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SK-II launches interactive pop-up store in Hainan

Hainan, China – Japan-based beauty brand SK-II launches ‘House of Miracles’, an interactive social retail pop up store in Hainan where shoppers are granted the opportunity to learn more about their skin, receive customised products, and also have the opportunity to personalise its entire storefront design with a gamified experience on Wechat.

The SK-II House of Miracles pop-up store in Hainan is part of the brand’s ongoing foray into retail innovation and a global transformation to connect with a new generation of consumers who are yearning for more meaningful experiences with the brands they know and trust.

SK-II’s House of Miracles is full of unique personalised experiences from start to finish. According to SK-II, shoppers will be introduced to the Miracle Generator where shoppers are encouraged to download the store’s Wechat Mini Program digital companion, a miracle generator that gamifies the shopping experience. Shoppers collect and grow Miracles in Wechat as they shop throughout the store and customise their Miracle as they wait in line to check out.

Shoppers can also enjoy a personalised skin analysis with SK-II’s latest contactless skincare counselling innovation, the Mini Magic Scan. SK-II’s Mini Magic Scan is an AI-enabled skin analysis tool that allows visitors to gain understanding of their skin strengths and potential, unlock their skin age as well as receive personalised skin analysis and personalised product recommendations.

Shoppers can learn about PITERA™ and SK-II products in a whole new way by discovering the content with intuitive eye-tracking technology. By simply looking at a product on the wall, they can embark on a personal skincare learning journey about PITERA™ and key information and benefits about SK-II’s core products.

Shoppers also get to experience the Miracles Tester Bar which is the first thing shoppers encounter when they enter the gorgeous ode to PITERA™, the Miracle Chandelier. Every time a shopper picks up a bottle of iconic PITERA™ Essence it triggers a delightful celebration of light from the Chandelier.

Moreover, when shoppers check out, they will be invited to scan their customised ‘Miracles’ to broadcast it on the store’s interactive digital store skin which is made out of floor to ceiling edge-to-edge LED screens. This allows them to personalise the store façade with their very own created Miracles in a visually impactful display.

SK-II has launched several pop-up Stores in Hainan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and even in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and China International Import Expo (CIIE). 

Through creating immersive, unique and personalised skincare experiences, SK-II hopes to make her shopping experience and journey even more meaningful and relevant by allowing to browse, shop and learn about her skin at her own pace and on her own terms, in a safe, yet engaging way.

The SK-II House of Miracles pop up store is located in the HaiTang Bay Duty Free Shopping Centre and Haikou Mova Mall by China Duty Free Group (CDFG) and will be open for a limited time only from 1 to 29 June 2022.

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SK-II’s latest global campaign a movement to empower Tokyo-based women entrepreneurs

Tokyo, Japan – The pandemic has been a tough setback for small businesses globally and especially in Japan with the postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The latest data shows that 87% of women business owners globally have been adversely affected by the pandemic. This adds to a preexisting difficult climate in Japan for women entrepreneurs who are among the lowest within the G7 countries (4.4%. Around 22% of women in Japan aspire to own their own businesses but only 5.3% of businesses are actually owned by women.

Such a current state among women entrepreneurs in Japan, especially in Tokyo, has led to global skincare brand SK-II to focus its latest campaign to create a much-needed spotlight on a community that has been highly impacted by the pandemic—women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in Tokyo.

Titled ‘Beyond The Stadium’, the campaign depicts a much-needed spotlight on a community that has been highly impacted by the pandemic—women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in Tokyo. The campaign, narrated by long-standing brand ambassador and Japanese actress Kaori Momoi, features the stories of Olympic athletes such as gymnast Simon Biles and surfer Mahina Maeda, as well as select women entrepreneurs in Tokyo, ranging from owners of a flower shop, a Japanese rice ball store, and a jewelry store.

