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Crimtan partners with Haymarket Automotive, Autovia for digital advertising solutions

Singapore – Programmatic company Crimtan has announced a partnership with automotive digital publishers Autovia and Haymarket Automotive to power digital advertising solutions using their pooled first party audience data.

Through the partnership, the three companies will combine their unique data sets to offer clients best-in-class data-driven advertising solutions on the open web and other digitised channels.

In addition, the partnership will also leverage Crimtan’s dynamic connected media delivery against highly targeted audience signals from the publishers’ data in real-time, advertisers will be able to precisely target active in-market buyers. They will be offered cross-channel opportunities using newly digitised platforms in new advertising formats. These will include geo-location technology delivering relevancy through digital out of home (DOOH), as well as connected televisions (CTV).

Paul Goad, CEO at Crimtan, said, “This deal puts us – and therefore our clients – on the front foot, ready for when the Google third party changes come into force next year. By working together with Autovia and Haymarket Automotive, we are ensuring that we have a future-proofed first party audience offering ready-for-market.”

Meanwhile, Chris Daniels, chief revenue officer of Haymarket Automotive, commented, “Our first party publishing data is unique as it understands every user’s journey and we are able to share this insight and service with prospective advertisers. As a result, our customers can take advantage of a simple and effective way to deliver timely and relevant messaging to their target audience as they take their next steps in the car purchase journey.”

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Blis’ latest campaign emphasizes the metaphor of an impending ‘data drought’

London, United Kingdom – With the eventual ‘death’ of third-party data in favor of privacy-centric advertising strategies, global location-based programmatic advertising company Blis puts focus on this dilemma businesses in the future may face by launching a global campaign that likens this ‘data drought’ to an actual drought in real life.

The campaign, which features Blis’ CEO Gregor Isbister, demonstrates the metaphor of being alone in the desert during a drought is aligned with the fact that businesses should migrate as soon as possible with advertising strategies with privacy at its core, unless they wait to be affected by the changes on data-centric advertising.

Furthermore, Blis demonstrates that businesses can ‘escape’ this ‘drought’ by implying privacy-centric ad strategies, including their commercial message of location-powered behavioral data that can provide marketers and media planners with real-world behavior data.

Other messages include location data that can help brands understand the real purchase journey and through an interactive and visual tool that combines data from the company’s global panel with precise location data and anonymized rich third-party signals, discovering and activating audiences is quick and easy.

“The scarcity of data in the post-cookie world does not remove the ability to engage and connect with your digital audience. Brands can still reach their online prospects at scale via privacy-compliant personalized advertising. Even though at Blis we work in the B2B space, we are still marketing to people, and especially during this exceptional time in history, we want to engage our audiences and leave them with a positive and memorable impression, by speaking to them not as robots, but as actual real humans with needs and wants,” Ed Burleigh, head of marketing for Asia at Blis shared to MARKETECH APAC.

When asked why they used the metaphor of a drought in the desert to represent the campaign, Burleigh stated that the desert is an ‘extreme metaphor’ for what may happen when cookies disappear entirely from the digital advertising ecosystem, adding also the new landscape where Apple’s ID for Advertisers (IDFA) update eliminates ad tracking.

“In the desert, there are limited options to survive. However, Blis believes by applying the power of location data, and a myriad of rich and anonymized data signals, brands can reach the right people at the right time. We know that marketers are concerned about the removal of the Chrome cookie. However, we believe a data drought can be avoided,” he stated.

Burleigh added, “We’ve done this by addressing a key industry issue – that is facing all of us – with a sense of clever playfulness. One way we’ve achieved this is by putting a face on the brand, which is a great way to humanize it. Our new company video features our CEO Greg as the lead ‘character’ on a personal journey to beat the data drought. It’s authentic, believable, and fun.”

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Big data Vpon, adtech Hivestack to advance data-driven DOOH targeting in HK, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan – Asia-centric big data company Vpon has announced a new partnership with global adtech company Hivestack to amplify data-driven digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising across the markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Said partnership merges Vpon’s extensive mobile location data enables precise audience targeting X Hivestack’s programmatic digital out-of-home technology. Furthermore, said partnership brings together Vpon’s extensive location data with the targeting and measurement capabilities of Hivestack’s demand-side platform (DSP).

