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Lotame debuts next-gen data platform to optimise first-party data

New York – Global technology company Lotame has launched its next-generation data platform Spherical, which is targeted at helping marketers quickly drive the most value from known and unknown first-party data for customer engagement and acquisition.

The platform also aims to empower brands and media owners to drive growth and revenue through actionable customer intelligence, data-informed audiences, and identity-powered activation in cookie-restricted, cookie-enabled, or authenticated environments. 

Spherical will be enabling interoperability and data portability across brand and media owner tech stacks. It also aims to extend first-party data living in data warehouses or customer data platforms (CDPs) into the marketing and advertising technology (madtech) ecosystem. 

Moreover, leading CDPs integrated with Spherical will include BlueConic, Meiro, mParticle, Rudderstack, Salesforce, Simon Data, Tealium and Treasure Data. Lotame plans to expand support to additional CDPs on an ongoing basis.

Andy Monfried, Lotame’s CEO and founder, shared the news in his talk at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting. He said, “There’s no shortage of pain in our industry. Everyone wants first-party data but not everyone has it. Many that have it don’t know how to make the most of it. Preserving addressability and data connectivity are gridlocked by a host of macro and micro issues.”

He also added that Spherical was designed to address these issues instead of focusing on the ‘symptoms.’

Carlos Payares, CSO LATAM at Omnicom Media Group, also commented, “Spherical empowers digitally native brands to onboard customer emails as they authenticate onsite in real time. That eliminates the lag time between first-party data ingestion and activation, and is a tremendous competitive advantage, especially in markets with limited onboarding functionality. We’re excited to test with our clients straightaway.”