and 29 who say that they have recently gone on a date with someone they met on a matching app has more than doubled. 

The app further revealed that 40% of Japanese Gen Z users on Tinder say that they are looking for a long-term relationship. 

Qu Zhao, country manager at Tinder Japan, said, “Young singles in Japan are choosing to come online on Tinder to find new possibilities in matching whether it be friends, romantic love, or community. They are questioning traditional views and are embracing experiences on their own terms with their own expressions and their own meaningful encounters.” 

Qu further adds, “With this new campaign ‘愛は他人と’ , Tinder celebrates the power of making a new connection on the app to share experiences with others in a fun and safe way.”

Singapore – Popular dating app Tinder has rolled out a new public awareness campaign to safeguard users in Southeast Asia against romance scams. The in-app campaign is part of Tinder’s commitment to ensure the platform provides a safe space where users can make meaningful connections.

From August 28 to September 10, Tinder users will receive an alert upon launching the Tinder app, where they can get directed to more information on how they can stay cautious of romance scams on the app. The campaign will also be accompanied by in-app inbox messages and push notifications. 

In Singapore, Tinder users will be directed to Scam Alert SG – a resource supported by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF). The comprehensive guide will serve to remind Tinder users to be alert and aware as they look to make new connections online. 

Meanwhile, in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, users can browse tips on Tinder’s Romance Scam resource that details actions they can take to protect themselves from online scams. This includes insights on the frequent methods of a romance scammer, alongside a list of Tinder’s suite of in app safety tools that can help fight fraud, including reporting and verification tools and more. 

Users can also access their local Tinder’s Safety Centre, an evolving in-app section dedicated to keeping daters informed about safety features while providing guides, tools and resources.

Earlier this year, Tinder’s parent company Match Group announced that its companies are continuing making investments to enhance machine learning tools that proactively detect, prevent and remove spam across Match Group’s global portfolio.

Additionally, nearly 5 million bots and spam accounts have been removed between January and March 2023 — before the accounts gained access to the platform or shortly after signup, in an effort to prevent potential harm. 

Papri Dev, vice president for APAC communications at Tinder, said, “Our goal is to make Tinder the safest place to meet new people online. Financial and romance scams can be highly sophisticated, and scammers are constantly working to find new ways to take advantage of others. We are committed to continuously work to evolve our own efforts to help prevent them.”

She added, “While these scams can and do occur on all online platforms, we recognise we can do more to help daters protect themselves from potential scams. Through education and information, we hope to help our users feel more confident in making new connections in more fun and safer ways.”

The pandemic has interrupted face-to-face social interactions, but it did not stop people from wanting to have social connections. Tinder recorded more than 3 billion swipes on March 29, 2020, which sets the highest single-day record in the history of the dating app. For Bumble, video and voice call usage has increased by 21 percent during the pandemic. As people stayed indoors due to state-imposed lockdowns, users are leveraging the messaging and video calling features of online dating apps to meet new people and expand their social circle.

With the increasing internet penetration rate, the Asia Pacific (APAC) market is catching up with other regions in terms of dating app usage. According to market research, APAC will show the highest growth rate by the year 2025. While the opportunities for growth in the online dating industry are significant, companies within the sector must take steps to know what works for mobile marketing in this emerging and highly-competitive market. A strategy that focuses on user acquisition, monetization, and retention will play a vital role in determining the success or failure of a dating app.

Knowing the app users’ behavior is a critical step. Online dating apps should find the right technology and leverage the data that they have to reach their target audience, and provide a user experience that is fun, unique and responsive. Brands that make data-driven decisions are more inclined to see a remarkable difference in parameters such as the number of users, session lengths, and engagement.

Here are some tips for marketers to improve their online dating app’s overall performance:

1. Find the right time to engage with users 

Anonymized user data from mobile measurement company Adjust’s top dating apps for the year 2020 shows that installs and sessions are highest on weekends. Installs begin to pick up on Fridays and are seen to be at the highest on Saturdays. Time spent within the apps is also significantly higher on weekends as shown in the spike of session length on Saturdays compared to other days of the week. Finding the right opportunity to engage with the target audience and users is crucial in improving installs and increasing user retention rates. By looking at data, online dating apps can adapt a marketing plan that can help achieve the desired results.

