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Brainlabs’ Consumer Acquisition joins TikTok Marketing Partner Program

California, USA – Consumer Acquisition, the technology-enabled marketing services company by Brainlabs, joins the TikTok Marketing Partner Program as its official creative partner. Through the partnership, advertisers can work with Consumer Acquisition as a creative partner for in-class TikTok videos for ad campaigns.

Through Consumer Acquisition, their creative development process ensures that creative concepts align with target audience motivations and proven creative trends. Eliminating unfocused ideation and reducing creative waste improves efficiencies and ensures clients can maintain profitable ad spend. 

In addition to its creative studio, the company provides media buying services powered by their proprietary full-stack marketing platform AdRules. Through Brainlabs, clients have access to a full suite of digital marketing services including programmatic, paid search, SEO, CRO, GMP, and data strategy.

Brian Bowman, founder at Consumer Acquisition, said: “Advertisers looking to reach TikTok audiences often recycle ad creative from other channels, but TikTok requires a unique people-first approach to advertising. Our ‘Creative Studio’ offers a global network of experienced storytellers, designers and video editors to help companies scale the volume and quality of their TikTok advertising. Our team are masters of influencer-style UGC creative, live action, post production, 3D animation, motion graphics, and illustration tailored for TikTok.”

Meanwhile, Jyri Kidwell, director of creative partnerships at TikTok, said, “We’re thrilled to welcome Consumer Acquisition by Brainlabs to the TikTok Marketing Partner Program. Their strategic approach to developing creative research and testing is a value to marketers and we look forward to adding their Creative Studio team as a Creative Partner for our advertisers.”

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Hootsuite announces integration with TikTok

Vancouver, Canada – Global social media management platform Hootsuite has joined the content marketing speciality within TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program. As an official badged partner, Hootsuite has launched an integration that enables its customers to effectively manage, execute and optimise their TikTok content alongside their other platforms, from one integrated tool.

To empower businesses to explore the vast potential of this immersive platform and ease the transition for marketers looking to scale content creation, Hootsuite will be guiding its customers through this integration, one step at a time. Hootsuite will be helping its customers become creatively courageous on TikTok by launching a full suite of educational resources.

Maggie Lower, chief marketing officer at Hootsuite, said, “It’s safe to say that this partnership with TikTok has been much anticipated—as much for Hootsuite as for our customers. We’ve watched as video content has grown into a powerful tool that successful brands use to socialise with the world, and have identified the pain points our customers face in creating this type of content.I am beyond thrilled that Hootsuite can now play a more direct role in helping businesses become fearless on this unique, rapidly evolving digital platform.”

By way of the new integration capabilities, customers will now have the ability to elevate their content sharing experience on TikTok, and feel empowered to take the leap with Hootsuite as a trusted partner.

Meanwhile, Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships at TikTok, commented, “At TikTok, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for brands to develop great content that resonates with their communities. We are excited to welcome our new content marketing partners into the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, and to be collaborating with some of the most trusted partners in the industry.”

She added, “These partners will provide marketers with simple, effective tools to help them to regularly publish content, gain valuable performance insight, and meaningfully engage with their communities.”

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Vamp badged as an official TikTok Marketing Partner

Sydney, Australia – Global influencer marketing and content creation platform Vamp has been added to the TikTok Marketing Partner program, allowing Vamp’s customers to have access to first-party data that will make running campaigns with TikTok easier and more effective.

In addition, brands who work with Vamp can now obtain TikTok creators insights in a more automated and scalable way. They can now identify relevant creators within Vamp’s vetted community and make data-driven decisions based on their audience insights. All of Vamp’s creators are also added to the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

Furthermore, brands will also benefit from clear, verified performance metrics and can monitor views, likes, shares, comments and engagement, to identify high-performing content and accurately measure the campaign’s success. These performance insights also help brands determine which high-performing content pieces should be amplified using TikTok’s Spark Ads – an ad solution that can be utilised via the Vamp platform.

For Aaron Brooks, co-founder at Vamp, TikTok has become a platform impossible for marketers to ignore, but creator discovery and campaign measurement remain two of their biggest opportunities.

“Vamp’s badging as a TikTok Marketing Partner and integrating with the TikTok Creator Marketplace takes the guesswork out. We’re excited to bring our customers who have already seen success on our platform, like Adobe, Estée Lauder and Benefit Cosmetics, new clarity and capabilities. It’ll also allow creators to recognize the power of their insights, prove their influence and save them time taking endless screenshots of analytics,” Brooks said.

Meanwhile, Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships at TikTok, commented, “Creators are the lifeblood of our platform and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands. We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way.”

Vamp has combined this integration with existing tools that help to streamline TikTok campaigns. Vamp’s platform offers brands easy briefing templates and its algorithm competitively prices TikTok creators for maximum opt-ins. In addition, management tools minimise admin and results are collated in a centralised dashboard.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Ad platform Nativex joins TikTok’s Marketing Program in SEA

Singapore – Nativex, a mobile-first advertising platform, has announced that it has entered the TikTok Marketing Program in the Southeast Asian region, making it one of TikTok’s partners present in the regional market.

According to the official partner page, Nativex will offer primarily their XMP service, which is a multi-channel media-buying tool that allows cross-channel campaign management. Furthermore, XMP by Nativex also offers a full-suite of features designed to give brands full transparency and granularity over the creative component of your campaigns and AI-powered data analytics that focus on improving campaign return of investment (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS), and lifetime value (LTV).

