Malaysia – Trapper, an integrated media agency headquartered in Malaysia, has released its first-ever communications playbook, which targets bringing strategic marketing insights into the upcoming festive seasons of Ramadan and Raya. Titled, ‘Thrive During Ramadan and Raya 2023: A Trapper Malay Segmentation Playbook’, the resource informs brands on their marketing efforts in line with these special commemorations

The agency said that as it is inspired by the common phrase ‘there is more to someone than meets the eye’, the inaugural playbook has been developed to focus on decoding the Malay market. The ultimate goal is to help brands coordinate their marketing efforts that would foster meaningful connections with the said audience—before, during, and even after the month of Ramadan and Raya.

“Typically, brands will strive to retrofit their campaigns and brand identities to convey togetherness and familial bonding during this period. Brands with deeper pockets may pull it off through quality production and powerful storylines, while pressure mounts for smaller brands as they vie for their own piece of the Malay market pie,” said Trapper. 

The Trapper playbook ultimately seeks to update largely antiquated assumptions on the Malaysian market. The agency said that the population has been generally pigeonholed into three main segments — the semi-affluent-Bangsar bubble group, the working mid-M40 Millennials, and the ‘Malay Grassroots’.

Through the ‘Thrive During Ramadan and Raya 2023: A Trapper Malay Segmentation Playbook’, it provides a renewed perspective into the present Malay market by introducing six different segments which are “not only easily recognisable and relatable, but also significant and addressable in media.”

With this, Trapper is confident that marketers and brands would be able to gain insight into how they can grow their base of quality consumers and achieve incremental revenue growth. Additionally, methods of crafting a full-funnel communications approach respective to key persona profiles have been clearly illustrated in the guidebook to reflect today’s ever-changing media landscape.

Sue-Anne Lim, CEO of Trapper Group, commented, “It is easy to take knowledge about Malay consumers for granted because we could be one of them, be friends with them, or have lived as their neighbours for a lifetime. It is natural to have distorted views due to personal bias and long-held assumptions. So here we are, taking a step back to gain fresh new perspectives on the largest consumer group in Malaysia – what has changed over the years and equally importantly, what has NOT changed.”

Meanwhile, Strategy Director Teo Chin Wern, who led the project, commented further on some of the emerging changes in the marketing landscape. 

“Media is becoming a socio-economic connector, augmented by technology. The convergence of the latest technologies with post-pandemic digital norms has resulted in a paradigm shift for the Malay market, even as they remain anchored in traditional culture. Brands need to be more in tune with these evolutions in order to win over Malaysia’s largest consumer market during the biggest festive shopping occasion of the year,” said Teo. 

Those who are interested to obtain a copy of the playbook can email Trapper Group. 

The Trapper Group of companies houses several marketing and creative agencies including the flagship Trapper, Trapper Interactive, Adwork, and Trapper Consulting, amongst others. 

In November last year, Trapper has announced a partnership with data and business intelligence agency Ikano Insight to launch consultancy and advanced analytics services for environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-centric transformation practices.