2. Keep the interest high

Session length spikes early for dating apps, which suggests that users of the app start looking at matches and interact with potential partners upon download. When compared with gaming or news apps, the session lengths increase as the users become more familiar with the game or begin to appreciate the benefits of the news app. However, for online dating apps, the initial buzz can wear off quickly and session length starts to drop off towards day 30. Online dating apps need to consider this difference in usage patterns to improve user engagement. Personalized, impactful, and perfectly-timed push notifications are a tried and tested approach that encourages and motivates users to come back into the app. By leveraging data, online dating apps can effectively segment users and tweak the frequency of the message to achieve optimal results.

3. Understand what brought the users to your app

Subscription is the primary monetization model for online dating apps. Unlike gaming or news, dating app users’ motivations are very different since the goal is to find a partner and leave the app. Investing in event tracking can help online dating apps understand the user’s overall app experience. Brands can measure the entire subscription funnel and leverage this data to build accurate lifetime value models that increase investment returns. It is essential to analyze the entire customer lifecycle – from what brought them into an app when they have activated their trial and the detailed journey behind each subscriber until they cancel and even reactivate.

4. Protect your app users

On forums and social media platforms, users of online dating apps complain about having their experiences ruined by fake accounts. Using bots, fraud actors are generating fake accounts on a big scale to be used for fake likes, views, and comments, and lure users into scams. Fake accounts are also being used to spread spam linked to other sites. Bots can take automatic actions and stay active for extended periods in the platform, which can cause substantial damage by interacting with many users.

To protect users, online dating apps need to ensure that there is a function within the app to report if the users have interacted with a bot. By installing this feature, users are able to help out in cleaning the app’s user base. Behavioral biometrics is the gold standard for bot detection.

Machine learning models that analyze various biometric indicators are so complex that it is almost impossible for fraudsters to spoof. By separating the patterns and behavior of real users from those of bad actors, online dating apps can ensure that users are protected.

With the pandemic drastically changing how people interact and with the growing acceptance of online dating apps, the online dating industry presents numerous growth opportunities. Dating apps aiming to make inroads in a highly competitive market must invest in maintaining a positive user experience, as well as building and sustaining a good reputation.

The article was written by April Tayson, Regional VP INSEA at Adjust.

Adjust is a global mobile marketing solutions firm.

India – Tinder India’s latest ad campaign, #InOurOwnWay, depicts the current dating scene among young people in India who are creating new ways and means of dating, especially during the pandemic.

The video shows the different faces of dating today: be it making a mundane outdoor hopscotch date memorable, improvising the lack of a public swimming pool, making the effort for a virtual dance party, or exploring the city on cycles.

The short film is a stark reminder of optimism still being evident through making various possibilities, especially when physical distancing has become a norm nowadays.

“The pandemic has significantly diminished opportunities of chance encounters and interactions from our lives especially for our young members. But human connection endures, unconstrained from rules of physical distance and barriers (both social and physical) and we continue to be inspired by our community,” said Taru Kapoor, general manager for Tinder and Match group-India.

He also added, “Our members have creatively co-created and figured out new rules of meeting, hanging out and falling in love. None of this is surprising, Gen Z has always set their own pace, created their own rules and thrived despite constraints and COVID has only accelerated this ingenuity-this is the spirit we are championing and celebrating.”

The video was conceptualized and created by creative ad agency BBH India

“In creating a music video for Tinder, it is the Tinder community who came up with the ‘creatives’ – the many ways of dating. All we had to do was to reflect and celebrate them. ‘In our own way’ is a refrain that champions their spirit – from choosing who to be with to setting their own pace to meet-ups at places which may not have seen dates before,” Executive Creative Director for BBH Delhi Vasudha Misra said.

In addition to that, the video featured an original soundtrack composed by music director Mikey McCleary, with vocals by Indian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer Raja Kumari.

Speaking about the lyric-writing process, Kumari commented, “Working on the lyrics and music has been a very rewarding experience and I’m grateful to be the voice of such an inclusive and progressive campaign. I hope it inspires people everywhere to be themselves and love and live in their own way.”