Qualifying technology companies inducted into the TikTok Marketing Partners Program have passed a vetting process anchored by different evaluation criteria. Partners have demonstrated diverse specialities and industry expertise, as well as proven track records in creating, implementing and measuring advertising campaigns that drive success and business outcomes for marketers and brands. 

At the moment, Nativex offers a suite of services and tools for brands across a range of verticals, such as gaming and e-commerce. These include ‘XploreChina’ which is a one-stop mobile marketing solution empowering brands to break into the China market, including acquisition, monetization, and creative services; and ‘TopWorks Creative Studio’ which is a global creative network that helps brands develop excellent creatives, equipped with data and insights from local markets.

Irene Yang, managing director at Nativex, has expressed that they are proud to be recognized as a TikTok Marketing Partner, and join a select handful of top agencies that have been consistently delivering campaign results for brands across the platform.

“This stands testament to the strong relationships we have with our customers, as well as our ability to achieve exceptional outcomes across different verticals and industries. As we continue to drive campaigns and expand our footprint globally, we are committed to broadening our expertise and service offering, and bringing greater value to our partners and customers,” Yang stated.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s FIGHT Esports teams up with TikTok to bring live gaming events to platform for SEA users

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Global esports organizer Forest Interactive Gaming Habitat Team (FIGHT) and video-sharing app TikTok have partnered to launch TikTok Gaming Ground PH (TikTok GGPH), an esports dedicated account, within the platform. This marks the start of a year-long partnership between TikTok Southeast Asia and FIGHT Esports, which is kicking off with TikTok Philippines.

Through TikTok Gaming Ground PH, the community of Filipino gamers on TikTok can expect a line of live gaming events and tournaments hosted by the official TikTok GGPH account, as well as even more gaming content, shared and compiled by the TikTok PH Gaming Community.

Gaming Operations Manager of TikTok PH, John Castro, commented that the app continues to pursue opportunities to inspire creativity and bring joy to all Filipinos.

“With gaming actively becoming a positive source for community building and enjoyment, we are happy to be doing our part in providing the growing gaming community with a platform for education, positive connections, and interaction,” said Castro.

To inaugurate their partnership, TikTok Philippines and FIGHT Esports are jointly hosting the first-ever #TikTokGGPH Creator Cup Tournament, which will be set within Valorant, a popular first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. The Creator Cup Tournament will take place on 27- 28 February from 3 pm to 9 pm PST, to be live-streamed on TikTok via @tiktokggphofficial. To raise the stakes, TikTok Philippines is offering a $1,000 prize pool to be awarded to the champion, 1st runner up, and 2nd runner up of the tournament.

FIGHT is the esports arm of mobile platform Forest Interactives, which focuses on tournaments, showcases, and seminars that will help the gaming community. It has already hosted over 80 tournaments in seven countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

FIGHT’s Project Manager Chantal-Denise Ortega said that TikTok is fast becoming a place where people create, share, and enjoy a new type of experience. It really makes a lot of sense for them to leverage the digital entertainment platform to reach the gaming community and give them the opportunity to connect and share their passion with fellow gamers around the world.

“This will create a unique and innovative esports experience where they can follow and engage with their favorite gaming content creators, tune in to esports tournament live streams, as well as celebrate esports in ways that have never been done before,” Ortega added.

The TikTok app is also holding a video campaign for the official #TikTokGGPH launch, starting from 12 to 28 of February. Users may upload videos that capture their gaming style and must use the hashtag #TikTokGGPH. At the end of the campaign period, 20 creators will be selected to become part of TikTok’s community of gamers, based on the level of passion for gaming and creative potential seen in their videos.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Adjust joins TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program to aid advertisers in TikTok ad campaigns

Singapore – App marketing platform Adjust joins the TikTok Marketing Partner Program in order to optimize advertising visibility for advertisers in the short video-sharing platform.

The partnership includes integration of Adjust’s ‘Audience Builder’, enabling clients to export first-party data, such as audience groups, directly to TikTok from the Adjust dashboard. Adjust’s ‘Audience Builder’ helps advertisers retarget their campaigns based on focus groups such as age groups. As advertisers are armed with this data from audience segregation, marketers can run highly personalized campaigns to boost user engagement and loyalty, all while protecting their users’ data privacy.

The TikTok Marketing Partner Program is part of the TikTok for Business platform, and aims to provide marketing solutions designed to give brands and marketers the tools to be creative storytellers and be able to meaningfully engage with the TikTok community.

As a mobile measurement partner, Adjust enables advertisers create, optimize, target, and measure their ad campaigns on TikTok. To simplify campaign optimization, clients can link their TikTok account to view and edit TikTok campaign data directly in the Adjust Automate dashboard, another Adjust feature that allows advertisers to automate their mobile marketing campaigns. From there, advertisers can generate cross-app, cross-partner, and cross-network reports. 

“Finding and retaining the right users is critical, as many drop off after the first days of installing the app and competition for users’ eyeballs is fierce. That is why it is imperative for mobile advertisers to push the right messaging to the right audience at the right point in the marketing funnel,” said Andrey Kazakov, vice president of partnerships at Adjust

“We are excited to partner with TikTok to give marketers a simpler, more seamless way to segment their desired audiences, automate their campaigns, measure ad spend, and grow their apps,” Kazakov added.

In November last year, Adjust also joined Adobe’s Exchange Partner Program to boost its customer experience (CX) analytics.