This then allows Hivestack’s advertising clients to deliver contextually relevant out-of-home messaging to different segments of consumers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hivestack’s DSP creates accurate custom segments by geofencing places of interest frequented by a brand’s target audience. The data will be leveraged to build hourly device concentration scores for each DOOH asset and activate screens where a high concentration of devices has been previously observed. Hivestack’s platform uses market-leading technology to activate the right DOOH screens at the right time, using billions of anonymous data points from mobile location ID’s. 

Arthur Chan, COO of Vpon, comments that their company’s effective and customizable data products are the ‘perfect accompaniment’ to Hivestack’s unique programmatic technology, which uses location data to activate digital screens in real-time based on behavioral patterns and movement.

“The partnership presents an exciting opportunity for marketers in Hong Kong and Taiwan to combine our far-reaching data sets and expert analytics with Hivestack’s market leading DSP to identify and reach the most relevant audience for their campaigns with high impact out-of-home advertising,” Chan stated.

Meanwhile, Troy Yang, MD for North Asia at Hivestack, describes that Hong Kong and Taiwan are key markets for Hivestack and they are excited to partner with an innovative big-data company that is prominent in these countries.

“Vpon’s unrivaled mobile location data and capabilities will be a valuable addition to the Hivestack offering, enabling marketers to serve timely and compelling advertising to the right audiences at the right moment and in the right place, as well as to continually measure and optimize their out of home campaigns to maximize conversions,” Yang stated.

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SEA video streaming on Q2 2020 tallied at 657 billion minutes total: report

Singapore – As cities went into lockdown and public gatherings grounded to a halt, mobile device usage has been the daily centerpiece of people’s lifestyle last year, evident with the latest statistics from independent marketing cloud company InMobi that video streaming in the Southeast Asian region has clocked in around 657 billion minutes of views during the second quarter last year.

In its latest report on programmatic video advertising, InMobi reveals that 93.5 million of those views originate from Indonesia, signifying a 57% increase in video streaming in the country, and a 65% growth in mobile video ad spend.

The report also notes that the industries of retail andfast moving consumer goods (FMCG), shopping, e-commerce, gaming, banking and other financial services dominate the mobile video advertising scene in SEA, thanks to fueled growth by advertisers in this sector. Said industries are also benefiting high video ad engagement.

On a general note, the report also found that that 36% of all in-app programmatic spends is accounted for by video, and that 179% of higher click-through rate (CTR) are driven by video compared to other formats.

In terms of video advertising format, the report states that there has been a 47% higher CTR driven by landscape video compared to other formats. Yet this still doesn’t fare well to the vertical format, which has seen an impressive growth of 196% year on year, which is 2x higher CTR driven on vertical video compared to other formats. Vertical videos are the preferred format for marketers from the shopping, social, and gaming industry.

According to Rishi Bedi, vice president of Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea at InMobi, mobile devices are now able to deliver a near-seamless video experience to users, which is especially significant in Southeast Asia due to the size of the market in the region.

“Brands are realizing the inherent potential of video marketing in creating real connections with their customers. From screen orientation and precision targeting to the best time of day and placement, adopting the right programmatic video ad strategy will be crucial for companies to stand out in the eyes of the mobile-first consumer,” Bedi stated.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

SG-based SQREEM acquires programmatic ad platform Gamma SSP for SEA expansion

Singapore – SQREEM, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence company, has announced that it has acquired programmatic advertising platform Gamma SSP to augment the company’s plans to expand their services and clientele reach in Southeast Asia.

The acquisition entails that Gamma SSP will become a fully-owned subsidiary of SQREEM in the short term, with SSP eventually merging into SQREEM’s tech stack to unlock 97% of the world’s programmatic inventory and eventually expanding the offering to include digital out of home (DOOH) and connected TV (CTV) – forming a complete dynamic digital ecosystem. 

In addition, the acquisition will enable a global supply integration for SQREEM by combining its proprietary AI technology with Gamma’s integrations in the region and globally to bolster behavioral targeting solutions, at a landing page level, to brands and media agencies.

Gamma will still be led by its managing director, Matt Robinson, and the current management team. The combined entity plans to expand its headcount and geographical footprint by as much as 25% over the next year.

Ian Chapman-Banks, CEO of SQREEM Technologies explains that their AI technology allows them to convert online human behavior into anonymized data points to help out their clients reach the right people at the right place and time. 

“Gamma’s integrations will provide us a gateway to massively accelerate our access to any inventory around the world, and combining it with SQREEM’s AI will enable us to get even better and faster access towards delivering the first true cookie-free media buying platform. This will expand our offering as a one-stop solution that covers the entire gamut of programmatic advertising,” he said.

