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Hivestack announces official membership at

Montreal, Canada – Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) adtech Hivestack has announced its official membership to, an organisation that oversees open source prebid programmatic advertising solutions.

Through the membership, Hivestack will be able to further support its efforts in driving adoption of an open source unified auction framework for programmatic DOOH and join its peers to help build and shape the ad tech ecosystem. consists of over 150 members, representing exchanges, publishers, buyers and third-party developers dedicated to creating standardised solutions for programmatic advertising. It manages open source projects Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile, and Prebid Server, as well as other key pieces of technology adopted by thousands of publishers. Prebid.js launched in 2015 to make header bidding easy for publishers by bringing conformity and simplicity to the header bidding process.

In addition to managing this open source technology, also plays an active role in the online advertising ecosystem by being a neutral and independent body that makes it easy for advertising technology companies to work together with publishers to solve problems for the industry.

Mina Naguib, global chief technology officer, said, “We are proud to announce our membership with, an independent organisation designed to ensure and promote fair, transparent, and efficient solutions for our industry. Our membership with comes at an opportune time for our business as we continue to develop our software and launch innovative, industry-first technologies that will benefit the entire ecosystem, such as our purpose-built ‘Yield Manager/Header Bidder’. We are delighted to have joined our esteemed colleagues, peers and partners across the programmatic ecosystem who are all members of”

Through its new ‘Yield Manager’, Hivestack successfully established a powerful and transparent solution for its publishers, in this case, DOOH media owners, to monetize their inventory effectively across multiple SSPs in a unified manner.

“Much like in the online ecosystem, a header bidding solution replaces the ‘waterfall’ method where inventory is offered to one ad network at a time and then moved onto the next if the floor price isn’t met until all impressions are hopefully sold. Although this process works in practice, publishers risk missing out on revenue because of the lack of real-time competition on each individual ad opportunity. Yield optimization solutions let all partners bid simultaneously in a unified auction framework model,” Hivestack said in a press statement.

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InMobi joins as technology partner member

Sydney, Australia – Mobile ad platform InMobi has joined independent organization as a technology partner member to share strategic counsel and engineering resources to key Prebid initiatives.

The mobile ad platform will join the Prebid working groups, namely Prebid Mobile, Prebid CTV-OTT Taskforce, Video Taskforce, and Identity, to ensure the Prebid community is well-prepared for the deprecation of mobile identifiers like Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). is an industry-wide initiative dedicated to promoting fair, transparent, and efficient solutions for programmatic advertising. It manages open source projects, such as Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile, and Prebid Native, among others. The organization is open to all companies who are part of the programmatic ecosystem, like publishers, buyers, exchanges, and technology providers

Tom Levesque, president of, commented that InMobi’s experience and influence in the mobile space will be invaluable to the community.

“We appreciate InMobi’s interest in’s mission and look forward to collaborating with them as the programmatic ecosystem evolves and matures,” said Levesque.

Meanwhile, the CEO of InMobi Abhay Singhal said that InMobi’s core values revolve around trust and transparency which is something they see in’s actions and they are eager to be part of.

“In just a few short years has built an open-source community that has added value for all sides of the digital advertising industry and improved the way we work with each other. We are excited to contribute knowledge and resources to ensure’s mobile initiatives are effective and widely embraced,” added Singhal.