Created alongside creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore, said campaign juxtaposes struggles faced by Olympic athletes in pursuing their dreams with the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and small business owners in Tokyo over the past year which has been amplified by the lack of anticipated visitors for the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Speaking about the creative process, Susanna Fagring, CEO at Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore, stated that in their long-standing relationship with SK-II, they tried to encourage women to stand up for their dreams and fight for their goals in life. Despite that, looking back at the past year with all its challenges, this is something easier said than done, according to her.

“The campaign shows that stories from Olympic athletes are actually not that different from stories of female entrepreneurs in Tokyo. They were all hoping for their big moments, be it inside or outside of the arena, and now they all need our cheering and support. Now we are hoping to create support for the female business community in Tokyo. In the wake of the loss of anticipated visitors to the Olympic Games, they need it more than ever,” Fagring said.

Meanwhile, Markus Strobel, president of skin and personal care at P&G, commented that in these unprecedented times we are in, consumers have a much higher expectation towards brands and businesses, adding that they know that they have an even larger social responsibility to the communities they operate in and be a force for good.

Strobel’s statement echoes the widespread campaign SK-II has launched recently, including a ‘virtual city’ featuring the stores of these women entrepreneurs in Tokyo. Such slew of campaigns lives up to the brand purpose of SK-II: #CHANGEDESTINY.

“#CHANGEDESTINY is at the heart of our brand purpose at SK-II. For years, we have celebrated how destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice through the stories of courageous women around the world. With the launch of ‘Beyond the Stadium’ and our virtual shopping street within SK-II City, we are taking yet another step forward in our #CHANGEDESTINY journey,” Strobel said.

He added, “It means a lot to us to be able to continue to support women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs to keep their dreams alive in these challenging times in Tokyo as the Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.”

In line with this, SK-II dedicates its #CHANGEDESTINY FUND to a program to support women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs impacted by the pandemic in Tokyo. Proceeds from the #CHANGEDESTINY FUND, worth US$500k will go towards a year-long program supporting women-owned small business and entrepreneurs in Tokyo with Shibuya City and MEETALK—a Tokyo-based women entrepreneurship network to equip them with digital and social skills, business networks, and platform to build and keep the business of their dreams alive in these unprecedented times. 

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Skincare brand SK-II launches a ‘virtual city’ to draw people to its animated series on women empowerment

Singapore – As travel restrictions are still in effect due to the pandemic, global skincare brand SK-II has decided to launch its first-ever virtual city called ‘SK-II CITY’ for the premiere of its latest SK-II Studio installment ‘VS’, an animated anthology series that aims to inspire every woman that they have the power to #CHANGEDESTINY. 

The ‘VS’ series is a collection of six animated films based on the real-life experiences of six Olympic athletes including gymnast Simone Biles, swimmer Liu Xiang, and badminton players Ayaka Takahashi, as well as surfer Mahina Maeda, and Hinotori Nippon. They each explore what it means to take destiny into their own hands, overcoming societal pressures like trolls, image obsession, and rules and limitations.

The series is then promoted by the brand through a virtual city, ‘SK-II CITY’, which is inspired by the streets of Tokyo, Japan. It seeks to transport visitors to Shibuya Crossing, and let them sightsee Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower.

The ‘VS’ series spans a broad range of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, action, and sports. Each episode has its own universe and style, featuring the work of various award-winning animation studios and singer-songwriters.

Visitors can enter the SK-II Studio where they can get an exclusive backstage tour of the ‘VS’ series, and find animation sketches, film trivia, and behind-the-scenes footage from the six athletes.

Sandeep Seth, the CEO of SK-II Global, said that in these times where international travel is still restricted, they want to be able to provide their consumers a gamified experience that they can gain inspiration and shop in a safe yet entertaining and meaningful way.

“We are thrilled to launch the SK-II CITY, as we premiere our next SK-II Studio blockbuster ‘VS’ series. The SK-II CITY is inspired by our Japanese heritage as well as our brand purpose #CHANGEDESTINY,” added Seth.

To find out more about the ‘VS’ Series and learn about SK-II STUDIO and #ChangeDestiny, consumers may visit the virtual SK-II CITY at