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Yahoo, StarHub partner to launch new Premier League topic hub

Singapore – Technology company Yahoo and StarHub, Singapore’s official broadcaster of the Premier League, have teamed up to launch a dedicated Premier League topic hub on Yahoo Singapore. This will serve as a one-stop destination for avid Premier League fans, comprising all the latest news, results, analyses, and player transfers during the 2022/23 season.

As part of the campaign, which will run till 31 December 2022, readers will be able to access all Premier League-related content within the topic hub – featuring a mix of Yahoo’s editorial and aggregated content and StarHub’s branded content that includes pre-match predictions, post-match reviews, and team and player analyses. 

Moreover, connecting users to their passions and as part of efforts to continually reinvigorate content, the topic hub will see the launch of an all-new ‘Footballing Weekly’ talk show that discusses the latest news and issues surrounding the exhilarating football action, co-hosted by Yahoo Editor, Chia Han Keong, and author and Yahoo columnist, Neil Humphreys.

The campaign will also serve as the twelfth man to StarHub’s exclusive Premier League offerings – combining the best of contextual advertising and branded content into a relevant, useful and seamless branded experience for StarHub and its target audience.

The takeover will see the StarHub Premier League banner replacing the regular Yahoo banner with a prominent feature on the hub, alongside other StarHub ads that take readers to StarHub’s online store to explore the Premier League offerings and packages.

Carol Tay, Yahoo’s senior director of sales for Southeast Asia, shared that at Yahoo, they constantly explore new and interesting ways to help brands and advertisers connect audiences to their passions, and this campaign is a great example of employing creative and simple solutions, backed by their unified ad tech stack and ad solutions, to meet audacious ambitions and unlock the full value of marketing at scale.

“As a key destination for news, finance, sports, and lifestyle content, we look forward to giving consumers more of what they want and helping brands drive meaningful connections,” said Tay.

Meanwhile, Maneesh Varma, VP of marketing at StarHub, commented that they are eager for as many football fans to enjoy this enriched viewing experience, at a fraction of the price the Premier League was offered in prior seasons. 

“To that end, we struck up a partnership with Yahoo, tapping on their strong editorial lineup of Premier League-related content alongside branded content pieces that will reach our ideal target audience through their engaged sports readership,” said Varma.

The campaign will also be promoted through Yahoo Native ads and across Yahoo’s owned social media channels.

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Premier League rolls out Asia campaign to discourage piracy of football matches

Hong Kong – Premier League, one of the well-known football leagues globally, has rolled out its second phase of anti-piracy campaign across Asia, specifically to the markets of Hong Kong and Malaysia. Said campaign is centered around the dangers that illegal football streams pose to fans.

Done in partnership with broadcast partners Astro and PCCW, the campaign notes the perils of patronizing illegal football streams which include data theft to malicious malware, as well as emphasizing the poor viewing experience through broken links and delays.

Said campaign will feature images of fan favorites such as Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min and Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp. In addition, the campaign will be rolled out across digital platforms in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Speaking about the campaign, Kevin Plumb, director of legal services at Premier League, said, “This campaign is an important part of our education to fans. We will continue working with our broadcast partners to fight piracy and disrupt illegal Premier League streams. However, we want to ensure supporters really understand that piracy is not only illegal but also brings with it many risks.”

He added, “Illegal Premier League streaming also means missing out on watching high-definition games in real-time with expert commentary and insights from players and managers. We want fans to enjoy the best Premier League viewing experience possible via official broadcast channels, not via broken and delayed illegal sources which also bring with them a great risk of malicious malware and ransomware.”

The Premier League is committed to tackling piracy and continues to work closely with its official broadcast partners in the region to educate consumers on the dangers they face when watching illegal football streams.

Furthermore, across the Southeast Asia region, the Premier League has also been targeting those responsible for operating illegal football streams and bringing them to justice through the courts.