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India’s e-commerce platform Apnaklub drives visibility on digital platforms via Social Beat tie-up

Mumbai, India – The B2B wholesale e-commerce platform in India, Apnaklub, has partnered with Social Beat, the independent digital marketing agency, to further drive the app with the help of a performance marketing approach.

Apnaklub provides local wholesalers and retailers with products from various brands better than local wholesale rates. It also empowers people to start their own wholesale business without any investment or stock risks. In addition, Apnaklub, through its partner program, guarantees that people will get the industry’s best margins on more than 200 brands.

As part of the mandate, Social Beat will be assisting Apnaklub in scaling its shopping app for wholesalers and retailers in the country through performance marketing campaigns that focus on new user acquisition and overall brand awareness.

“We are excited to partner with Social Beat to drive Apnaklub’s mission to improve outcomes for the smaller MSME retailers. With smart digital interventions, we aim to understand the local needs so that we can build a winning micro-business,” said Shruti, CEO of Apnaklub. 

Meanwhile, Vikas Chawla, Social Beat’s co-founder, commented that they are delighted to partner with Apnaklub to increase the visibility of their app. 

“With our experience in finding the product-market fit and merchant acquisition, we are excited to be part of the journey with this experienced and nimble team,” said Chawla.

Just recently, Social Beat has also announced that it has entered a new partnership with global CRM platform Salesforce, with the aim to drive marketing automation and digital transformation for brands in India.

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Social Beat enters partnership with Salesforce for marketing automation

Mumbai, India – Local-based digital marketing solutions company Social Beat has announced that it has entered a new partnership with global customer relationship management (CRM) platform Salesforce in a bid to drive marketing automation and digital transformation for brands in the country.

Through the mandate, both will help leading brands in India take up marketing automation solutions to align their marketing and sales. In addition, the solution will help not only generate the best leads but also keep the leads engaged and connect with them at the right time to close more leads. 

Accordingly, Social Beat has been chosen as the implementation and setup partner for Salesforce in the country, hence Social Beat will also help Salesforce’s customers accelerate their productivity and make insightful decisions to garner more leads.

“We are really excited to be partnering with Salesforce to drive marketing automation projects with brands in India. We are confident about this partnership leading to accelerated growth in the domain of digital transformation & marketing automation for both of us,” said Suneil Chawla, co-founder of Social Beat.

With Salesforce’s marketing automation tool, a company’s sales and marketing can work hand-in-hand to manage the existing customers and also identify prospective ones. This tool also helps companies track their leads from click to close. Salesforce, with the help of Social Beat, will make sure companies can stay connected to the consumers through email, mobile and social networks. 

In addition, Social Beat. in its partnership with Salesforce, also has the opportunity to join more than 150,000 like-minded companies and find a massive community of experts and evangelists committed to the company’s growth.

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Digital agency Social Beat launches book ‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’

Mumbai, India – Social Beat, an independent digital agency in India, has announced the launch of ‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’, a book that dives deep into the world of digital marketing, and presents a comprehensive guide on how brands can leverage it to drive business results. 

‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’ is the brainchild of three established digital marketers – Vikas Chawla, David Appasamy, and Nandita Raman – who have carefully crafted and curated this practical guide filled with actionable information and case studies.

Raman is the agency’s AVP of SEO & content marketing, while Appasamy is the agency’s head of brand & strategy. Chawla, meanwhile, co-founded the Social Beat. The agency was established in 2012 and was positioned to be a digital growth partner for hyperscaling startups and top brands in India, such as teleconsult mFine, loan company Rupeek, mobile payments, and commerce Paytm, and merchant platform Pinelabs. 

Raman said the book is aimed at any brand marketer that wants answers to the hard-hitting questions of “Why should people buy my product?” “Why do I need to engage with consumers?” or “Why should consumers choose me over my competitors?”

The book has 21 chapters, with the meat of the book separated into two main parts: Owned Media and Paid Media. For Owned Media, the book discusses how to improve one’s findability through SEO and content, how to make user experience a key to success, as well as leveraging storytelling on videos and crafting a social media strategy. 

For Paid Media, on the other hand, the book touches on how to choose the right platforms and also presents a discussion on the relatively new type of marketing on the internet – influencer marketing. 

Social Beat said that the book is more than just a guide but also aims to underscore the importance of how interconnected our lives are with the digital world, and how businesses simply cannot succeed any longer without navigating through this digital data-driven jungle. 

“Consumer behavior has transformed fundamentally with widespread internet access and penetration even in remote areas. So, we decided to write this book to enable CXOs, marketers, brand managers, and students to understand its power and demystify this vast digital jungle,” said Appasamy.

At its core, ‘Decoding the Digital Jungle’ presents a guide on how to best approach each of the digital marketing funnel. In the book, ‘Upper Funnel’ would be dealing with brand building and being able to get the right message across your consumers on who you really are and what you have to offer. 

Meanwhile, ‘Middle Funnel’ would refer to the implementation proper of digital marketing strategies, and on how brands can earn audiences’ trust with the proper channels and direction. 

Last but not the least, with ‘Lower Funnel’, the book aims to enlighten brands on how they can go further the extra mile and obtain loyalty from existing consumers. Under it are discussions on intent-based marketing and the rise of online marketplaces and streaming platforms. 

Chawla said, “The book explores in-depth, the nuances of brand storytelling, exploring new digital and social platforms, leveraging a brand’s online assets to boost digital presence, and proven customer acquisition tactics to reach out to wider audiences. We wanted to help users successfully navigate through this never-ending digital Savannah.” 

The book is priced at Rs. 499 and can be bought on Amazon. 

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ART Fertility Clinics to bolster digital presence in India through Social Beat tie-up

Mumbai, India – ART Fertility Clinics, the global institution of reproductive medicine in India, has set its eyes on amplifying its digital presence, and they have chosen independent digital marketing agency Social Beat, to boost its digital marketing in the country. 

The Middle East-headquartered ART Fertility Clinics deems to be one of the leading institutions in the fertility sector globally and is known for its knowledge and latest advancements in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Recently, private equity firm Gulf Capital has invested $30M in ART Fertility Clinics to help the brand expand in India. The firm’s investment will enable the fertility chain to open 18 clinics in different parts of the country over the next 12 months.

Aside from their main website, the clinic currently has its digital footprint on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. At present, it uses its social media channels to share reliable information on health and fertility. Through the new partnership, Social Beat will be responsible for handling the India branch’s digital media planning and performance marketing to accelerate patient acquisition.

CEO of ART Fertility Clinics India, Vinesh Gadhia said, “We are pleased to appoint Social Beat as our digital marketing partner. As we embark upon a new journey in India, we believe with their strong experience and capabilities, Social Beat will be able to drive our narrative in a compelling manner and build brand trust in India”

Meanwhile, Vikas Chawla, the co-founder of Social Beat, commented that the agency is thrilled to join ART Fertility in its growth journey, as the fertility segment is growing at a rapid pace, and they are looking to leverage their digital capabilities to educate, as well as acquire patients. 

Rachna Ganatra, the head of strategy and business development of Social Beat, said, “Our vast experience in providing digital marketing services for brands in the healthcare sector, particularly patient acquisition will help us drive success for ART Fertility. We are looking forward to narrating ART fertility’s brand story to the audience through innovative and engaging campaigns.”