Founded in 2014, Gamma is a supply side platform (SSP) focused on representing Southeast Asian publishers, covering the key markets across the region. 

The company has already helped advertisers programmatically target audiences across an ecosystem of more than 1700 publishers, including major premium publishers in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Gamma also has the ability to support connected TV ad spots and will be adding DOOH in the next 6 months.

“SQREEM’s strong presence across APAC and their experience in working with brands globally makes it an ideal match to further develop our SSP and we are thrilled about becoming part of such an exciting company,” said Robinson.

He added, “I believe the technology we offer is hugely complementary and that together, we can utilise both the Gamma and SQREEM platforms to realise their full potential.”

Classified as a ‘behavioral pattern data aggregator’, SQREEM collects, analyses, and creates a database of open data on the Internet using its own AI technology. The Singapore-based tech company provides data analysis and precision targeting services to more than 100 companies and government agencies across various industries.

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Anzu, Eskimi to target global offering for programmatic in-game advertising

Israel –, the global in-game advertising platform, has partnered with the full-stack programmatic and data platform Eskimi, to increase opportunities for brands to access the exploding gaming market through in-game advertising.

Anzu provides fully blended in-game ads in recognized IAB standards, making the platform fully aligned with the programmatic standards and bringing scale to in-game advertising, while Eskimi is a full-stack programmatic platform that helps advertisers reach global online users utilizing innovative and creative solutions.

Through OpenRTB integration, the partnership aims to create opportunities for brands to programmatically reach diverse, engaged, and lucrative gaming audiences via display and video ads across mobile, PC, and console platforms. The targeted regions of the partnership are Africa, Asia, and CIS, as well as Europe, and MENA.

Yaniv Rozencweig, the director of business operations at Anzu, said, “Anzu’s blended ads enhance games’ realism and transform game objects into valuable advertising opportunities, all while respecting gamers by not disrupting the gaming experience crucial for game developers and brands alike. We are pleased to partner with Eskimi to reach even more advertisers across hot gaming geographies who are excited about the potential of in-game advertising.”

Meanwhile, Monika Poškutė, the head of marketing at Eskimi, shared that they are constantly working on improving their services and innovation, as well as the user experience in the world of digital advertising. 

“Our partnership with Anzu brings the best of in-game advertising solutions to our clients across the globe. We look forward to working with Anzu to educate clients about the capabilities and benefits of gaming as a mainstream digital advertising medium,” added Poškutė.

Platforms Featured Global’s US$9M funding to fuel in-game ad platform globally

Tel Aviv, Israel – In-game advertising platform has announced the conclusion of its funding series, successfully raising US$9M to aid the company’s global expansion of its in-game advertising platform, with the help of venture capital groups BITKRAFT Ventures and HBSE Ventures, as well as marketing services organization WPP and Sony Innovation Fund, the corporate venture capital arm of multinational conglomerate Sony.

The funding series has also seen the participation of venture capitals Alumni Ventures Group and Goal Ventures, as well as angel investors Marc Merrill, co-founder, co-chairman, and former co-CEO of Riot Games, and Dylan Collins, co-founder and CEO of SuperAwesome, a kid-safe ad platform recently acquired by Epic Games.’s funding series coincides with the increasing popularity and market ‘boom’ of the gaming industry. Statistics from market intelligence group Mordor Intelligence estimate that the gaming industry’s value is expected to be around US$257B by 2025.

“Gaming is one activity that has exploded over the past year and increasingly an important advertising channel. In partnership with Anzu, together with our agencies, we can make it simpler for them to reach the growing audience in the esports and gaming space,” said Mark Read, CEO of WPP.

Through the accumulated funding, will be pushing its presence globally starting with the United States, followed by Singapore and China, and other core locations to be announced. With partner brands including game publishers Ubisoft, Lion Castle, and Nacon and global brands Pepsico, Samsung, American Eagle, and Vodafone, will feature advertisements of partner brands through programmatic technology blending of real-world ads into video games, esports tournaments, and live streams, enhancing games’ realism and transforming game objects into valuable advertising opportunities.

“Anzu has been delivering the technology they promised and growing their industry footprint. We are excited to join this funding round and support Anzu, entering a new phase of growth in in-game advertising. The company’s gamer-first attitude will enable developers to access new business models and bring advertisers closer to gamer audiences without disturbing gameplay,” says Gen Tsuchikawa, CEO and chief investment officer at Innovation Growth Ventures, Sony Innovation Fund.

