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Singapore’s first Peanuts-themed snow house to come to Changi Airport this June

Singapore – As kids step into vacation mode, Changi Airport in Singapore is making the most out of the holidays by bringing Snoopy and friends to kids through an exciting and one-of-a-kind snow house. Winter arrives early at Changi Airport with a double-storey snow house at Terminal 3 (T3) where guests can take snow luge rides, zip down a snow slide, dig mini trenches with snow excavators and watch snowfall with an enchanting light and sound show.

Opening from 27 May to 11 July, the snow house is filled with recreational activities that let kids recreate winter memories. For one, the peanuts-themed destination comes with a mini snow slide that is complete with a snow luge. The house also features a snow digger site where guests can dig mini snow trenches. 

Moreover, guests can experience sub-zero temperatures at the snow pit and have a “magical time” watching snow float down the 7-metres-tall Peanuts Snow Hangout in a 1 to 2-minutes enchanting light and sound show.

One of the main attractions is the life-sized ice sculpture of Charlie Brown, hand-carved by local artist Jeffrey Ng, who has won numerous awards across his over 30 years of experience sculpting ice worldwide. 

Phau Hui Hoon, GM of Changi Airport Group for Landside Concessions, said, “Changi Airport is always on the lookout to delight our visitors and travellers in novel ways, whether it is through curating new activities and experiences or bringing in new retail and dining brands. This June, Changi welcomes the well-loved Charlie Brown and Peanuts gang to Changi Airport for the first time. The multiple facets of Charlie Brown’s character have resonated with fans over several decades and we also see this as a good chance for parents to reminisce their childhood memories with their children.”

Five Peanuts-themed photo spots are, in fact, situated across T3 including a 5-metres-tall topiary featuring Snoopy and his best pal Woodstock on a large-moving skateboard. According to the airport, the massive 350kg structure is made of over 2,500 hydrangeas and pom poms that took over two months to put together.

Those that are interested to experience the snow house can book their slots on the iChangi app from 20 May 2022. Peanuts Snow Hangout runs daily from 11 am to 10 pm from 27 May – 26 June, 1-3 July, and 8-11 July 2022. 

Aside from the new snow house, the airport revealed that it will also be launching 3 new F&B destinations in June; namely Husk Nasi Lemak, Matchaya, and Flash Coffee.

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7-Eleven Hong Kong moves past collectibles, launches four Snoopy concept stores

Hong Kong – 7-Eleven has always been known for running attractive redemption programs that offer appealing collectibles, however, the convenience store chain in Hong Kong has decided to switch things up from its usual loyalty programs with the launch of four snoopy concept stores in Hong Kong and Macau. 

The concept stores are a follow-through of the brand’s current campaign in celebration of Snoopy’s 70th birthday, called “Happiness is…”, which is a catchphrase from the famous Peanuts cartoon strip featuring Snoopy and his friends. Initially, the brand has partnered with Japanese lifestyle fashion brand Niko to roll out a series of Snoopy eco bags.

7-Eleven said that with the opening of the concept stores, they wanted to do something that does not simply reward customers for their loyalty, but a platform that aims to increase brand equity and authentically engage customers in a fun and exciting way. 

A hub of three stores in the high traffic district of Mongkok and one store in Macau has been chosen for the transformation. The brand dubs the project as creating a “Snoopy town.”

Stores were painted with Peanuts characters from top to bottom. Special Snoopy touches have been added inside and outside the store such as in the shopfront, category signage, chiller and freezer doors, and in the ceiling. Item shelving has also been transformed to look like Snoopy’s iconic red doghouse and a gondola end display of a jumbo Snoopy figure driving a bright yellow school bus has been installed as well.

Each store decoration will bear a special theme to represent a particular concept under the umbrella of the “Happiness is…” platform. One store would show the theme “friendship and togetherness,” another “sharing,” with the other two to carry the theme “more hellos” and ” a day out.”

The company said in a press statement, “One of the team’s primary objectives was to strengthen the brand association between 7-Eleven and the Peanuts franchise in a fun and engaging way.”

“The Snoopy concept stores are a successful example of building on an already popular market promotion to give customers a fun and exciting store experience. The introduction of the concept stores elevates the redemption program to another level, turning it into a platform to authentically connect with customers and reshape how they think and feel about 7-Eleven as a brand,” added the company.

In addition to the store visuals, team members inside the concept store will be wearing an exclusive Snoopy x 7-Eleven t-shirt featuring the iconic Charlie Brown chevron stripe.

7-Eleven will also be offering exclusive Peanuts merchandise on one of its stores such as pet products and lunchboxes, while the Peanuts theme will also be seen gracing the stores’ signature products such as Slurpees, Sundae, 7Café coffee and Hot Shot.