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DoubleVerify launches fully on-screen targeting solution to address viewability challenges in CTV

Singapore – DoubleVerify (DV), the digital media measurement, data, and analytics platform, has launched its ‘Fully On-Screen Targeting Solution’, which enables Connected TV (CTV) advertisers to target inventory from sources that have received DV’s Fully On-Screen Certification.

In 2020, DV launched its Fully On-Screen certification offering, an MRC-accredited post-bid measurement solution. As part of its offering, DV tests and evaluates leading CTV devices and apps to ensure ads are only displayed 100% on-screen and when the TV screen is turned on.

Through the new targeting solution, DV complements its post-bid measurement capabilities with pre-bid targeting, empowering programmatic advertisers to address CTV viewability challenges across the media transaction. This solution is available on Amobee, MediaMath, and Xandr, with more media-buying platform integrations forthcoming.

DV said that advertisers continue to shift budgets to CTV, and the need to understand performance and measurability is increasingly important. However, viewability – a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user – has generally been assumed by CTV advertisers. 

In a recent test, DV has discovered that one in four top environments continued to play programming content – including recording ad impressions – after the television was turned off. DV has named this issue ‘TV Off’ – when the TV screen itself is in fact turned off but a CTV device or app remains on. 

Jack Smith, DoubleVerify’s chief product officer, shared that CTV commands some of the highest CPMs in digital advertising, which means brands expect that their ads deliver to engaged audiences while the TV set is on.

“DV’s first-to-market solution to target fully on-screen impressions will help CTV advertisers maximise their media investments and drive real business outcomes,” said Smith.