Meanwhile, Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO at Anzu commented, “We are proud to have global leaders in advertising, entertainment, gaming, esports, and venture capital invest in Anzu’s next stage of growth. These trailblazers are the perfect combination of strategic partners to help us maintain our dominating position as we enter 2021.”

For Jens Hilgers, founding general partner at BITKRAFT, their recent participation at’s funding series means redefining the aspect of modern in-game advertising.

“Since our initial investment, the Anzu team has built the most sophisticated platform to deliver blended in-game advertising at scale in the higher-end games segment. The impressive line up of game integrations combined with brands executing unique campaigns on the platform has validated Anzu’s market position and technology,” Hilgers commented.

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Ad verification IAS acquires ad transparency Amino Payments

Jakarta, Indonesia – Digital ad verification Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the acquisition of programmatic ad transparency provider Amino Payments in response to IAS’ expansion of solutions to the market.

Entailed in the new acquisition is the acquisition also of Total Visibility, an existing Amino Payments solution designed to provide insights into digital media quality and corresponding supply path costs. The product offers advertisers impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to optimize campaigns in real-time and helps advertisers determine media quality including viewability, fraud and brand safety, by offering critical insights and control to optimize campaigns toward supply paths that deliver cost-efficient and high-quality media.

In addition, Total Visibility can save advertisers up to 15 percent of their programmatic media spend by optimizing their advertising investments toward the most impactful placements through the most cost-efficient supply path.

“As even more digital media is transacted programmatically, the need for transparency will continue to be critical for advertisers. The Amino Payments team is thrilled to join IAS, the market leader in verification, to pursue a joint vision to bring unprecedented transparency into programmatic advertising.” said Will Luttrell, CEO of Amino Payments.

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New programmatic 2.0 solutions launched by martech Maadtech

Hong Kong – With a greater focus on the Hong Kong and Thailand market, martech and adtech Maadtech is launching its Programmatic 2.0 solutions, featuring new  technology features and campaign performance optimization.

With the latest launch, Maadtech is integrating their data management platform-customer data platform (DMP-CDP) as well as media and campaign optimization tools made available through global partnerships with Adzymic Singapore, Sublime Paris, and others.

In a statement, Wilson Chan, executive director of Maadtech Programmatic, said that the latest product launch aligns with ‘the golden era for Programmatic trading’ as 5G connectivity will lift the programmatic ad spend in Asia from currently USD30Bto over USD50B. 

“Our solution is not only about technology and features. Our mission is to help Asian marketers and advertisers to adopt Programmatic best practices and remain competitive globally, which we are very much behind the western markets in this field,” Chan stated.

He added, “We are currently in development of a client CPD platform solution which will complement our existing products and offer marketers a truly data-driven Programmatic Marketing ‘end-to-end’ solution starting from zero base. We aim to launch this later in the year regionally across Asian markets.”

Founded in 2019, Maadtech integrates adtech and martech solutions under one platform in enabling effective adoption of programmatic advertising in display, social media, and other channels.

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Innity launches programmatic Shoppable Ads across SEA premium publishers

Singapore – Digital advertising solutions provider Innity has launched Shoppable Ads, a programmatic ad platform, as part of their Digital Commerce Advertising Partnership Program alongside premium publishers in the Southeast Asia region.

Through Shoppable Ads, Innity provides an end-to-end shopping experience for customers that streamlines the consumer purchases while providing businesses with insights to able reach purchase-ready customers easily. Furthermore, the platform also features a showcase of multiple products, complete with up-to date product details and pricing. When clicked, it takes them straight to the product’s checkout page.

“Shoppable Ads have the ability to reduce a user’s purchase journey substantially, taking them straight from awareness to purchase. The increase in efficiency will drive ROI and keep consumers coming back for more. With the rapid acceleration of e-commerce today, mastering the potential of digital commerce has become a core strategy that advertisers should no longer ignore,” said Phang Chee Leong, CEO and co-founder of Innity

With many marketing platforms using standard banners for advertising, little emphasis is shown on interaction. Hence, Innity’s existing supply side platform (SSP) allows marketeers greater viewability and engagement through programmatic and data-driven buys for high impact advertising.

“Since its inception, Innity has consistently led the industry with its commitment in developing high-impact, engaging ad experiences. Enhanced creativity is proven to drive impact and action. Our Shoppable Ads were developed to help solve the industry’s need for highly viewable, creative ad formats to break through the clutter to drive meaningful engagements,” Phang commented.