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Paytm’s latest ad challenges audience perception on women’s financial dependency

India — Paytm, leading technology and financial services company, has rolled out a new campaign that centers around financial autonomy and Paytm’s convenient mobile payment platform. The digital film was done in association with Dentsu Impact and the creative agency from dentsu India.

The campaign is set amid New Year celebrations and features a common phenomenon that is often trivialized, thereby inviting the audience to challenge their perception of women and their financial dependency.

The film centers around a lady who is bought free drinks by another man in a bar, whom she approaches and pays back candidly with Paytm’s mobile payment platform. True to its message, the film closes with both parties feeling satisfied with the encounter, creating a campaign that both men and women can learn from.

Anupama Ramaswamy, national creative director & managing partner for Dentsu Impact, commented on the campaign, saying that giving it back, by paying it back makes the intent of this campaign palpable for both women and men. 

“The New Year campaign demonstrates how it pays to challenge the conventions of how we think of finance and gender. And any challenge to the traditional way of accepting things makes the brand and the message it conveys modern and aspirational, striking a chord especially with a younger generation,” shared Ramaswamy.

Last March, the e-commerce payment and fintech company also released a campaign for Women’s Day in association with Denstu Impact, titled ‘The Divide’, that highlights empowerment in financial literacy with women.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Paytm’s campaign for women’s day showcases ‘The Divide’ social experiment

India – In celebration of International Women’s Day, Paytm, India’s e-commerce payment and fintech, has partnered with creative agency Dentsu Impact India to launch an impactful social experiment that centers around financial literacy and gender disparity in Indian society.

A total of 30 participants of different genders and ages were invited to join the social experiment. In a short film released by Paytm, individuals were made to stand in line and were asked questions that may seem simple at first but further, became more probing. At the end of the experiment, there emerges the wide gap of financial literacy between men and women.

The campaign’s aim is to bring to light that until now, the significance of financial knowledge among women lacks further discourse. 

“While modern Indian women do not lack ambition or ability when it comes to financial conversations, many are still surprisingly uncertain and not confident. It is primarily believed and followed that men handle financial matters better and are the ones who should be in control,” said Dentsu Impact in a press release. 

The campaign, spearheaded by director Ruchi Narain, was created to make viewers realize that financial independence and literacy among women in India is a major step in practicing gender equality. The campaign seeks to encourage the viewers to separate gender from finance.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Paytm’s New Year film spotlights brand’s commitment to Indian households

India – India’s Paytm, financial services and e-commerce company, has unveiled its new year film, which showcases a culmination of how the brand’s service has helped every Indian household through the challenging past year brought about by the pandemic.

The film shows glimpses of its host of products and services that use digital technology aimed at improving consumers’ lives, including instant money transfers through the Paytm app, its voice-activated POS (point-of-sale) machine Paytm Soundbox, and mobile payment service Paytm All-in-One QR for the business of merchants.

The brand said the campaign, which is called ‘#Har Ghar ka, Desh bhar ka — Paytm, Proudly Indian’ – which means ‘Of every household, across the country’ – aims to act as a message of hope for the new year ahead, reaffirming its commitment to support all citizens as the nation enters a new year. 

Vice President for Product Marketing Abhinav Kumar said, “2020 as a year saw difficulties come in various ways. The world for once felt the same throughout — fear, anxiety, and many other emotions that swept across. Over the years, Paytm has been present in people’s lives and tried to make a difference in the best way possible. During these unprecedented times, we are glad to be a small agent of help which bridged the gap for many.” 

“‘Har ghar ka, Desh Bhar ka’ is our ode to the many who fought through these tough times and moved forward with courage. The new year brings in new hope and we would like to believe the best is yet to come,” Kumar added. 

Some of the brand’s dedicated COVID programs over the year included distributing hygiene essentials to frontline workers, and serving over 4.4 million meals to daily wage earners in the areas of Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, as well as Hyderabad, and Chennai.