Singapore – YouTube has announced its collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Singapore and local YouTube creator, Naomi Neo, to create a video to raise awareness around scams. 

This was revealed at the second edition of the YouTube Creators for Impact programme with the MHA, showcasing a series of anti-scam videos developed by local YouTube creators to raise consumer awareness around scam prevention.

Launched in July 2023 in partnership with MHA, this year’s Creators for Impact is dedicated to tackling the pertinent topic of scams in Singapore, working with 12 local creator channels over two months to develop videos to help people enhance their awareness and vigilance around scams. 

As part of Creators for Impact, YouTube and MHA also launched an open call to the wider local YouTube creator community to invite more video ideas that further educate and engage Singaporeans on online scam awareness.

The total submissions showcased the creativity of our local creators in using their voices to tackle the issue of scams – such as a role play that displays different scam scenarios, an anti-scam jingle, debunking scam myths, and interviews with everyday Singaporeans on their thoughts around the issue.

Regarding the video to be produced, creator Naomi Neo’s idea of using comedy to highlight every individual’s vulnerability to scams was selected for its ability to convey educational messages in an entertaining way. Production will begin immediately and viewers can look forward to the video release by the end of the year on her channel.

Ajay Vidyasagar, managing director for YouTube Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets said, “Our creators know best that knowledge is key to combating online scams, and through their strong responses to the program, we continue to be inspired by their creativity and commitment to impart important know-hows in engaging ways.” 

“This is testament to the resolve of our local creator community to use their voice for good through storytelling, and we hope more will join this effort to build a more secure digital world for all Singaporeans,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Sun Xueling, minister of state, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development, said, “I am heartened to see our content creators stepping up to this important task of engaging different segments of the population to amplify anti-scam messages within their communities. This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to combat scams, through cultivating a vigilant and discerning public capable of ACT-ing against it.”

Singapore – Independent identity provider Okta, Inc. recently introduced its new solution, the Okta Customer Identity Cloud, last November 11. 

Powered by Okta technology Auth0, Okta Customer Identity Cloud is an easy-to-implement and customizable solution that aims to help businesses improve their customer experience while reducing security risks.

“Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0, makes it possible to improve the overall experience and keep customers secure at the same time, all while enabling app builders to focus on what is most important–innovating for their customers,” said Eugenio Pace, president of customer identity at Okta.

The solution includes two differentiated use cases for consumer apps and software as a service (SaaS) apps, as well as several product innovations for modern app builders to provide better user experience, reduced risk, and greater developer productivity. 

The Okta Customer Identity Cloud for consumer apps will help organisations streamline registration and login across any device, stack, or platform. It is also expected to contribute to higher customer acquisition and retention, a better experience, and a fuller view of users.

On the other hand, the solution for SaaS apps will help companies get enterprise-ready, onboard new users, and manage authentication across business customers without diverting development resources away from their core product. 

Kim Huffman, chief information officer at TripActions, shared how the solution helped the travel platform’s business. 

“Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud has been critical to our success as we continue to scale and grow globally. It enables an easy, frictionless, and secure experience that’s vital to our customers,” she said.

Okta is a California-based identity and access management company trusted by brands such as JetBlue, Nordstrom, Siemens, Slack, and more in protecting the identities of their workforces and customers.

Singapore – The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) have announced new measures to encourage financial institutions in Singapore to enhance their own security across their digital banking systems.

A main takeaway from this announcement is that MAS and ABS has ordered banks to remove any clickable links in emails or SMSes sent to their retail customers. Other measures being announced include delay of at least 12 hours before activation of a new soft token on a mobile device and sending out a notification to existing mobile number or email registered with the bank whenever there is a request to change a customer’s mobile number or email address.

The announcement also included reminders for putting up a threshold for funds transfer transaction notifications to customers to be set by default at SG$100 or lower, as well as cooling-off period before implementation of requests for key account changes such as in a customer’s key contact details.

MAS and ABS continue to warn the general public to never click on links provided in SMSes or emails or never divulge internet banking credentials or passwords to anyone, as well as verifying SMSes or emails received by calling the bank directly and verify that one is at the bank’s official website before making any transactions.

Wee Ee Cheong, Chairman of The Association of Banks in Singapore said, “As an industry, we have always focused on the need to ensure robust security measures while meeting customers’ expectations for convenient and swift services. Together with the MAS and ecosystem players, the banking industry will continue to strengthen consumer protection measures. We also ask that the public stay vigilant given that scams continue to evolve and are executed quickly. We remain committed to upholding the confidence with which customers can transact online safely, while still maintaining a high level of service.”

Meanwhile, Ravi Menon, managing director at MAS, commented, “MAS is deeply concerned about the recent spate of scams and the financial losses suffered by victims. The threat of scams will not go away, but we can reduce our vulnerabilities. This requires a multi-pronged response across the ecosystem. MAS, together with the police, IMDA and other relevant government agencies, is working closely with the financial industry, the telco industry, consumer groups, and other stakeholders to strengthen our collective resilience against scam attacks. We will ensure that digital banking remains secure, efficient, and trusted.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – OPPO, a leading global smart device brand, today announced that it has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud service provider, to power enhanced cloud-based services for international users of OPPO’s ColorOS operating system. These services have been certified by ePrivacy, CSA STAR, and ISO. 

To support this functionality, OPPO leverages AWS global infrastructures in Singapore, France, and India to accelerate the deployment of cloud-based services including Amazon Aurora, a relational database built for the cloud; and Amazon Simple Storage Service, an online storage service.

Other key security features that will be tapped in as part of OPPO’s security compliance include AWS security features such as AWS CloudTrail, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Network Firewall, AWS Certificate Manager, and AWS Artifact.

Such an endeavor, according to David Gu, managing director of OPPO International Internet Business, is part of the company’s commitment to remain consistently focused on delivering the best possible user experience.

“AWS’s industry-leading cloud capabilities allow us to rapidly deploy our cloud-based services to provide users around the world with a smoother mobile experience. With the concern for a safe and secure customer experience at the forefront, AWS’s cloud security services help us further enhance the data privacy and protection of our proprietary ColorOS operating system on OPPO devices,” Gu said.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaomang, general manager of the commercial sector at AWS Greater China, commented, “As the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, AWS continually expands its services to support virtually any cloud workload. We are pleased to support companies like OPPO with the deepest and broadest suite of services, and industry-leading security and compliance capabilities to operate their business and serve their global customers. 

He added, “With AWS, OPPO can accelerate its global business deployment in a secure and effective manner, while meeting local compliance requirements in countries all around the world.”

OPPO’s utilization of AWS for their cloud-based services is one of the promises made for their existing OS, ColorOS, the latest of which is ColorOS 11. According to them, the latest OS update helps ensure user security through features including OPPO’s Private System, Private Safe, and Personal Information Protection, all of which provide their own unique way of imposing mobile security for the mobile user.

“Going forward, OPPO will continue to build on AWS to further improve our services, ensuring all users can enjoy the benefits of technology-free from security concerns,” Gu concluded.