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Darlie Malaysia spotlights ‘The Flavours of Semangat’ in its latest ‘togetherness’ campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To continue inspiring Malaysia to build back what was lost during the COVID-19 outbreak, oral care brand Darlie Malaysia has launched ‘The Flavours of Semangat’ – the third part of its #SemangatTogether campaign, the brand’s ambitious year-long project, with Semangat Hari Raya, a musically driven piece that displays the spirit of Malaysians in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations.

The third spot of the campaign features Malaysian food heroes Bruce Wong of Wongka, and Ahmad Munzir Shahril and Nurul Farah Hamizah of Cakoi Krabi. Like many other local food operators, Bruce, Munzir and Farah spent a large part of the pandemic-ridden years selflessly feeding the needy with their signature dishes, despite struggling to keep their own businesses afloat themselves.

‘The Flavours of Semangat’ documents the unexpected help received by these three food heroes as they continued their journey in feeding the needy. In this film, Malaysians who were inspired by the kindness that these operators have been displaying throughout the pandemic joined hands to not only learn how to cook from them, but also help distribute the meals to various underprivileged communities.

Aside from the film, Darlie has also launched ‘The Flavours Of Semangat’ recipe book, which is a collection of recipes created by numerous Malaysian food heroes who have united people through their food. Through these curated recipes, Darlie and the food heroes hope to inspire and empower people with the knowledge to prepare simple meals on their own. The digital copy of the recipe book is made downloadable on Darlie’s official website.

Additionally, during the campaign period, purchasers of the Darlie Twin Pack will get to take home exclusive LINE FRIENDS mugs that are designed to celebrate Malaysian food.

In April 2022, Darlie Malaysia – together with its creative agency FCB SHOUT – has kick-started #SemangatTogether. Then, in May 2022, Darlie has introduced ‘The Art of Semangat’, the second part of the campaign which follows two artists from East Malaysia on their journeys of uniting the people of Sarawak and Sabah respectively through the power of art. 

Ian Chew, general manager of Darlie Malaysia, said that as Malaysians, they are obviously very proud of their amazing food but beyond just how great their food tastes, this campaign has opened their eyes to what Malaysian food can truly do – lifting the spirits of the people in troubling times.

“Watching Bruce, Munzir and Farah work so closely with Malaysians to prepare and deliver these wonderful meals of hope to those who needed them most was truly a humbling and inspiring experience. This journey absolutely captured what #SemangatTogether is all about – people coming together to help others build back what was lost,” added Chew.

Meanwhile, Ong Shi Ping, co-owner and chief creative officer of FCB SHOUT, noted, “They say that food is the identity of a nation. After watching The Flavours of Semangat campaign come to life, I cannot agree more. It absolutely encapsulated what being a Malaysian is all about.”

Darlie Malaysia said that the fourth and final part of the #SemangatTogether campaign is slated to be released in November 2022.